ShopBack - Not Tracked, think I'm over Shopback rejections

Hi, recently took up a Shopback deal last month for First Choice Liquor 20% off.
I'm always nervous using Shopback as I have found that they don't always get tracked.

I opened a dispute, and they gave me the usual spiel, Adblock, Honey, discount code etc.
Showed them it was activated, told them I don't have Adblock and didn't use honeyor a code..
I know it's not a lot of money, but it was $17 and since I have been refused the cashback I could've bought the item cheaper at Dan's.

I think I'm going to ditch Shopback and just use Cashrewards as I haven't had this problem with them.
Anyone else having problems with Shopback tracking.

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    I think I'm going to ditch Shopback and just use Cashrewards as I haven't had this problem with them.

    They are both 'useless' at the end of the day these days.

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      I recently had a not tracked experience with CR and when I asked about it they said out of their own pocket they will honour it because they’re a customer focused organisation. I thought it was pretty nice of them, and I do believe it was something that didn’t track for some reason because usually it takes 90 for this to pay out and after the chat with CR it came thru within 2 days.

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      Never had a problem with Cashrewards,I just follow the rules and it seems to work.

  • I was having the same problem with shopback and went to cashrewards for the last amazon sale and nothing even showed up. so I've given up for now.

    I just use ozbargains links for deals.

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    It is a bit like a lotto, but it does seem sus that the ones that don't track are always on the larger size. I've learned never to factor in cashback into a deal to determine whether it's good or not, as it's simply not guaranteed. Any response from the cashback companies are just cut/paste excuses, goodbye.

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    had my first one not track properly for my gf who bought via the app as normal. in the past year i've gone back to CR more whereas it used to be the other way around

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    They frequently don't track for me, even with ad block disabled, and often it's when there are large promos.

    If I've made a big purchase I put a reminder in my calendar to follow up, and I try and do that semi regularly anyway. I checked in yesterday and found 3 out of the last 5 transactions I've made (with a purchase) had a click record, but no purchase identified, so I had to lodge a missing claim :/

    Time to swap back to Cash Rewards for me too I think

    • Hey mate,

      As I said to OP, I'm sorry your experience has been poor so far.
      I can't see a previous chat between us, if you send me a DM I'd be happy to look into this for you.


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    That's why 4% off egift card is better than 10% uncertain cash back.

    Having to deal with these companies after a significant cash back failure is frustrating. We do make decisions based on the cash back and buy items we wouldn't buy without a significant discount or cash back. If they can't guarantee their system is reliable, they should change the tracking system, use coupon codes or something else instead, otherwise it's pretty much like a scam.

  • Hey @noddypiper,

    I'm sorry to hear that your experience has been poor so far.
    I can't see a previous chat between us, if you send me a DM I'll look into this for you :)


    • DM sent, looks like many others with similar problems.

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      From the number of complaints it looks like SB needs to sort out their system.
      Telling people they need to DM you every time they have problem is not how you do it.

      • You mean like cash rewards does?

        Actually, cash rewards takes it a step further and says forum complaints about them aren't justified because all you need to do is message and it will get sorted.

      • Hey @xywolap,

        I just want to highlight that I'm more of a community manager/support and definitely not a programmer hahaha
        I'll do what I can to help our community, which in this case would be asking for a DM so I can manually investigate the issue.

        But I'm always feeding back info from our community to our respective teams so we can better our service.
        In fact - because of the community feedback, we're currently undertaking a big process overhaul at the moment.
        Changes are coming, but it'll just take some time to implement.

  • Only once did my CB not track, I find with adblocker you usually need it to exclude that entire website as sometimes it's set to do that page only and back active on the payment screen, I did message the rep on here and it was paid out anyway I'm up to $300 On my account so all my big purchases have tracked

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    Another day, another "I'm sick of shopback's bullshit" thread… They are going to run out if $3 coupons if you all keep complaining…

    If any other site had this much negative user feedback, it would have been banned already.

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      So you don't want another bonus then? :P

      I understand that some people in the community have negative feedback on us, and rightfully so, we've probably failed them in some way or another - which isn't what we wanted to do.

      We're working to better our service every day, it just takes time to overhaul these things.
      I personally feel that for a 3-year-old company, we're doing good (not perfect, but good).
      We've still got a way to go to improve though, and we know that, but we're on a good track.

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        "some people" is an understatement.

        And a massive data breach that was a side note slipped under everyone's door at 10pm on a Friday evening is a little more than "failed them in some way". There is no way I would let you buy my loyalty back for a $3 coupon.

        Then there was the $5 gift card shit storm lucky dip that seems bots got the better chunk of those where the biggest complaint was 10 seconds after the "competition" opening, that batch was sold out.

        And you are saying that you are working to better your service, yet here we are again. Another day another thread about your woeful "service". I don't know, but colour me sceptical.

        How about, instead to trying to band-aid over your issues with $3 coupons, $5 competitions, you use that money to hire someone who can just make deals track correctly.

        Giving out silly PR coupons for low value doesn't fix that someone is now out $20~$30 on a purchase they may not otherwise have made all because of some internal "service" issue.

        Again, as I stated above, other companies seemed to have been banned/penalized for far less "customer service issues" than what keeps happening with SB.

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    Same problem with one of the larger Liquorland purchases. Normally I wouldn't care, but it was 20% cashback on a $100 order.

    It's the first one i've had a problem with - normally they track fine for me.

    Shopback's website shows that my clicks were tracked, I provided the invoice etc, and then I get the standard form email that "it's at the discretion of the supplier" and it's probably Honey/Adblock/whatever, which doesn't line up at all, since a) Shopback registered my clicks, b) I don't use Honey/Adblock etc and I don't normally have problems with tracking, c) They haven't actually supplied a reason for why it was denied.

    So, I can only assume there is no valid reason and that either Shopback hasn't chased it up properly, or that their contracts with the suppliers are so poorly written they can't even reliably provide the service they are offering.

    Either way, it shouldn't be my problem. Shopback made the offer and should deliver on it.

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      I agree, I take screen grabs of all of mine showing it was activated etc. Just so time-consuming sometimes it doesn't feel worth continuing.

    • Same issue, same deal. Never had a problem before.

      Me: here's a screenshot I took of me finalising the purchase on mobile in your app
      Them: we've very generously decided to grant you this cashback because we're nice people, not because of any issues at our end, insert identical spiel about adblock

      Took a couple of months though.

    • Hey mate,

      As I've highlighted for a few people already, just send me a DM with the info so I can look into this for you guys.


      • DM'd, thanks. It was actually for a 30% cashback too.

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    Never had an issue with CR - tracking has been almost instant every single time.

    So many similar stories regarding SB - honestly I'm amazed anyone still uses them.

  • Had the same happen to me with ShopBack. It was a sizable purchase, with the cash back around the $73 mark but apparently it never got tracked despite complying with all the conditions. @Gotyourback I'll send a DM.

    • Awesome, thanks mate :)

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    Same here. Never had issue with Cash Rewards, and when it didn't track, they didn't give me "it's your fault" response. My last shopback click didn't track, I didn't even bother to chase. It was already annoying that it didn't track. I don't want to be pissed even more by getting told "it's your fault" while it's not. So I just click on Cash Rewards unless it's major % difference. At least it saves me my blood pressure :)

  • I convinced a friend to finally join Shopback…they were hesitant but I walked them through it. First purchase and didn't track…even though the promo code used for the purchase was "Shopback"…literally a promotion Shopback created.
    First and last time I will refer a friend.
    They sent a ticket and got the typical Debra spiel…

    As for Cashrewards, I definitely feel they have a better grasp on customer service and responses…and the one time something didn't track and I provided proof of purchase…they eventually said they would honour the cost even though the business denied the tracking.

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    I use Shopback and Cashrewards and have done probably close to 100 transactions across them both and have never had anything declined. I don't know why people get declined, but from my perspective it seems logical that you're doing something wrong on your client (plugins, ad blocker, secondary DNS provider, pi hole, idk).

    • Sadly, there are too many other things behind the scenes we're not aware of that do affect the transaction. I've successfully used CR for 3 years and had the same opinion you do. Then 4 of my last 5 transactions didn't track and I had done nothing different to my system. I received 2 goodwill rewards and I have to wait for the 7 days to claim the remaining 2 transactions.

  • Support local Australian companies - I only use Cashrewards.

    ShopBack is Singaporean. Cheap Cheap Lah

  • Use the cash rewards app. Never have a problem.

    Alternatively, use a dedicated browser with no as blocking, never have a problem.

    I use cash rewards more than shopback but I have used both in the past. Cash rewards has better customer service, but it looks like shopback is trying to up their game here.

    Don't want it don't use it.

    Or just download the cash rewards app like I said.

  • I had the same thing happen a few months back when I made 7 bookings on through Shopback. All my clicks registered and 4 of my shorter, cheaper stays tracked successfully but 3 longer and more pricey stays were coincidentally unsuccessful. Missed out on ~$100 in cashback that I was expecting.

    I reported the missing cashback and my claims were investigated, but I just received generic responses listing potential reasons for them being rejected, none of which applied to my case..

    Over it. Switching back to Cashrewards.

  • It might be a good idea to check out the Have I Been Pawned website with regards to ShopBack. I was shocked when I entered my email address on that website only to find that my personal details were leaked over the internet by this mob. I no longer use any of these types of websites as they promise everything and give nothing in return.

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