Which Athlete Shoe Store Is Good to Go for Sizing?

Perhaps too broad…it's where the person doesn't mind with you not buying.



    Never had issues with trying on stuff at HypeDC and JD.

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    Don’t be a dog. Want to save online? Take the risk. Want to get sized properly, pay for the privilege.

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      That’s a bit uncalled for.
      I’d rather OP try on sizes in store and order online when there’s a sale than just order blindly then return them (which will cost retailers more $$$ in postage both ways).

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        I think it's very called for.


    Just go to an outlet store eg Nike outlet where you try it on yourself. Noone cares what you do.


    head to athletes foot, get sized properly and they will also test ur walking and feet. get them to recommend a shoe
    buy it
    then buy it online afterwards

    I did, they recommended kayano, helped with my running, then I just got online. did this 15 years ago, still getting kayano online


      I realised proper running stores may be better cause they have bigger variety. Like the mid, and length of the shoe