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Razer Basilisk Ultimate Inc. Charging Dock - $159.20 ($155.22 W. eBay Plus) + Free Post @ Razer AU eBay Store


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Not as cheap as it has been, but still a decent deal if you're looking for a new wireless mouse (like I was).

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    Bought this mouse in the last deal. It's pretty good. Just gotta remember to dock it :D

    • Looks like a frog.

    • Yeah I keep forgetting that, I'm too used to the battery life on my MX Master 3. At least you can use the cable from the dock.

    • How long Is battery life? And how are the ergonomics?

      • I love the mouse, but don't get a full working day out of the battery - I have all the lights and brightness on high tho. Ergonomics is great for me

        • Do you mean a full working week?

          It says 100+ battery life.

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    • Great find mate. I've placed an order over there for C&C when it's available. They also accept pay at pick up which is better imo.

      • or even better wait for ple to stock it and buy it from ebay then claim ebay price guarantee for more discount. :-)

  • Still waiting for the Naga Pro wireless to go on a worthwhile deal, hopefully prime day fingers crossed 🤞

    • $215 from the same eBay seller. About to pull the trigger myself…

      • It’s been as low as $197 on eBay before. But I want it with the charger dock too. I feel $245 for mouse $ dock would be alright. Surely they are close to giving a bigger sale on it! I can happily wait but yeah sucks if you can’t!

        • So I added it to my cart and the price became $172 with the coupon applied. I think that the coupon code stacks with the current Razer promotion.

          • @Heero: Pretty good price, but I can’t help but feel they’ll lower the msrp on it soon as it’s not as new now. I’m gonna hang out a bit longer, but $172 is a really good price to pull the trigger on!

            • @Edamamme: I got a Viper ultimate so already got a dock. Purchased the Naga wireless with the 22% discount and came down to $167.86 which is a fantastic deal. I couldn’t wait for prime day and not a guarantee it will go on sale.

              • @ForeverSol: True and that’s a great price nice one! Yeah I’m lucky in that I can wait to see if it’ll drop more, if not I’ll just take the plunge haha!

  • I have viper ultimate and this.
    I will choose basilisk over viper for daily use.

  • Grabbed one in the last deal, it's a fantastic mouse for me. Only drawback is the battery life which only lasts a full day for me with all leds on and running on the highest report rate

    • See, it should come bundled with the charging dock so at the end of the day you pop it on and forget about it. I think it originally shipped as a bundle when first released. Glad it’s a good mouse I’m looking forward to upgrading

      • They were sold separately? I thought all basilisk ultimates are sold with the dock

        • Apologies I confused it with the Naga pro wireless conversation above (:

    • I'm thinking of removing the battery to make it lighter, and just leaving it plugged.

      I've never been a fan of having to charge wireless mouses. You are already running a cable to the dock, might as well run it to the mouse. That way you can make the mouse as loud as possible with all the lights w/o having to worry about the battery

      • I don't know if I would like it. Being wireless it feels much smoother than when it was wired.

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