This was posted 6 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $549, S21+ $749, Ultra $1049 (after $400 Trade-in and Stackable $100 & $50 Discounts) @ Samsung Store


Similar to this deal but the loyalty voucher is only $100 discount and stackable for S21 series only. I just got my voucher this morning and it worked. They changed their code to start with ODS- instead of R2B-.

Below is what came with the code in the email.
Samsung has updated the guidelines for Loyalty Vouchers as follows;
Voucher discounts will apply to the S21 SERIES ONLY.

Vouchers can be combined/stacked with ongoing promotions/offers (e.g. Trade-Up Bonus) on the following conditions;

1. Samsung phones that have physical damage

2. Aged Samsung phones/models (Galaxy S10 or older)

I bought a S21 Ultra 256GB for $1064 including my phone trade up $85.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

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            • @rwt: Guess we don't have enough info to be sure why the app refuses to work.

              I have an S7 and an S8, both AU stock. The S7 Optus worked and that has never been modified - TradeUp goes through no prob. The S8 has been rooted and can diownload/install TradeUp no problem. TradeUp deems it ineligible hence my conjecture the app could be detecting for mods. Just some reference points.

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    Do both conditions have to be satisfied, or either one should do?

  • Youd be trading a 2020 Samsung or iphone I would think, so you probably dont need a new phone in the first place.

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      it's a $400 bonus on top of value - you can trade in an iphone 6 or galaxy s6 i think, and it comes to $405~

      iirc many people just opted to not send in the phone at all, and just 'paid the value' but still kept the $400 promo, but ymmv

      • Yep you're right. Still only Apple, Samsung, then a small handfull of Oppo, Huawei and Google. They pay $30 for a Huawei mate 10 pro, woohoo!

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    Is trade in really a deal tho?

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      Yes, without a valid trade in ID you can't get extra $400 off + trade in value.

  • Van was not helpful at all. I was asked to email photos of exisiting phone.

    • I was asked as well then they will get back to you in 2 days

      • Yeah they never bothered to get back to me and then I got the useless people on the chat.

    • Yes, they need to see your old phone. I sent the photos back yesterday afternoon and got the code this morning.

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      Just go on Facebook/gumtree and find some with cracked screens.

  • Can someone confirm the old $200 voucher work or not ☹️

    • does not work for me. error: 'The code you entered did not affect your order'.

      • Tyty.. Have you entered your trade in ID before you put in your voucher code?

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          the trade-in service seems to be unavailable..

  • Guys How do you get Voucher i have failed :)

  • S7 worth 5, so with 400bonus it's 405? Do I have to give them the charger and headphone? Or just the phone. Can not find those already.

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      You just don't send your old phone back and then you just get charged the $5 for the trade in, you keep the $400 bonus discount no matter what.

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        Wow that is great don't send hmm

      • Device Non-Return Fee means a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when
        Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device
        Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions.

        hhhmm, you may get charged the full discount is you can't prove it was posted. then your discount is just $250.

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          I bought a phone off the last deal, did not send in my trade-in and was only charged $305 (value of a S20+). Kept the $400 discount.

          • @Delphinus: apparently Asurion is a new company, or has a new relationship with Samsung, are they the ones you dealt with last time?

            • @gmoolena: Yup, Asurion. From memory the trade in app tells you at one of the last few steps how much you would have to pay if you don't send in the phone.

              • @Delphinus: ok, cool. thanks for your help. Just waiting on the voucher coming through from Samsung

          • @Delphinus: Good to know! I also wanted to trade in my S20+ which they also are offering $305, it's still in great condition so probably better keep and hand down to my daughter rather than trade in.

  • How do you get the newsletter voucher? I signed up but no email :(

    • You're not the only one. I signed up multiple emails, none were received. Smmsung need to up their game!

  • I have an old S5 (rooted) and a cracked-screen S7. Are they eligible for any discount?

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      No way :)

    • S7 is fine, s5 is too old.

      • Online chat said it had to be S10 or higher for the $400 discount. Best ask on chat.

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          Yeah they rejected my Note 9 I shouldn't have mentioned the slight crack on the screen too lol

    • You need to install app to the phone and you will see are they eligible or not

  • Is there any way to get an imported s10+ traded? I paid extra to get the Snapdragon model and now I'm stuck.

  • Does trade-in work with Samsung Education Store?

    The phones are cheaper here than The general Samsung online store.

    • No i did try that lol

  • Can someone please let me know the $100 loyalty voucher? I tried live chat and they flatly refused saying that promo is not available anymore.

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      These loyalty vouchers are currently being offered as an alternative option to customers who have physically damaged or out of warranty units and are liable to pay for the repair at their own cost.
      Please send photos of your device (front and back showing the IMEI) to [email protected] and we will review if you are eligible for the voucher. I'll provide you the subjet line that needs to be indicated on the email.

      Fairly strict rules

      • What's the subject line? Is it generic?

      • Even when you send an email they don't bother replying

    • I got the $200 by starting chat using a serial from an old S7 which they looked up when I explained there was a crack in the back glass so woukdnt work for trade up app. Terms this time (from reply by atymic) seem similar. I suggest finding any old handset that is on the trade up list (searchable on s21 product page) and using that as basis for conversation.

  • Just bought the S20+ for my mum for $799 at the MS eBay store sale :( to replace her S8!

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    Okay, can someone give me a step by step on how I go about getting this deal? Thanks.

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    For anyone wanting info:

    Loyalty Credit $100:
    Talk to LiveChat and let them know you are looking to purchase an S21 phone only and looking to purchase it TODAY. They will then check your email address to see if you have been a long term loyal customer of Samsung and then will offer a $100 code.

    Trade In:
    Get your old phone out and download the Samsung Trade Up app. Go through the steps and it will give you a valuation of how much you will get for your old phone and give you a code. You will then be able to to get $xxx (for your old phone) + $400 automatically on top of that.

    Use both methods to get:
    Phone price less $100 loyalty credit less trade in value of your old phone less $400.

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      Don't forget the $50 code from subscribing up to their newsletter

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        Most people never get their $50 voucher.

        • Samsung online can be a bit remiss in responding to the $50 voucher for an email sign up. They say 24 to 48 hours to get voucher but if they don't reply then send them a reminder email to "[email protected]" for the promotion code.
          Quote from Samsung online
          "If you don’t receive our automated response email with the promotion code within 24 to 48 hours after you have subscribed. Please send an email to [email protected] for the promotion code. Please check your junk or spam folders. If you are using a Gmail Account, please check the promotions tab."

          • @fishnz: Haha yeah I've tried that as have many others I know and none of us are yet to receive it. I've just given up on that $50 for any of these offers.

      • Can you stack $50 voucher with the $100 loyalty?

      • Is that $50 code only valid for 30 days or so?

        • I am still confused about this offer, but I did receive an email (after subscribing to newsletter) with the $50 voucher; fine print said that was valid to 30th June.

          • @JediJan: I managed to follow the process in the end, for all discounts, to be offered the S21+ (128 GB) for $729. But they only offered $120 for my perfect S10e so I don't think I would return it anyway. Still unsure whether I should buy or not.

    • So if you get the base model phone which is 549 before all that, you will probably get the phone for free and in fact be owed money as well.

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        I dont think any of the phones cost $549 outright

        • Mkay, I got the wrong end of the stick. Just saw the 549 in the title.. and assumed that was the starting price.

    • Does this work for damaged Samsung phones? My mum's S8 has a 3cm long line crack on the back of the phone. I stuck a plastic cover over the back but it still didn't save it. I'm getting $5 trade in value for it on the app but I won't go through with it if Samsung will create trouble later.

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        Just dont send in the phone. All they will do is charge you $5 yet you still get the $400 trade in discount

        • Don't mention any damage on your mums S8 or the phone won't qualify (Samsung trade-up app goes by the phones IMEI number the phone the app is installed in) your objective is too obtain the $400 trade-in bonus and not trade in your mums S8 later on, as either way your better of keeping your mums mobile, either they'll give ya next too nothing for it or reject your trade-in entirely if you mention any damage 👍😁

    • Bookmarked above how too 👍😁

  • Thanks OP. Bought S21 for 544

  • Are rooted phones/tablets OK for trade in? How about those that have been DIY repaired?

    • No they're not according to the ASURION app

      No, DIY repairs also contain non-genuine parts.

    • +2

      Asurion is known to nitpick a lot on the traded in phones. Minor scratches, dents will be picked up by them and they will zero the trade in value (or at least take a huge chuck of it).

      If you believe your phone will get rejected and you still want to go ahead, you are better off not sending the phone in. You will still get the $400 trade-in bonus (from Samsung), just not the actual phone trade in amount on top. Asurion will swipe your credit card to get that amount back.

      • If Samsung is happy with customers not sending the phone in, won't simply anyone be eligible for the trade-in bonus then, including non-Samsung phone owners?

        • Long discussed on past post threads, but tl;dr is Asurion is doing the trade value for handsets and Samsung is doing the discount promo. Iphones (and other brands like Huawei IIRC) are eligible for the deal so yes to non Samsung owners getting trade up discount.

        • +1

          Got too have a Samsung phone looks like only S10 and ups qualify and no point mentioning any damage like cracked screen especially if your not going too trade it in anyway you might not qualify trade-in if you have damage on your phone

  • the S21 missing any 5g bands ?

  • Really need a dual sim phone, but as I understand, this one is eSim + nano sim ? So esim really is only supported by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone for now, is that right?

    • +1

      might be supported s0000000n by others

      • would be good if they started offering 5G as well !

    • Yes eSim is only available with the main 3x telcos

  • Don't understand this. I followed the steps in the app and it only offers $120 (gave code) for a S10 in perfect condition (I always keep it in a flip case, so am sure it is worth far more). It did not suggest there were any other discounts and wanted my credit card details before it gave a firm quote. So I deferred the whole process.

    Quote came through:
    Rejected trade in code for $120 (S10).
    $1849 - $250 = $1,549

    • +1

      You need credit card for the app to charge you the non return fee. Bonus $400 is added on Samsung shopping cart

      • Thank you. It all worked out after I added my credit card details. The app deducted $1 on credit card but did say that it would be refunded.

        I eventually got the S21+ priced at $729.
        (after a trade in for S10E of only $120).
        If I proceed I think I should retain the S10E though, as surely worth more than that.

    • -1

      Share hahha must be kidding

  • Ready to pounce on this before this was posted but can’t decide whether to go with S21 5G 256gb or S20 FE 4G 128GB (plus Micro SD ability). Both phones will cost about the same. Feel like I should choose S21 as will get an extra update being slightly newer and starting with Android 11. But the things holding me back are the Exynos vs Snapdragon in S20 FE debate, smaller battery and screen size and lack of micro SD storage.

    We are doing a lap of aus next year so will be taking lots of photos and using it quite a lot in down time. Also currently using an iPhone X so hoping I’ll be happy with Android after being an Apple user since Nokia days a decade ago!

    Any thoughts?? Also did think maybe just go to Ultra but it’s an extra $500! Or even just the plus but then are 3” of a glass back worth $200?! Given it’s my first time with Android thinking maybe just go cheap and see how I like it. Screen will be larger than my iPhone X at 6.2” anyway.

    • +1

      Get rhe s21 plus.

      The Exynos in the s21 is better than the Qualcomm in the s20

      Go for the ultra if you want the camera, it has the extra sensor for focus and more zoom

      • Have you got a S21+? I need to duck out to the shops and feel them both in hand to help make my decision!

        Also thinking about resale.. which colours do people like? I actually think the lavender is growing on me, but will polarise the market and maybe only be desirable to females?? Thinking the silver looks quite nice.

        • I have the 21 ultra on order from the last deal (which was a bit cheaper)

          You don't seem too committed yet, consider unless you ger the ultra, an iphone probably has a better camera.

          Resale will be trash, the s21 FE is expected soon, which will include free earphones when announced.

          Also the Fold 3, if you want something unique

    • The Samsung UI's are pretty much identical between all the high end Samsung models (well actually close too the same with there budget phones too), so OS software wise they are pretty much identical, I've been loving the new Samsung UI since the S8 and Note 8 I owned first now owning a 5G Note 10+ 512gb (from a Note 8 and Note 9 I still own not worth selling won't get much for it so rather keep it) running Android 11 UI 3.1 currently on the Note 10, Android OS over IOS is more customising and the Samsumg UI really stretches that out further more well I reckon a lot more over other Android UI's from other Androind mobile manufacturers, why I'm loving it so much and it has been getting better over time and upgrades (big difference from the old days of touchwiz UI), so basically your decision will come down too hardware between the models, though ULTRA yummy isn't that with 512gb of ram? Big storage is great if your into using your phone as a computer as I do downloading large torrent files, recording lots of 4K videos, Samsung DEX (turns your phone into a pc) and the list goes on, my poor expensive PC feels left out I rarely use her

      If you like control and options to be able to customise your phone the way you want then your gonna love Android OS and a Samsung high end phones and there Samsung UI

  • I created trade in code trade in for $5, $100 vouchers and $50 vouchers newsletter
    Samsung website shows $1599 how I can bring it down to 1045.
    I mean where I can use trade-in code

    • +1

      You need have an eligible phone to run the Samsung trade-up APP

  • How did you guy manage to get the code?
    Agents resist me to send the phone damage photos

    "These loyalty vouchers are currently being offered as an alternative option to customers who have physically damaged or out of warranty units and are liable to pay for the repair at their own cost.
    For us to be able to provide with the voucher code, you will have to send photos of your phone.
    Front and back. Include the IMEI.

  • Can someone tell me if this makes sense?
    Samsung S21RRP $1250
    - $150 OFF (until 30 June)
    - $250 TRADE IN (Note 10+ Trade in until 30 June)
    - $400 TRADE IN BONUS
    - $100 LOYALTY BONUS (already got the code from live chat)
    -$50 NEWSLETTER BONUS (awaiting code via email)
    Total = $300 balance
    + Charge back because I don't send the Note 10+ $250
    Total = $550 balance
    Sell the Note 10+ on gumtree / marketplace
    = $550 (reasonable price for a 256gb Note 10+ with no damage)
    Total = $0

    • !?

      $550 is way way above the going rate

    • +1

      I paid 3 months back $625 on eBay for a second hand 5G Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus with 512gb storage though I was lucky well patient for that price and its in perfect condition too so I think there offering you a reasonable price for yours, well your are also getting the other discounts of $300 which is not too bad

      Edit: aren't you technically getting $650 for your trade in ($250 + $400?), only reason why I wouldn't do the deal is I love having 512gb of storage and I love my Notes

      • +1

        Yeah I'm getting $650 off, but its my understanding if you dont trade in the phone the trade in company will only charge you the trade in value of the phone ($250 for Note 10), which you can then sell for more ($500-$550). It would only work if you kept the $400 trade in bonus too, which most people seem to have kept.

        • Ok didn't realise that so your saying your applying for the $250 trade-in to get the bonus $400 trade in discount but then at a later stage you can say no too the trade-in of your existing mobile and still pocket the $400 discount, wow of that's the case I think I should consider this deal cause I didn't want too give away my existing 5G Note 10+ with 512gb of storage well I've only had it for 3 months as I bought it second hand and honestly I'm happy with it (don't really need too upgrade it)

          edit: so how much will the basic 5G S21 128gb version cost you without the $250 trade-in for your existing phone? may I ask as I'm just trying too get my head around the discounts on offer with this deal

          edit again (my calculation),..

          s21 $1250 minus discounts off (ignoring trading discount)
          so minus $150 - $400 - $100 - $50
          What $1250 minus $700
          = $550?

    • Update: I did all of the above and was able to purchase the S21 for $299 :)

  • +1

    Ultra RRP is so excessive.

    • +1

      Yeah. It's why I just went the s21. +500 for a marginally bigger screen and battery doesn't seem like good value.

      • The camera / video qualities of the Ultra are much improved in the S21+, if you compare them. That seems to be the only decider there.

  • Too bad I don't have anything they'll take for tradein.

  • Could I go wrong by buying a crappy used old Samsung phone from eBay and then using this promotion to buy an S21? Anyone know how long this promotion is on for?

    • +1

      honestly, just find a friend who has a samsung and ask them to install it and go through the trade up. Then don't send them the phone

      • Right, thanks, this is probably a good idea. I'm curious though, if I do this, would my friend not be able to trade up their phone later on?

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