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[NSW] Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus $59,473 (Was $62,473) Delivered after $3000 NSW Rebate and $0 Stamp Duty @ Tesla


Current drive away price of Tesla Model 3 SR+ $67,798

NSW Government Electric Vehicle Offer

  • Waived Stamp Duty $2,325
  • EV Rebate $3,000

Drive Away price from 1 September $62,473 $59,473

$2,621 cheaper than VIC after rebates, with no EV road tax for six years or until new EVs made up 30% of new car sales.

EDIT: Through the Tesla Corporate Program, delivery fee is waived (save $1375) = $61,098 $58,098 drive away

The New South Wales government will waive stamp duty on electric vehicle purchases and provide subsidies for 25,000 new purchases as part of a $490m strategy to drive uptake of EVs.

Under the plan announced on Sunday, people buying battery and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles priced under $78,000 from 1 September will pay no stamp duty, and $3,000 rebates will be available on the same day for the first 25,000 private purchases of electric vehicles priced under $68,750.



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    • +6

      Spot on. Current Federal Government has shown zero leadership on fighting climate change and adoption of EV vehicles. Too busy patting themselves on the back over the economy, which is all related to the iron ore price and nothing to do with their policy.

      • +2

        what you on about. its not zero leadership
        theyve done their job perfectly based on their oil gas and coal donors have asked them to

    • -5

      so what do you propose?
      give cash back to Tesla so Elon can buy more dogecoin? horde more Billions?
      remove the only thing that's propping YOUR way of life - coal and iron ore

      Im in no way a lib but I want to hear how smart you greenies are at solving the world issues through poor little Australia that makes NO impact globally on emissions whatsoever - we could go to 0 and it wouldn't make a dent

      • +2

        Your statement is plainly wrong, every country makes an impact and currently we are the highest polluter per capita. If we keep doing nothing we'll probably be one of the highest polluting countries in twenty years.


        I'm prepared to make sacrifices to my quality of life if it means we can save the planet and give our children a future. I already have part of my super invested in green stocks and would love my next vehicle to be EV if they became more affordable.

        What can the govt do? Start investing in more green energy, build nuclear power plants so our industry can be competitive with the Chinese who are simply burning our coal to make steel from our iron ore. If our government had some foresight it wouldn't have to be like this.

        Also, there are plenty of new EVs coming out of Japan these days but not many making it to our shores because of our government policy. We don't need to be giving Mr Musk more money.

        • -2

          Per capita ?

          We are not where near top 10 polluters in world , per capita doesn't count as emissions are not calculated like that

          World emissions are 25% due to electricity and only 15% transportation that includes planes and trucks
          Cars produce fk all emissions in Grand scheme vs electricity

          You are all looking at this wrong , the world needs clean and cheap electricity first, then rest can come, till that happens this is all just bs

  • +3

    EV6 + ioniq 5 about to end Tesla.

    • ioniq 5 looks so retro, I love it.
      Now lets see Hyundai bring out the ioniq 5 N (i.e. sports version)

    • +2

      Have heard "insert company/car here about to end Tesla" for the past 5 years

      • Well the time has come. Now the EV car market is going to get competitive. Teslas days are numbered.

        • Competitive? The Ioniq 5 with a similar range to the Sr+ model 3 is expected to be around 80k aud, while being slower.

    • +2

      Is it? It costs more than a Model 3 when comparing each model/spec and looks like a bloated VW Polo. It's slower in straight line, in all forms, charges at about the same rate in terms of km/h (this is the important figure, not the voltage architecture or the kw peak), has less range when comparing similarly equipped vehicles. I'm guessing here, but I doubt they'll match the Tesla software/infotainment, and the Hyundais wont have autopilot. So how exactly are they going to end Tesla?

      • +1

        Not to mention Hyundai-Kia are aiming for 1 million EVs sold per year by 2025, Tesla is expected to achieve 900k delivered this year and 4-5 million in 2025. How exactly are they expected to "end" Tesla when they're aiming for 4-5x less deliveries.

        • +2

          And Hyundai-Kia can't even keep up with demand during the ship shortage on regular cars, there's no way they're going to able to source enough cells to meet their EV targets, when all other manufacturers are scrambling for them too. Tesla is the only company with a guaranteed supply chain and their own cell production facilities (that are already pumping out many gigawatt hours.

  • If it was peformance AWD then I could be tempted. But I am holding out for Peugeot EV's, they will be great if they get the pricing right. Tesla Model 3 has poor build quality and is nothing special to look at or sit in.

    • +5

      Politely disagree on both counts, my model 3 seems really well built, no problems in the 2 years I have owned it. I LOVE the look of the Model 3 and S (I don't love the Cybertruck or X looks tho)

      • The internet is riddled with owners complaining about fit and finish, misaligned trims, panel gaps etc. The insulation is poor and not acceptable for a 60k+ car either. Does not feel worth the asking price that is all.

        • +3

          Tesla cars change from month to month.

          The current Model 3, S and even X bare little resemblance to the same cars of a few years ago under the skin and in quality.

          The 3 has the heat pump, special glass upgraded interior and vast mechanical and battery changes.

          I think these EVs are an absolute bargain if you are in the market for a $60k+ car, it is almost ridiculous to buy an ICE European or other brand above that price point.

        • +3

          The SR+ is made in China & better build than the American made

          • @Boogerman: Guessed that would be the case, couldn't be worse.

          • @dealsucker: That’s awful from zee Germans

          • +2

            @dealsucker: Such a shame what has happened to Mercedes Benz in particular, they used to be very elegant, classy and desirable, now they are austere, overpriced and poorly built rubbish for people who just want a badge.

        • +2

          Oh the internet says that?

          It must be true. Tesla owner satisfaction is the highest in the automotive industry. The fit and finish on the Model 3s (especially the MIC cars is excellent).

          Most of this rhetoric came from US owners who were paying Mercedes S class money for Model S. A Model S doesn't have the fit and finish of an S class, but it costs half as much in Australia. A model S does have equivalent fit and finish to an E class, which is priced at the same level in Australia. So before running your mouth off, about something you read on the internet, how about you experience it for yourself.

      • +1

        How do you find the paint/body? I've heard the shell is crazy soft and dents at any sign of pressure.

        Tesla looks are very love or hate though. I don't particularly like the look of them personally.

        • Paint is definitely thin on mine compared to the best euros, shell seems fine.

  • Would plug-in hybrids be eligible as well?

  • +3

    Still waiting for an electric car that can run off my Eneloops

  • I wish they did this in QLD. My workplace has 5 free Tesla chargers and I never do any real distance driving either….

  • +2

    This or a home deposit?

    • +10

      deposit. EVs are still in the early stages, if it takes off then you will have much more affordable options with better specs down the line, or you can buy one of these second hand. they are only going to depreciate.

      • +4

        Good advice thanks.
        Was half expecting a that a troll would comment.

    • +1

      What kind of home has a $60k deposit?

      • +2

        A birdbox with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

      • with a 5% down payment, that's a 1.2m house. Still below the median house price in all capital cities.

        • 1.2m is not below the median in all capital cities. It's above the median in all capital cities, apart from Sydney.

          And 5% down? Please. That's a great way to get yourself in real trouble.

          • @Burnertoasty:

            1.2m is not below the median in all capital cities. It's above the median in all capital cities, apart from Sydney

            That's what I meant.

            And 5% down? Please. That's a great way to get yourself in real trouble.

            Should talk to the government about that. They're happy to guarantee loans with 5% down.

      • Whatever the home, it'll double in value in 5 years wouldn't it?

  • +4

    Great news!

    That should mean the MG ZS EV will sell in NSW for less than $40k drive away from September 1st.

    Before anyone does the usual apples vs oranges comparison: the features of the ZS EV are most closely matched to the $33k ZST Essence ICE. Driving electric for an extra $7k up front is a no brainer: people who do 15' km a year will save that amount in cost of fuel vs electricty in less than 5 years. Add to that the cheaper service costs, better performance, quiet drive and any 2-car household no longer has any excuse to buy a polluting vehicle.

    Yes, I specified 2-car households. Some people want to tow, some want to go to areas with no charging infrastructure, some want to go off road. Keep an old ICE for those rare occasions for next few years, but do the bulk of city driving in an EV.

    • +2

      The mg es EV has halogen headlights. Cheap and Nasty

      • +4

        No one stops you from dropping an extra $20k on a vehicle that has lights you find pretty.

        • I find led lights much more energy efficient and brighter than hakogens.

          • +1

            @nightqueen: Sure, but I wouldn't base the buying decision for a car on that unless everything else is equal.

            For $50 you get a set of much brighter Osram halogen bulbs that are legal, or LED replacement bulbs that aren't.

            As to efficiency: with a car drawing in the order of 10kW I wouldn't worry too much about a few Watts more or less for the headlights.

            • @team teri: I drive on regional roads so led headlights are a very important feature to me.

  • Bought 3!

    • Good choice, 3 of each model, SR, LR and Perf.

  • The problem is. Does it has enough recharging pillars available?

    • +1

      You charge every night and wake up with an almost full battery. You'd only use supercharges when you're driving 4-500+km a day.

  • +1

    Such posts are incomplete without some millionaires commenting thanks op bought 6.

  • Its interesting the subsidy is available for cars valued upto $68,750. Seems like a very specific number designed to be just high enough to include one car in particular. I personally think they should have set a lower price to force tesla to lower their prices here. They're selling the model 3 for $10k less in Japan to compete with the Leaf there so surely they can sell it for the same price here.

    • Would be luxury car tax number

    • Ironically that's the threshold for LCT for non-electric vehicles. (Well $68,740),

      I'd imagine it's probably the other way around, the Model 3 is priced just below that threshold (even though it would be subject to a higher threshold a lot of the non-electric competition for buyers is around that threshold).

    • Would have been interesting to set the threshold below $40k and make the manufacturers work for it. BYD would kill it.

      Depends who’s votes they are buying though.

    • +4

      You could save over $20K buying a Camry Hybrid (and that’s at RRP), get better depreciation over time and not need to worry about range or calculate how far you can drive it.

      Anything extra paid for this won’t be comparible to the fuel/servicing costs over a hybrid or ICE vehicle in terms of TCO.

      • +3

        Camry is a bat sh*t boring car vs Tesla.

      • true

        but in 50 years time, when the ice caps melt. that $20k means (profanity) all

      • +5

        Better depreciation? Have you not seen used prices for Tesla's?

      • +1

        You just assume the experience of both cars is similar.
        Get behind the wheel of the Model 3 for a week then post here again.

    • +4

      Woah you're uninformed. I can get 500km out of my Model 3 Long Range, and charge it while I'm at the supermarket and it'll be done when I come back. Do some research.

  • what will the LR DA Price be?

    • Above the $3000 rebate. Might scrape in for the Stamp Duty exemption.

  • +1

    Simply unfair that NSW taxpayers must subsidise those who can afford to purchase a new car.

    Could justify these coal powered cars if we actually allowed the market to invest in new coal powered stations and made use of our own resources. Wonder how much lithium we have in NSW.

    The cars aren’t even made here.

    • If gov’s were serious about EV’s they would set a target now about converting the state fleets to EV’s rather than continuing to buy ICE vehicles.

      But wait - then they have to spend money on charging infrastructure. As Homer Simpson said - “Can’t someone else do it?”

      • If the federal government was serious they'd set manufacturer minimum average emissions standards like in other places, where effectively manufacturers have to subsidise EVs to be allowed to sell more ICE vehicles.

        • -1

          Serious about what? Reducing emissions? They say they do, but they don’t believe it so of course it’s all talk. They don’t care. Who cares if it hammers the economy. They and their mates will still do fine.

          Not looking for a debate so just my opinion; but battery powered cars can’t be kinder to the earth. If co2 is a concern to some people, have they considered the infrastructure alone and the co2 involved in its construction.

          What’s the cost to the environment of un-recyclable solar panels and wind turbines. Vs an efficient ICE.

          What happened to reduce, REUSE, recycle. What’s the cost of dumping our current perfectly good cars for heavy battery filled cars.

          • +1

            @tmcn85: If you think you can’t recycle wind turbines I have a bridge to sell you. Even solar panels can be recycled.

            No one is suggest dumping existing cars for electric ones, the most aggressive countries in the world aren’t even stopping selling brand new ICE cars for nearly two decades.

            A wind turbine produces more energy than it takes to construct it within a coupled years and has a service lifetime of decades.

            I suggest you do some basic research because your opinion seems to be based entirely on falsehoods.

            At the very least we might accidentally stop breathing in carcinogenic fumes at the level we currently are and any reduction in CO2 is simply a welcome bonus.

            As for weight we’re talking ~20% more than similarly sized vehicles, something that is easily offset in energy efficiency alone.

            The reality is that the economy is about to be hammered by carbon tariffs applied to our exports and the reaction seems to be to pretend Australia can ignore the rest of the world. It’s amazing we’re both too small to make a difference and yet large enough we can apparently ignore external pressure…..

            I’m not buying a new electric car and simply taking public transport, because that’s much more efficient. But all things equal if buying a new car the full lifecycle of an electric car costs way less in terms of emissions even if powered by pure coal.

            The amount of crap in modern ICE cars you can’t recycle is insane. Batteries are infinitely more recyclable than the electronic components common across all new cars, and the batteries will outlast most of the cars themselves.

    • +3

      Yeah, I’m sick of the farmer subsidies as well. Why should I subsidise their failing business?

  • +4

    Kinda wished the Tesla ran on Eneloops. I have a draw full of them!

  • +4

    Can be it powered by Eneloop batteries… blah, blah, blah.

  • +3

    It's already started where Governments will give a monetary incentive to own an EV with nil rego and large rebates ect. vs making it a disincentive to own a "planet damaging" petrol diesel vehicle , with nil cash incentive and higher registration fees .

    Therefore a wise decision to buy an EV vs ICE now , if only for re sale value . In 3 to 5 years , it will be much better idea to be trading an electric vehicle , in an electric vehicle dominated world , compared to an "old technology" petrol/diesel vehicle.

    On the subject of re sale value , I'm in the motor industry ,and very soon how we purchase, and trade in a vehicle will change. All manufacturers ,partly thanks to the Tesla business model , will eventually move away from traditional dealerships to sell on line. Trade in values will be determined by an AI software programme , just like what Tesla currently implement . Quote: "Tesla accepts cars, trucks, vans and SUVs for trade-in towards the purchase of a new or used Tesla. You can use the Tesla trade-in calculator to obtain a trade-in value for your current vehicle"

    Battling in a dealership over a trade in value is a contentious issue that happens thousands of times a day all over the world , and in the manufacturers eyes, this can reflect badly on the brand . So if the online trade in calculator gives you a value you don't like then you blame the computer not the brand. In the future you can just assume the AI when deciding a trade in value, will downgrade a petrol/ diesel vehicle's value vs an electric one.

    • I’m not sure if we’re quite at that tipping point, but even if we are I’m not sure I’d buy a Tesla for resale until they take repairability seriously. Other brands with more established histories of supporting their older models I hope will be the obvious choice soon.

  • Curious if it would be feasible to buy and keep registered in NSW, even if you live in Vic, if that would skirt the usage tax. Yes, I know you're supposed to change your rego address to the state you live in, but there are ways around it.

    • Governments aren't that stupid , there would be a brick wall built into this scheme to prevent this happening.

      • And yet a large proportion of rental vehicles are registered in WA

    • You'd probably need a close relative in NSW to use their address. Doubt you could do it without

    • nah, I did the same thing with SA rego in NSW and once they pulled me over they grilled me why its not registered back to NSW and black listed my plate - got away with it but they kept pulling me over and I had to change rego

  • Wonder if I can get my Taycan deposit back?

  • wow. the model 3 is already selling like hotcakes! this the equivalent of almost another 8kish price drop with corporate on the already recent price corrections!

  • Can Someone send me the referral code

    • PM sent

    • Use the random link in the post.

  • 62k for a Chinese made Tesla.. Saw an article last week with thousands of them get unloaded into Port Moresby.

    No thanks, I'd rather to stick to German or Japanese made vehicles.

    • +7

      What's your reason? The build quality is on par if not better than the US made ones. The profits still go to Elon & shareholders.

      • -1

        Its common knowledge that Tesla makes more profit from selling carbon credits and BTC than selling vehicles.

        Tesla turned a profit thanks to $518 million it earned selling regulatory credits to other automakers, and the $101 million it brought in from selling bitcoin padded its bottom line as well.

        These guys are losing money selling cars. They're making money selling credits. And the credits are going away," said Gordon Johnson of GLJ Research and one of the biggest bears on Tesla (TSLA) shares.

        Selling vehicles is Tesla's side hustle. It will be interesting to see what happens when the credits dry up and the remaining BTC is sold.

        • +4

          Tesla sold ~500,000 cars last year. Their financial reports has profit margin of ~20%. If they were all the cheapest model 3 at $70k, that’s $14k profit per car. Times that by the half a million unit and you end up with $7 billion in profits.

          What people fail to realise, is that Tesla is using this profit to invest in their future. Building more factories, expanding and increase their economy of scale. The number of cars sold will only go up each year and it doesn’t matter that those once off revenues for carbon credits or btc sale will go away. Not to mention the other revenues streams they have with powerwall, solar tiles and autopilot (how many Tesla are already on the road without it? Once it is available and proven to self drive, at a flick of a switch, Tesla will earn $10k, or more if price goes up, for each owner who will take it up).

        • +1

          Not really true. Since Tesla make so much money from carbon credits they can price their cars a little cheaper and/or spend more money on charging networks, factories and other matters. Things that would otherwise reduce profits or cause a loss.

        • +1

          If they're getting free money from other car company by selling Zev credits, that is predictable in the short term, it's smart to reinvest back into the company, which is exactly what they're doing and is the reason they're growing at 50%+ YoY.

          The sale of 10% of their BTC was a test of liquidity to make sure there wouldn't be a flash crash, this is important for an asset they're using as a store of value.

    • +2

      Port Moresby

      Port Kembla?

    • +1

      You should watch some videos on Youtube by a car engineer named Sandy Munro, he trashed the Teslas years ago as well and he recently been raving about the interior build quality being equal to the best, the engineering is the best and significantly far ahead of everyone else and the only thing they still need to work on is the external fit. Once they start using the large presses they just purchased to create single part front and rear, they will be light years ahead of everyone and every car will be build perfect and laser accurate unlike every other brand that can be slightly different as a result of welds.

      Tesla has just ordered 10 x 4000 tonne casting machines for Tesla and 1 x 8000 press for the Cybertruck. They mean business

      Many of the bigger companies refused to change how they have been always built cars, Tesla and manufactures like them will and have surpassed the older companies stuck in their old ways….Same thing happened when smartphones came out from Apple/Google, remember Nokia and Blackberry? Remember Kodak? Nope me neither :)

      • Tesla have been using the gigapress for months. The US built model Ys have single piece front and rear structures, as do the new Model S and X. It hasn't made panel gaps laser perfect, but it has significantly reduced the weight of the cars, and the cost of production too.

    • +2

      Chinese made? , so you wouldn't buy any Apple product then.