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Hisense 65Q8 65" 4K TV $1,169 + Delivery (Free for Most Areas) @ Powerland eBay


Cheapest price yet that doesn't need an Afterpay account.
Less than the Goodguys deal posted earlier.
Delivery from 5-9 Jul.

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  • $90 delivery for me.

  • Crap. Bought from GoodGuys and paid for the delivery… shaking my head now.

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      same but powerland estimated delivery is 3 weeks…

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        I purchased mine from Powerland during the afterpay deal last Saturday 12/06 and it was dispatched (to Melbourne) on Tues 15/06 via TNT express and scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

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        Bought today and delivery on Sunday. Fast turn around. 3 weeks world be a killer.

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      I paid $1340 3 weeks ago so you’re doing ok

      • Thanks.

      • That is crazy! Tho I have to mention appliancesonline.com.au (no ad or affiliated) those guys are on crack, had 2 orders delivered next day. I mean i orderd a sound bar at 5pm and got it next day at 1pm with regular updates via msg. Never ever seen that speed and customer care, truly unreal.

        Regarding the TV I'm still waiting on 75Q8 to drop, but its been hanging around $2.1-2.3k hoping for a decent deal under 2k.

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          order before end of day (11.59pm) and next day delivery. It's brilliant. Even pre-order some item and they refunded the difference since price has dropped prior to delivery no questions asked.

  • i am confused, tcl 65 or this one?

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      Which model TCL 65?

      • TCL 65C715 65" 4K Ultra HD QLED Smart TV [2020]

        I am not much into games or Netflix but would need the android or feature to play YouTube and cast movie from my Android device.

        • This Hisense over that TCL. Colours are better in person

  • Anyone have this TV already? Thoughts?

    I've got a 55" LG OLED, but it's from 2016 (I think), the software is slow by today's standards, and it's a bit too small for my living room since I moved.

    Just wondering if it's worth upgrading to this even though it's not OLED.

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      Tbh, I'd rather the OLED

    • I doubt the blacks would be as good. Size is obviously bigger here if that's what you want and you could get a chromecast with google tv.

      If gaming I'd wait a bit until VRR and HDMI2.1 become a bit more standard.

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      Really just depends if the screen size is that important to you. In all likelihood the LG picture may be superior for most normal content, although HDR should be better on this Q8 given it can pump out vastly more brightness than even today's OLEDs (the Q8 does have some bugs with HDR, few issues with red blur tones for light skin movements, google it). This is just my opinion from viewing in stores and feedback from users on whirlpool forums, i have not bought one. In terms of value though this is very good. This range in the series from Hisense year on year does not really get any cheaper.

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      If software is slow: Buy an Apple TV or an NVidia Shield, and keep your OLED.

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        100%, separate media box is always better IMO.

    • I'll buy the OLED if you're near Brisbane 😁

    • I have this. Don't "upgrade" from an oled.

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      I bought a Q8 back in Easter from these guys with Afterpay Deal. ($1247 all up I think)
      I was coming from a 55” 6 yr old Samsung so not a real-time comparison, after wanting the 55 x9000h then realising prices were not moving on them i bit the bullet & just went the next size up, got a Google/Chromecast TV & Q8.
      We don’t game but watch a lot of afl through Kayo & it’s superb, can’t complain about it at really.

    • I have this TV and a 2017 LG oled. The speed of the q8 is the same/maybe slightly faster than the oled but picture quality is worse. It has better sound but no Disney+ whereas the LG does. But for this price it is pretty good value for what you’re getting.

      • Agreed, the LG OLED's for what they lack in current technology, really do impress when it comes to image processing.

        To be honest though even Full HD LED sammy's from 9/10 years ago reproduce picture better than some of the present day TCL's/Hisesnses (except for 4k picture obviously). It really is incredible, but then again i guess they have to have a point of difference to sell their higher end displays.

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      I have a 2017 C series LG OLED (and a 2019 C series LG OLED) and the 55" Q8.
      The OLED has better blacks and produces a better picture, but does have a risk of burn in, and mine suffers from vertical banding.
      The Q8 has the best picture bang for buck. The blacks are not quite as deep as the OLED's obviously, but they are damn close IMO, and there is no burn in risk. The software on it isn't great though, and you would still be much better off picking up an apple tv or nvidia shield (apple tv if you mainly watch stuff like netflix etc).
      If the screen size upgrade is the main thing you are looking for, than this is definitely the best value for what you are going to get.
      The 65" LG C1 for example is running for around $3500 on special at the moment at JB Hifi. Will the C1 give a better picture? Yeah it will. Will it give 3 times better picture? Not a chance in hell or anywhere close.

    • Slow is not really an issue, small is.

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        That's what she said

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    Delivery will most likely be much earlier than the shown date. I ordered from Powerland on 10th June with delivery estimated from 26th June to 6th July. It is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

  • Love my 65q8 highly recommend, I ended up getting a nvidia shield to go with it.

    The H9G in Australia , it's the Q8. Instead of 120hz, it's 100hz (PAL vs NTSC etc) and it runs VIAA instead of Android, and has additional glare reduction. No hmdi 2.1 either.

    H9g Review and calibration settings.

    Q8 settings Aus:
    Settings are about halfway down the pages.


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      There are a quite a number of differences between the H9G and our Q8, the H9G is superior. On whirlpool you may recall that the "closest" to our Q8 is actually the U8QF from UK/EU, which got very average reviews due to motion handling, software issues, hdr bugs etc. Some of these are since resolved or improved, some not. I do agree it is great value at these run out prices though. If i was after a 65 i'd buy it.

  • my 55" version coming tomorrow or monday. wondering if im gonna have to pickup a chromecast as my vodaphone tv has bluetooth issues

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      what are you talking about? your statement indicates that sony's are around this price therefore if hisense wants to charge 1160 dollars it better be sony good? which is wrong on multiple levels.. 65" qled sony on sale you would be lucky to get it for 2k on special. plus hisense q8 is regarded as the best budget tv editors choice in most reviews H9G in usa. it holds its own against the top tv's from samsung and LG and Sony in comparisons. it has some very minor fallbacks but for the price at 1160 nothing comes remotely close.

  • How much benefit would I see going to an OLED from this? I usually just watch youtube/twitch streams/netflix with the lights on, and heard people suggest that kinda defeats the purpose of OLED.

    • -1

      how much benefit would you see going from a Mercedes Benz S class to a rolls Royce phantom, once you answer that you got your answer.

      • +2

        I would say it's more like going from a 3 year old BMW M3 to a brand new Kia Stinger.

        both will do the same job.
        One just does it with a bit more finesse and leave a smug look on your face.
        Oh and will burn a bigger hole in your wallet.

        • ok its like being married to scarlet Johansson (OLED) than marrying Blake lively (QLED). when you cant afford scarlet Johansson you get Blake lively.

      • It is probably better to buy both tvs, compare and find out. Buying both cars to find the answer is stretching my $1500 budget a bit too much.

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      Yeah, i would say it would be more of a downgrade going from an OLED to this. Unless it's a gen 1 OLED from pre-2017 when the displays didn't get overly bright. Although this doesn't have the image burn risk that OLEDs have.

      Would save your buckaroos and wait for the newew LG C1/G1

      • Oh I think I didn't express myself well - I don't have either at the moment (I have an ALDI special that just blew up and needs replacing). I'm contemplating if something like this is a good buy or if there would be benefit for me spending $3000ish for an equivalent OLED instead. The new LGs are tempting for their gaming features, will the screen look significantly better too?

        • +1

          If you can stretch to $2k i'd strongly recommend an OLED.

          If money is tight then this is great value.

          I'm still eyeing off an LG CX, the picture processing is second to none.

  • At this rate it'll be under $1000 soon…..every time I consider buying one it gets cheaper

    • I nearly pulled the trigger on this a few weeks ago at around $1,400… (Still very decent value) But thought i'd take my chance for EOFY sales.. Glad I did!

    • will they clear out the stocks before that….
      im also thinking of buying this few times now

      • That is the dilemma…..buy now or wait and hope they dont run out

        • +1

          I pulled the trigger finally :)

        • my dilemma also lol
          and there's always the chance the price will drop further if stocks don't run out

          • +1

            @tobia: Well that happened quickly……bought one just now
            last one left at $994 delivered (with coupon code!). Would post as deal but insufficient qty.


            • @summit: well that was the fastest snap decision i've ever made.
              bit hard to pass up when it's under $1k though

            • @summit: thanks a million for that

              • @tobia: No worries glad you got one. I was the same…..couldnt click buy it now fast enough when I stumbled across the listing. Got an email saying delivery early next week. Apparently the seller is harvey norman in taren point from other deals in the past.

                • @summit: Yeah good to know, the low number of feedback comments made it a bit iffy for about a split second.

                  I got an email too, should be arriving next week.
                  Now if only the VIDAA 4 software could play Optus Sport

            • @summit: Great deal.Looking at 55in for same price.

            • @summit: thats pretty good price…
              its ok, hard to grab when stocks are that low :D

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    I pulled the trigger on a 65Q7 back in may for $1036. The recent discounts on the 65Q8 have made for brutal viewing. Half tossing up buying Q8, moving the Q7 to another room and then selling my old TV from that other room.

    • +1

      Exactly the same here. That's how it goes though.

  • Is this just a regular LED or something else?

    • LED but backlit with local dimming, so higher end LED. Much better than typical edge lit.

  • does anyone know if 'chromecast with google tv' can play a 4k netflix title (4k movie) with dolby vision enabled without issues?
    i hear some say it does not support 4k in dolby.. only 1080p even if the movie is 4k rated in netflix it only does 1080p with dolby vision. same was said for disney plus. can someone confirm who has google chromecast and a Q8

  • Can someone persuade me to buy this instead of cheapening out and wait to buy the S5?

    Neither has hdmi 2.1 (for ps5) and I already have a chromecast google tv so the smart feature isn't as much needed.

    Coming from a 4 years old Kogan which also has a "4k" panel, I'm sure either one would look much better too but not sure what I would be missing out ?

  • tossing up between a samsung UA65 or the Q8. Does anyone have an opinion?

  • Any user experience with gaming on xbox one x? I know it won't do 120hz, but can't easily find specs on response time or variable refresh etc

    • +1

      No VRR, it has a Game mode for whatever that is worth. See whirlpool for gaming feedback, i dont know.

    • +1

      Review above said it has great response times/latency, O it should be a good 60fps experience at least.

  • Any one know how much the next gen Hisense miniLED TV will cost in here in australia?

  • I am noticing the Lg Nano86 and 91 dropping in price as well, how does this compare to those?

    • I bought the Q8 yesterday without looking at the quality. So I went to JB today. I did consider those 2 options but for this price I wasn't going to argue. The LG did look nicer on their demo video but not much…Wish they show movies/sport instead like the old days.

      • Harvey Norman shows the same video across all TV on the shelf, easy to compare side by side

  • +1

    Wow. Thanks OP.

    Bought the Q7 just over a month ago, but couldn't resist this at the price. Looks like I'll have to find some other family member / room / hungry hobo who look like they could benefit from a mint condition 65Q7…

  • I am planning to buy a 4K tv. If I want to play mkv, mp4 4k videos from USB, which brand will support better payback from USB?

  • Didn't the good guys version come with Disney+?

  • I'm waiting for the 2021 model U8G. I asked one of the retailer rep today in-store, they actually have the model in their warehouse right now, but they will not put them on the shelf until after EOFY sales.

    • Are you sure about that?
      + HDMI 2.1, VRR
      - No Google TV, Poorer Overall performance (Non gaming)

      • No Google TV on the Q8 either. It runs VIDAA OS

      • Chromecast with Google TV is only $99
        but you can't get HDMI 2.1 and VRR from a $99 plug-in.

  • $160 delivery Perth Metro

  • Read some reviews, the panel seems to have tendency of discolouration and vertical banding, can anyone confirm this?


    • +1

      forget product review, there is only bad experiences on that site. you hardly hear someone go leave a review who loves their q8. going by professional reviewers its a solid buy

  • Software and motion processing is sub par compared to samsung and sony offerings. But for the price this TV is a bargain.

  • has anyone integrated Q8 with Google home. What can you control with voice commands ( turn on/off, volume, input selection, change channel etc)?

  • if you can live with the software, this is bargain. I couldn't so i opt for x9500h sony. pay more for my sake of my eyes.

  • Delivery $160 to Perth Metro

  • I don't think I can get past the need for another remote to run an external tv box.

    Does anyone know if CEC from a vodaphone TV could be used to turn this one on? Looks like it should… but never had much luck with it.

  • +3

    Bought one from Powerland when it was $1269 - got delivered yesterday (only took 7 days).
    - The picture quality with 4K is excellent (blacks are awesome)
    - FTA quality is not as great, but picked up all channels first scan
    - My son was playing Forza on Xbox One X and it looked amazing with zero lag and super smooth
    - Turned off smooth motion for regular TV (don't like soap opera effect on Netflix).
    - 2 remotes are included - nice feature in that the remote that has voice control (slim one) also controls my Chromecast with Google TV!
    - VIDAA is ok, very similar to Google TV layout
    - Boots quickly
    - Sound is brilliant (TV is wall mounted and sound filled the room!)
    - Like the fact that power cord is kettle type plug that can be removed (not integrated into panel)
    - For the price, so far really happy with it..
    (one bug bear is that USB ports will not power Chromecast with Google TV, but I'm assuming all TVs are like that?)

    • Pretty sure that the Chromecast with Google TV can't be powered from the TV and needs to be powered from the wall. The previous Chromecasts could all be powered from the TV.

    • Cheers for the feedback :)
      Regarding FTA, I currently watch my FTA through my Foxtel box, so would it look better as opposed to watching FTA directly through the TV?

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