This was posted 4 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Decor Cook Refillable Oil Sprayer $6 (Online, $0 C&C with $30 Spend) @ Woolworths, + Delivery ($0 Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Missed out a few months back and hate always using a pastry brush for things that could be sprayed with oil. Apparently there used to be a bladder issue but thew new ones don't have a bladder? People seem to generally have positive reviews but there are some issues with spraying not right, in which case you should exchange the product. For 6 bucks, it definitely won't hurt me to give this a go!

Amazon. Thank you to ozbs25 for the mention, 6% cashback for shopback and cashrewards.

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    Bought it and loved it after the precious Amazon posting. Highly recommended.

    Great find and great price. Thanks OP!

    Edit - as previous commented, anyone experiencing leakage or bladder issues can generally fix them just by gently blowing in the small one way valve at the base.

    Or if my prognosis rings bells for any other reason, see a doctor…

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      Thanks for posting about your experience (and the tip, haha)! Excited to pick it up tomorrow :D

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      With the old bladder version - don't blow, but suck through the hole in base to quickly inflate the bladder against the wall. That works well, as I previously posted.

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        Wow thanks for this

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          There are a number of other suggestions in previous Deals.

          But always take the top off first, or the bladder won't inflate.

          What I used to do (before learning to suck - which pulls the bladder against the walls)…

          Blowing into the open top (pushing the bladder against the walls & expelling air out the hole in the base). But less hygienic.

          Or just don't bother inflating & only partly fill. The laziest solution if you don't spray much oil.

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            @the INFIDEL: I stick the end of a spoon in there to push it to the edges but it's still never quite full… But now I know better! Good on ya

            • @heavyoctopus: Yes, & others use chopsticks.
              All has the same effect of removing the air between bladder & walls - out the 1-way valve at the bottom, inflating the bladder.

      • Confused about which way the "one way" valve goes

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          Correction - it isn't the "one way" valve as I thought - air can move both ways. Just tested it.

          As you spray using up the contents, the bladder contracts & air is pulled in through the hole in the base.
          So removing that air (eg sucking out through that hole), expands the bladder so it can fill fully with oil.

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    Haven't had any problems with mine over the past year or so 👊

    • Great to hear, thanks for sharing!

    • The newer, better designed version I bought from Amazon a few months ago hasn't had any bladder problems at all, unlike the one I bought from Woolies last year.. Hopefully, Woolies now sells the upgraded version as well. A must have for your air fryer.

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    Amazon have price matched. 6% cashback for kitchen currently at both shopback and cashrewards.

    • Thx mate, ordered from Amazon, saves spending extra at woollies for C+C..

      • No worries. Been sitting on this for a while. Kept seeing it at Colesworth for smaller discounts but knew it would eventually go down to $6 again. Thanks goes to OP.

    • Thanks for mentioning, will update post to share.

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        Thanks for the original deal. I was pretty sure Amazon would match and I just bought some other kitchen stuff a few hours ago so it was good timing really. Hopefully it all goes in the one box/bag. As much as I love Prime, I wish they would sometimes delay some items to ship them out together. Most of the stuff I get isn't time sensitive.

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          Some kind of option at checkout, flagging that earlier purchased items which haven't been shipped could be combined and that you were happy to defer for non-urgent delivery.

          I know that they do some kind of cross referencing, because on (rare) occasions they have shipped items from different orders in single boxes but it is definitely the exception. I've had four deliveries in the one day in different boxes/parcels all shipped on the same day from the same procurement centre. I'm sure my tree-hugging neighbours cringe at the sight…

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          I talked about that here:

          I think it's a great idea.

        • In North America that's been an option for ages. Here you can see that the option exists in some pages but we can't actually change our delivery preference.

          • @ethan961: Isn't it due to many items are not actually held at Amazon but are shipped direct from the seller, in turn no way for Amazon to coordinate?

            • @Borg: It wouldn't work for packages shipped direct from sellers, no. It's for anything FBA, they provide the option to either ship each order as soon as possible or to consolidate orders into as few packages as possible. It was offered in Canada from the start or very near to it, and for many years they had far worse FBA offerings than we have now.

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    Worth a mention $30min spend for C+C?

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      Have included in the title now. I usually always spend over 30 in an online order so I forget it's a min spend. Thanks for bringing it up.

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    Have the non bladder version, works well.

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    Just got 2 off Amazon now they've price-matched. I heavily recommend using it to spray isopropyl alcohol for a really easy & effective way to disinfect things.

    • That's a good idea. I'm going to get another one and see how it goes.

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        Good idea - just remember to dilute your isopropyl alcohol or ethanol for effective disinfection :)
        70% isopropyl or 80% ethanol works better than 100% (at least for bacteria)

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          Yep, we've been using 70% for lots of things. Just read today that it's good to use it to clean your garden tools between plants sometimes when there is a chance of spreading disease and whatnot.

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      What's wrong with a regular cheapie trigger spray bottle from Bunnings for that purpose? Not to mention being far larger too. Bonus adjustable incase you need a narrow stream.

      Stuff like isoprop and metho don't clog up these cheapie sprayers like other chemicals can (and obviously oil lol) so seems a bit overkill/overpriced just for that.

      • I agree. Any cheap sprayer should do for that and as noted most have adjustable nozzles unlike these. A few very small spray bottles are also great for isopropyl e.g. desk drawer etc.

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        I find it does a much nicer fine mist that can kinda float onto wherever you’re spraying it, and more fine control on the trigger. Seems like less leakage from the nozzle when just pressing the trigger down a little bit too. I’d absolutely agree with you at the $12 retail, but I’ve found value at this price point :)

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    Bah. Just bought one on spesh at Coles yesterday for $8.40. Decided I didn't want to keep waiting for the $6 deal again lol

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    Great device.

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    Thanks, got it!! had a $5 bonus when spending $5 to be used from shopback, so it will end up costing only $1, not bad!

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      Still have a free $5 Amazon egift card from Shopback - forgot about that!

      • Mine expired midnight, so got this just in time

  • Cheers OP. Got x 2 . Paid with Amazon GC+ Cashback.

    • Where's the best place to get discounted Amazon giftcards?

  • I hated the bladder version. I’ll definitely grab a new one.

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    The Amazon one says: The inner bag technology ensures you use every last drop of oil.
    My guess is the older model?

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      Or they just haven't bothered to update the description (and maybe never will). I've seen plenty of customer reviews posted years after a product changes, where people warn others the description refers to an older version no longer made. But Amazon continues using the old photos and description referring to a different product.

      I've bought books and CDs based on the UPC/ISBN listed, Amazon's image shows the correct product matching that code too, but then I receive another version I specifically did not want.

      e.g. Many sheet music and related theory books used to come with audio CDs. Today you only get the book and a login code to download mp3 files. If they reduced the cost of the book it would at least make up for that a little. But the books are the same price (or dearer) but without any CD. So they're making more money and we're getting less product. And if I want garbage mp3 files I'll rip them myself!

      Anyway several times over the last couple of years I've told Amazon they're using the wrong UPC/ISBN, that the publisher just told me they only supply a product when someone orders it from Amazon, and they haven't supplied that version for years. Amazon either says "The item you receive will be the version the UPC/ISBN lists in the description…" (lie through laziness because they can't be bothered to check) or they say thanks, they'll get someone onto it, but then it never gets updated.

      Oh and then there's the secondhand people. They start entering a title and Amazon must present them the option of selecting pre-filled text and photos. So they just click it because it's quicker, but their item is now listed under the wrong code. I bought the same, wrong, DVD three times due to this, refunded every time. I checked months later and it was still wrong. And if a secondhand item is only "fulfilled by Amazon", that means the seller has sent it to Amazon to store and ship, so they can no longer check which version it is… but Amazon tell you to ask the seller. So I don't buy it.

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      Read your comment, took a chance with Amazon anyway and received the newer model without the bladder. Score!

  • Thanks op. Got one

  • Bought this yday from coles. Does some what spot focused pray. Not happy at all.

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      If you mean its spraying a stream instead of a spray take it back. Mine sprays but it's more wide than circular. If I spray the trigger softer and move it closer to the food/pan it's a minor thing.

      • Agreed - occasionally you get a faulty one. But I took one back and the other two I own now have worked perfectly for years.

      • Thank you. Will get it replaced.

  • Was legit looking for one of these yesterday or the prefilled disposable cans. Thanks OP!

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    Mine stop spraying a mist quite quickly and now has 2 main streams coming out at 45 degree angles. A lot of men will agree with me that this is not ideal

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      Usually happen when while sparing either one took it close to heat or there was something stuck on the front of nozel. I just clean the front but and then with some very thin blade (old shaving razer blades ) fix the cut that might have some blockage.

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      The good old 'snake tongue'…

  • OOS on Amazon now

  • OOS at Amazon now :(

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    It's still available on Amazon, you just have to click on "New & Used" at the bottom of the description.

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    Still available at Amazon I just bought it

  • Just received from Amazon, too quick!

    I've never used the 'old bladder' version people are mentioning… This doesn't look like a bladder to me, does that mean Amazon are new version?

    • Bit hard to tell from the lighting but that does look different. If you squeeze the body, do you see an inner wall? The bladder is the inner wall.

      • Thanks for the reply, yeah no inner wall from what it seems.

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    I'm curious: the bladder helped ensure you use every drop of oil, and also I thought it helped minimise contact between air and the oil (which oxidises oil and eventually turns it rancid).

    For those benefits I was always willing to work around the whole "how do you inflate the bladder for filling" conundrum.

    Maybe some chef/sciency type can shed some light: is the new version actually an improvement?

    • I'd say so. If you use this regularly it empties reasonably fast but such a small amount is used each time that any ill effects of oxidization must be close to nil. But I wouldn't care if it oxidises anyway because the rest of the oil still sits in the original bottle it came in which is oxidising too. At least this is easier to fill now without blowing in the top or sucking the base.

  • Bought from woolworths and don't rate it. The spray comes out as a horizontal line instead of a circle pattern.

    • /u/Faulty P xel mentioned earlier in the thread that "If you mean its spraying a stream instead of a spray take it back. Mine sprays but it's more wide than circular. If I spray the trigger softer and move it closer to the food/pan it's a minor thing."

      • No, it's not faulty. It's the spray pattern that I don't think is any good. It's wide, like a line with no vertical coverage.

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          Yep the harder you pull on the trigger and closer you are to the surface the more horizontal the spray will be. As before, move closer, don't pull the trigger as hard. Being closer means it doesn't have the distance to spread as far out sideways.

          I mainly use it to coat a cast iron frypan after washing, next frequently on pork to make salt stick to obtain decent crackling, and occasionally on something like chicken schnitzel or kiev going into the oven so the crumbing doesn't dry out so much. In most cases meat will be elongated in shape anyway so it's a toss-up whether horizontal or circular is better. Thinking about it, horizontal might be better, because there used to more overspray when I used to buy those disposable spray cans of oil.

          I do wonder if the new version still sprays horizontal though.

          • @Faulty P xel: May work for you but being horizontal is useless to me.
            The new version is horiztonal as that's the one i have.

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              @8azinga: Mine is the older model and is horizontal. These are not misters where one gets a nice fine spray like the oil one buys in spray cans. One can buy refillible cans than one pumps air into to create preasure and they spray out as a mist like the cans. They block easily with oil though and preasure doesn't last long before one has to pump them again

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                @Borg: I suspect the nozzle on these spray horizontal because it somehow prevents it blocking easily. It's so much cheaper compared to disposable spray cans that the horizontal spray is a minor thing. In fact because most meat is elongated I suspect if it were circular, I'd be cleaning a lot more overspray off the sink.

                I had the pump type years ago. It was good for water, glass cleaner, etc right after you pumped it but soon lost pressure so the spray became more like an aimless drifting cloud getting on everything.

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                  @Faulty P xel: I agree and use my 5 year old Decor as my go to oil sprayer for the BBQ and as an oil dispenser.
                  The canned oil sprays are better for coating pans or foods that require only a very light coat. Each have their use.

  • I'm assuming a lighter/thinner oil will work the best in these? What type of oil have you fine people found works best?

    • I've used peanut, EVOO and a stock/Worcestershire/vinegar mixture I used for BBQing and had no issues across the board

    • I used olive oil to start with for several months, then changed to peanut oil for a year or two because I was using that to make Asian food. Later I switched to rice bran oil because it has less taste than peanut oil and I've been using that for about 3 years now. I think I've had it for 5-6 years. If you're worried about it getting blocked I think that happens when it's not used regularly. Because I spray a cast iron frypan that I use frequently, the nozzle is always getting flushed with fresh oil. I think I remember it began to block a little a couple of months after I first got it. I just ran the nozzle area under hot water and rubbed my thumb over it with an ample amount of dish detergent while spraying which cleared it again. It's never blocked again.

  • I bought this during the last $6 special and thought I had a dud, but it turned out I had just overfilled it. Now I keep it at around a third full and it works like a dream.

    Yes, I have to refill it more often but I just think of it as always getting the freshest oil :)

    • I've always filled mine to the top. What happens to yours if you fill it up?

      • It wouldn't spray as a nice mist, it just came out in globs. Ever since I've started filling it to a lower level the spray has been light and consistent - extra work but happy to do it as I need the light spray for frying.

        • Logically it shouldn't make any difference as the oil is coming from the tube which can only suck in so much regardless of how full it is. I have never noticed any difference with my one. Being using it for a few years.

          • @Borg: Yeah that's what I was thinking. Something odd going on there.

  • Scanned in as $12 a few mins ago at Woolies (Syd) or perhaps I had to spend $30 for it to be $6. Either way put it back.

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      Online only

      • Ah, yes indeed. Thanks. Amazon are the go so if one needed one :-)
        Woolies often have the instore for $6 and I grabbed one during those times.

  • Only used mine for a week and it's changed into a stream and not a mist - what's a fix?