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Bosch Blue 18V 3-Piece 5.0Ah Limited Release Combo Kit $399 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Hey guys,

First time poster, long time lurker!

Went to Bunnings to get the Bosch blue impact wrench from this deal:
https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/631006 (for $199)

But also found this kit for sale.

They were advertising it for $499, but when scanned at counter it dropped to $399.

No brainer to get this kit instead which includes a brushless angle grinder and stronger hammer drill.

This Bosch Blue Kit Includes:
1 x 18V 110Nm Hammer Drill
1 x 18V 200Nm Impact Driver/Wrench
1 x 18V 125mm Angle Grinder
1 x 18V 5.0AH Battery
1 x 18V Charger

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  • Won't you be better off getting each one of them $199 which includes the battery and charger? You'd be able to sell off the additional battery/charger and come out better?

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      hey mate,

      the hammer drill on sale from the previous deal is a weaker one (55nm vs 110nm double the strength), plus i don't see a brushless angle grinder kit?

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      If you don't mind a lower torque impact (160Nm vs 200Nm), there is a 2 piece kit for $319. If you then sold off the second battery (not sure why you'd want to?) then you'll come out way in front of getting the seperate kits at $199 each and selling off a battery and charger.

      If you didn't want the grinder or a second battery, you'd be best off getting this kit and selling it as I think it's worth about half of what this kit is.

      Shame it doesn't come with a second battery, it's a major hindrance on this kit but I guess it keeps the normal price from being $600+ if it usually sells for $500.

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        yeah depends on your needs really at the end of the day,

        Oh plus the impact wrench can act as a impact driver as well (dual purpose head)

        my main go to stuff is just casual bosch green stuff around the house (got crap loads of batteries for these), and all I really needed was an impact wrench and angle grinder,

        so this kit was perfect for me.

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    Nice deal — thanks!

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    good price, You'd want to second battery for sure. makes life so much easier on drilling & screwing timber.

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      yeah, will need more batteries for sure,

      I still got my basic Bosch green stuff for use around the home

      These blues will be my go to for more serious stuff I guess. haha

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    This is very tempting, I bought a brushless drill bundle when Bunnings was clearing left over black friday stock , for $399 this would nicely fill out a set. Note, bosch have 2 types of batteries, Procore, and the normal ones if you notice differences in the bundles and drill looks the same.

  • How “worse” are the green ones compared to the blue ones? I need a (hammer) drill, probably a circular saw and a jigsaw to start with for some “small” work. What will be the best values?

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      Green are essentially DIY, Blue are trade quality.
      Can pick up green skins on Amazon reasonably priced quite regularly but I'd get the blue if you can afford it.
      To be honest, I'd probably get Ryobi before Bosch green.

      Ryobi and Ozito have the best warranty for DIY. Broke it? Walk in to Bunnings and swap it, no questions.

      • Thanks. I do consider Ryobi over Bosch, but it seems there are more deals for Bosch green than ryobi

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      not sure if it matters to some but the hammer drill in this set is not the standard one, its the next one up with 110nm of torque (dewalt one only has 70nm) and more expensive

  • If this is the same gear that Adam Dovile (Better Homes & Gardens) uses, will it make me a home handyman?

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      It is but I imagine they're sponsoring those segments. Didn't Ryobi used to do them or the ones on the living room?

  • How does impact driver/wrench combo compare to the standalone ones? More interested in the driver side, but the wrench side could come in handy if not much of a compromise

  • got me interested in buying a kit for home.
    Admittedly im just a home handyman and will only used this once in a while, but am deciding on a Makita kit or this.

    Would need a case too though!

    • cases are a bit of an issue with some bundles if they are just in cardboard boxes, and they often just supply a soft tool bag bonus or it’s buy your own …. just tools, total tools and the bigger outlets sell empty cases from sets they have stripped and sold as separate pieces.

      • good tip. thanks!

  • Thoughts on comparing this with this Makita kit in terms of specs (sure if comes with 2x 3Ah batteries and a bag)

    • um biggest difference with this is the makita comes with a impact driver vs this one comes with an impact wrench/driver (the head is compatible with both)

      If u need the wrench then this kit is the way to go.

      If not makita is a better brand, but tbh if you arnt using it for any extreme work then any brands fine.

      • My Father in law loves Makita. He is at the age where he can afford it and keep it till he gets bored or it.

        Ill most likely pick this set up so i can torment him with the Phreak Driver/Wrench tool.
        I think the Bluetooth feature will eat at him too!

        Plus i dont want him thinking i have swiped any of his battteries if i buy into the MAkita ecosystem

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    I'd say this is a great value kit, and nothing rivals it for sheer power. HOWEVER, I would also consider the Total Tools 5-piece bundle here;


    It's the same 3 pieces as the Bunnings kit, but has an extra 5.0ah battery plus SDS+ drill and Blower. The extra battery is essential IMO (a $169 item on its own), and if you're going to need the blower and SDS drill then this is certainly the better deal. You could also obviously sell them as new if you didn't need them.

    • hey mate good find,

      but that kit is double the price haha and yeah depends on if you need the blower and SDS drill and if you can be bothered selling it.

      • Yeah only if you need the extra bits would it be worth it.

  • Hmm bosch running a redemption with free battery when you spend over $600 in one transaction on batteries and skins… not sure if that includes the kit?. If so could get this kit, and one or two other skins and then end up with 4+ tools and 2 batteries for ~$600

    • I thought that. It's not clear on Bosch site whether it includes kits, but it does say skins and batteries, so bit confusing. Technically I'd say that would include ANY skin/battery combination at $600+.

    • I just checked and its not included. I got one of these kits and the product number is 0.615.990.M59 which isnt on the list.

      It is on the list for the 12v drill redemption.

      Edit: oops. Forgot this is an old post.

  • Ended up getting the AEG equivalent which is $100 more but included extra battery, bag, and bonus inflator (worth >$300.)
    Very happy with it so far, but early days.
    It's still available but comes with the bonus blower instead.

    • looks good mate,

      But that kit has a impact driver not an impact wrench, which are usually bit more expensive.

      So bit hard to compare with this kit.

      But its up to what you need.

      • Oops, missed that bit.
        Important detail for some, but luckily not for me!

        There's actually an AEG kit similar to the Bosch, it costs $549 but comes with 2x6.0Ah batteries and a case. Again, tools combo is slightly different but may be more useful for some.


  • Thanks OP @tkboi
    Bought this kit as my first set of power tools! What's the battery life like for these 5.0AH batteries? Thinking I'll need an extra battery eventually

    • Also any here have recommendations on drill/driver bit kits? Home DIY usage, mainly wood cabinets… might need to drill into brick now and again

      • hey mate! glad i can help a fellow ozbargainer!

        yeah you probably would need an extra battery, however the 5AH batts last for awhile anyway (unless you using the angle grinder and hammer drilling into masonory)

        Bit kits and drivers i usually just use those bosch ones that are always posted on here via amazon. they are decent for a few time usage, if you want durable you be paying alot more.