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[Kogan First] Apple AirPods Pro $199 Delivered (First 250 Orders Only) @ Kogan


Update 2: Deal is working now as of 9:57am

Update 1: Prices haven't been updated by Kogan yet. Refer to comment. Likely an issue with all "portable tech" items. Added temporary "10am" time to allow Kogan to update their prices, however, please check comments in case it is fixed earlier

The largest discount yet on AirPods Pro ($200 off RRP). Kogan trying to distract us from Prime Day 😂

Flash sale began 10am on Monday 21 June

According to their email, it is for the first 250 customers only.

Not only will Amazon Prime Day be extremely tempting, but Kogan have announced a massive flash sale for their First members and there are some serious bargains to snap up.

For example, if you have been eyeing off Apple AirPods Pro for a little while, you’ll able to snatch them up for $199. It’s a saving of $200. Yep, half price. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard of that before and I feel a little jipped.

The flash sale begins when the clock strikes 12AM on Monday 21 June and ends at 11:59AM on Wednesday 23 June. If you haven’t signed up to become a Kogan First member, you’re able to nab yourself a 14 day trial right here.


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  • +8

    My wallet is going to cry!

    • Is this Monday 12 am or Sunday 12 am?

  • +12

    question is - what's the actual quantity available?

    • +89

      One… and Kogan gets it First.

    • Want to ask exactly the same question..

  • Very nice.

  • -1

    you’re able to nab yourself a 14 day trial right here.

    Nab a trial. Grab APP. Cancel trial. Someone could do this many times, and then dump the excess stock on eBay for some serious retail arbitrage. ;-)

    • Is this a suggestion? >;P

      • +1

        How much is your time worth? All of that takes time, planning and luck. Also, assuming there are no checks and balances in place.

    • +17

      In the spirit of the legend that posted this cracker of a deal for his fellow Ozbargainers…
      Have some consideration and don’t ruin it for the rest of us..
      Good lad

      • +2

        Have some consideration and don’t ruin it for the rest of us..

        Don't worry. My wallet has got you covered.

    • +1

      Slightly harder to do because kogan trials are linked to your credit card, need a different card for each trial. + of course question of how much stock they have

      • +1

        those prepaid mastercards/visas work. i've got a cards with a few cents left on them for trials & stuff.

  • +3

    So Amazon is going to make it 198 delivered? Lol

    • +1

      Wouldn't mind a price match, but itll probably be more 'reasonable' at $250. I think that was the price last year wasnt it?

      • +2

        Yes,last year was249. I am getting neg from those want to pay more?

  • Does anyone know if Officeworks would be willing to price match this ?

    • Only if not grey and same model code. They will add delivery if not free

    • +5

      Don’t bother, they will all be gone by the time you got through to OW.

    • Also wondering this! Just got AirPods 2 but looks like I’m returning them now haha

      • I’d wait to see if you manage to get any stock in this sale before returning them. At this price Kogan will have a handful

        • I got a pair! Just returned my airpods 2s today. So excited!

    • +3

      They do not price match prices that aren't available to the general public. i.e memberships required for particular price discount. Such as this, being you need to be a Kogan First Member to get this price!

      It's in their T&C's on OW website.. if need further elaboration here it is " * "

      What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?

      Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword)
      *******Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)*****
      Stock liquidations (i.e. competitor clearance products or goods sold by a business placed into receivership)
      We reserve the right to limit sales to reasonable retail quantities.

      • Yeah you are right, great point…

  • +3

    Bough mine $281.20 price beat OW this week. Very happy with them. $200 awesome price.

  • ‘Wonder how many they will have up for grab. Ebay had 200 in their flash sale that were gone in seconds.

  • What about the pods ?
    Are they considerably better than the older generation ?

    • the Pros have ANC

    • Yes, well worth it

  • +8

    Grabs popcorn… Watching all the + votes in the lead up, and then when the clock strikes looks out for all the - votes from all, bar one person that successfully snapped one up.

    • ^ called it lol

  • +3

    already showing "LOW STOCK"

    • I would assume they have set aside some stock for the flash sale

  • +2

    These can work as hearing aids which would help out many but sadly will probably sellout to Facebook marketplace gangsters

  • are these any good for us android folk? my sennheiser mtws are good but both the case and the earphones themselves are a little unwieldy and they don't hold their charge long.

  • There won’t be any left. This stuff is barely a deal when it’s a few 10’s or 100’s to get people to sign up and nothing more. eBay was a joke. I did that 3 different years never got anything. Sorry but that’s not a deal. More chance getting a Ps5.

  • is this the current model?

    • Yes - there is only 1 model.

  • -3

    Only good earphones for normal use is the normal airpods, moved to airpods pro, total regrets

    • +1


    • +5

      Yes, why? How about some detail instead of just dropping contentious statements.

      • +2

        Earphones with foam or silicon tip hurts your ears after wearing for a few hours straight

        Airpods is the only one that is comfortable to wear for hours on end

        • +4

          Different for me. Normal AirPods so uncomfortable and fall out.
          Pros I wear these pretty much 80%of the time I’m at work and are not uncomfortable at all.

          Down to the individual I guess.

        • I see, thanks. Interesting perspective; I hadn't heard of people finding the silicon tips more uncomfortable than the hard plastic of the normal AirPods.

  • +1

    I need 2-3. I think I've lost mine, but I'm adamant I just misplaced it.

  • +7

    Bait and switch with zero stock and then offering a rubbish alternative

  • Wondering if waiting for new model would be worth it. Not sure what new features there will be apart from shorter stems

  • +2

    A warning re non-AU Apple items: I bought a pair of discounted AirPods Pro for my wife in a sale from an Amazon marketplace seller a few months ago (forgot the seller).

    Tried to add on AppleCare when we received them (which I think is a necessity - your views may differ). Alas: Apple said they were ineligible for AppleCare. Was lucky that we could return them.

    AirPods Pro are outstanding for my use case (video conferences and calls, some entertainment). Spatial audio is so good I sometimes have to take out an AirPod because I think the sounds are actually coming from the house ;)

    Standard price is - as almost all of Apple’s offerings - madness in cans.

  • If I don't have 2 different pairs of earbuds I would definitely get one

  • +1

    Could be grey import AirPods Pro.

    I got mine originally from eBay Black Friday for $249 last year.

  • +1

    Wow great price on the AirPods Pro. But they’re not half price, they retail for $304 these days.
    Still a great saving though.

    • Don't you get Apple RRP price ?

  • +1

    Can you pre load the item in your check out and refresh & pay on the day to make the txn faster?

  • Not half price, please change the title, very misleading.

  • Nuraloop > AirPods Pro

  • Price aside, we sell the Devialet Gemini (with latest software) and the feedback has been great. $495 is a big jump but worth considering..

    Early reviews were not kind, but that had all been taken care of with latest software.

    • A work colleague has these and no offence, my SoundPeats were on par with the sound, stayed in my ear better at one tenth of the price, $45 delivered. Touch function was better on the Gemini, but i never need to touch them, set and forget.

  • Bet many people would join Kogan First, try to buy one or ten, and fail due to sold out, then stuck with spam emails from Kogan that they have to remember to cancel XD

    • Just use a disposable email address.

    • The marketing emails resume for me if I do any activity on kogan.com even after unsubscribing to ALL emails.

      • OMG. that happens to me every time. Then when i got into subscription settings it says its turned off. Bastards

        • I know right? Pretty sure it’s illegal too.

    • …then stuck with spam emails from Kogan …

      True, I bought a couple of Xiaomi air purifiers from Kogan. Last couple of weeks, I have been getting marketing emails from them every single day for their air purifiers on sale, on top of emails for their other products. I ran out of room to put air purifiers in, how many more can I buy regardless of the price? Freaking annoying…

  • +2

    Will Come back here in 2 days and check for all the people whinging about how they missed out. This will be exactly like the ebay flash deals. Almost impossible to get one and nothing but a marketing ploy.

  • not sure if i can snap one But really good price.

    • Going to try, but if not it’s no big loss. My gen 1 is still going good.

  • Is there a listing of all items due to go on sale and pricing? Can't locate on Kogan website

  • -1

    Seems like a good price. Noticed apple products like iPhone 12 mini are cheap at jbhifi. Might be some decent stock levels of this too?

  • Good luck guys.

    Grab popcorn

    • does free popcorn chicken from KFC count

  • +4

    Are these guaranteed to go live at 12am?

    According to the wording, its the flash sale that starts at 12am…

    Don't wanna wait up till midnight for nothing lol

    • Yeah I'm hoping it's midnight, if anyone thinks otherwise please comment

  • +2

    Just clicked on the above link to Kogan website and found indication of low stock already. What's the chance of this being click bait promotion by Kogan? Maybe they've less than 10 in stock to mark it "Low Stock"?

    • As mentioned above, there should be 250 units available - low stock probably means because they've put aside stock for this deal perhaps?

  • The listing is saying the regular price is $299 and Kogan First price is $297, so is this flash sale really half price? Doesn’t appear to be.

    • $299 is what Kogan usually sells it for. The RRP on Apple website is $399. That's why it's a half price deal.

  • 10 minutes to go. Can you add to cart not being Kogan First member?

  • +2

    Anyone care to share their strategies for getting a pair? Add to cart beforehand and refresh at 12am for a price update? Or perhaps leave out of cart until 12am, refresh on product page then add to cart.

    • +1
      Flash sale begins 12am on Monday 21 June
  • +6

    still $297

  • +6

    Nothing yet!!

  • +3

    Price didnt drop!

  • +3

    hmm..is it just me or has it not kicked in yet?

  • +2

    Maybe it will at random time during the day

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