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Kirkland Signature American Vodka 1.75L $69.99 ($20 off) Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


From field to bottle Kirkland Signature American Vodka uses only the finest 100% American heartland grains and pure spring water to create this special vodka.

American grain is loaded into a cooking chamber and blended with purified spring water before being heated to convert starch into sugar. The mixture (called 'mash') is transferred to a fermentation tank yeast is added and the mash is allowed to ferment for two to four days which turns the sugar into alcohol.

The fermented mash is transferred to six distillation columns where it is heated and the product is distilled.

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  • 875ml per $35 seems good value, wonder if it's any good

    • ratings seem extremely good and costco private label (Kirkland) generally do not cut corners and are generally premium quality. (from what I've found anyway) Purchased to try.

    • +2

      I found it to be top notch. Bought it when I was in the US early last year. It cost less than USD$20 including taxes, I was blown away! It's said to emulate Tito's!? https://www.mashed.com/252701/the-real-difference-between-ki...

    • I drink their Irish whiskey and it's pretty decent. On par with the likes of Jameson etc imo. Guessing this will be of similar quality.

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    depends on your view of what is vodka whether you will like this one. American view is Vodka is tasteless spirit, basically used for mixing, if that is what you are after then this is pretty damn good. If you prefer your vodka to be more than just a mixer to a cocktail then french version is significantly better.

    • American view may come from that most cheap American vodka is made from corn, and that is quite tasteless, but good for cocktails or beginner connoisseur.
      I haven't tasted this vodka but I would bet its also corn vodka.
      Not a critique - in a cocktail its probably preferred to have a neutral tasting spirit. Or for just getting drunk 🙂👌
      If I had access to Costco I would buy one

      But are you suggesting there is a French version of Kirkland vodka?

      When I think of nations known for good vodka France has never crossed my mind.

      • +1

        There are quite a few good french vodka's including Grey Goose and yes there is a french version of the Costco one and it is labelled seperately so you know what type you are getting. In the US the official definition of vodka used to include "to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color.", hence that is the direction most US vodka's strive towards.

  • Anyone know the in store price?

    Ps. Looks like this is the Friday friyay deal this week

    • In store $79.99. Correct this online price is valid today only.

  • +1

    That'll make a lot of penne alla vodka.

  • +4
    • The US doesn't tax alcohol to crazy levels like Australia does

  • +1

    Great for huge mixers or in slushies.

  • Fancy

  • Great for washing off skunk smell…

    • and transforming it into alcoholic smell….

  • +1

    Could be good stuff to make your own limoncello (:

  • Anyone know if they ship this to SA?

    • +1

      Yes I know if they do

      • All right then, keep your secrets.
        Keen to try this, thanks OP.

  • From field to bottle

    And from bottle to cup.

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    This is a nice clean vodka. I hear rumors that it's made by Grey Goose but never been able to verify it

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      I think you mean the other French one, which i would agree is very nice.

      • Ahh damn, you're right. I didn't know they made different varities so just assumed it was the same one. My bad.Thanks for clarifying

        • Yep have had both, the French one tastes better but both good :)

    • Done the taste tests with the wifes sensitive pallete.
      Grey goose > this vodka > than the other more expensive kirkland vodka.

      That the other kirkland vodka is Grey Goose is a myth.

      Meanwhile this is the quaffer vodka of choice, very sound.

  • +1

    Kirkland brand is top notch. Always been the highest quality no matter what the product is. Love their Soft Shell Jackets ($30) for winter. On par with a $250 North Face.

    • agree never had any problems. Loved their Nutella copy but sadly is no more.

  • Very nice Vodka and I buy it regularly. At $69.99 a bottle it's a great deal. Lowest I've seen it is $79.99 in store.

    It's my first time ordering something off Costco Online. I can't find what courier they use or how long it takes to deliver.

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      Usually a few days, they are very good with the comms.

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        Yep delivery is always quick with good comms and well packaged.

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      Costco will message as well as email you when it was dispatched.