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[Prime] Segway Ninebot E45 KickScooter $699 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems like a great price, and Amazon would be one of the better retailers you could buy this from incase you run into any issues.

Good idea to check your local laws before biting the bullet.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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    I would get one if they were legal in NSW for street use

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      They are legal. Until you get caught.

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        Everytime this comes up, I remember the comment I read a few years ago where some guy here on Ozbargain mentioned they had been using one in the CBD and that the police can only fine you if they can catch you…

        • My comments are mostly sarcastic lol

        • Pity this doesn't already come with racing stripes and a spoiler then!

    • Me too. Without thinking ill get this. If legal…

  • I've seen alot of people in WA using it. Been wanting to buy it as well, for a while now.. only if its fully legal.

  • The only issue I will run into is NSW government.

  • Is it still not legal in VIC?

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      The cops don't really care unless you're doing something dangerous. I know several people who rides an e-scooter in the CBD, and in areas like Clayton/Huntingdale. Wear a helmet, use the bike lane or go slow on the footpath.

      • i see a guy riding one around the Mornington Peninsula in a suit with a carry bag, on the road and footpath …

  • Yep that’s a good price, bought one!

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    What’s better? This, or Xiaomi Pro 2?

    The specs seem pretty much the same, E45 slightly more powerful motor

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      I had the option of these 2 a few months back and settled for the E45. Its essentially the same company but settled for Segway as I preferred
      - the folding mechanism - easier to get on and off train
      - the pneumatic tyres, which are not air-filled and therefore don't go flat. The Xiaomi's are air-filled with a tube, and though more cushioned, are notorious for getting flat tyres, and those flats being fiddly to fix.
      - The E45 electric brakes get a little getting used to, but I like the stand brake on the back wheel mud guard which I am used to with a regular scooter. The Pro2 has the regular disc brake with handle bar brake trigger which works well. The Pro2 rear mudguard is not a brake, and should not be stood on at all, some users have stood on them and snapped them accidentally, even with the new brackets.
      - I love the lights underneath the E45 which can be programmed with different colours and sequences. This is great for low-light-riding as you are more visible to others
      There's plenty of Youtube comparison videos, but this is a great price for the E45

      • Thanks mate, you’ve sold me on the E45 :-) didn’t realise Amazon did Zipoay as well, bonus

    • After much deliberating and googling, I am opting to wait for a deal on the Xiaomi Pro 2. The Segway is a bit too heavy for me, and for essentially the same range and motor the Xiaomi is a bit cheaper on sale and comes with air tyres. From what I've read all over Reddit, solid tyres are really uncomfortable to ride.

    • +1

      I have the Pro2 & luv it, many more mods available for Xiaomi afaik.. Have done the 10" tyre upgrade + X-Tech brakes, both mods making a noticeable difference.

      If i were to get a Segway, i think the Max G30 is closer to the Pro2 specs-wise..

  • Damn, ordered the e25 from Aldi for $599 on the weekend :(

    • Oh that sucks, return it mate :-)

      • Has anyone tried returning the online item from aldi before, what’s the process? Bring it to shop?

    • Is the extra $100 worth it?

      • +1

        I'm not sure, it adds more range and power as the only difference is the external battery (which you can add on later if you want). So I'll probably just leave it be for now. I have an Aldi down the road so at least if I want to return it or have any issues I can just go down there!

        • Same

          • @Prince321: I'm a bit bummed given the price is so close but it seems like a hassle maybe having to cancel or have two on order and return one. The Aldi one is still a good deal

            • @iMacca: The reason I’m not returning is… e45 is quite heavy compared to e25 because of modifications… and I can add the battery anytime in the future if I need in e25… I know it’s gonna cost me additional 😣

              • @Prince321: yeah I've been meaning to look at the weight difference as I was assuming the E45 would weigh a bit more, I'd definitely prefer less weight and as you say can always add the battery later… I'm sure it will go on sale at some stage 😊

                I need to get a helmet anyway so money saved can go towards that

                • +1

                  @iMacca: Yh true if you find a good deal on battery , do lemme know lol

                • @iMacca: Still with same or change of mind?

                • @iMacca: Have you received your Segway yet mate? I’m planning to cancel mine…

              • @Prince321: The only weight difference between the E25 and E45 is the extra battery, otherwise its the exact same scooter weight-wise.

                • @tichaonar: Yeah true Not of a much difference but it is… e25 is 14.4kg and e45 is 16.4kg… May be extra battery itself is 2kgs…

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    Anyone know if cashback applies to this?

    • +2

      0% on sports & outdoors …

    • +1

      Looks like it isn't. Current cash back offer of 10% are for Amazon Devices.

      Sports and outdoors are 0.00%.

  • The listing says the battery doesn’t come included. Is this correct? Where would I buy the battery to run it?

    • Pretty misleading to show photos with a battery when it doesn't include one.

      • I guess it means additional battery won’t be there…

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      Segway has confirmed via Q&A that it comes with battery and charger. Phew!

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      Definitely comes with the battery - it’s in the Q&A

    • The battery shown in the picture definitely comes pre-fitted on the E45 mate, don't you worry.

  • This is a good price. Just bought one!

  • Anyone got any suggestions for a helmet?

    • Check out your local skate shop or kmart, any bike helmet or scooter helmet will do.

  • +1

    Probably too late to ask, but what the heck do you do with this when you reach a location (office/supermarket/mall/open market/whatever really)?

    Do you just bring it inside with you or do you park it with bike chain on a bike pole or something like that?

    I just can't imagine lugging this thing around for example if I go to a place like Ikea

    I'm asking because I never seen anyone inside building with electric scooter nor I see parked electric scooter with chain, so I'm genuinely confused what the electric scooter owner actually do with their scooter when they reach the end of their commute

    • Id love to know this too

  • Just to confirm for VIC residents

    If your motorised scooter:

    • is powered by a petrol motor
    • has an electric motor with a maximum power greater than 200 watts
    • has a maximum speed greater than 10 km/h

    then it cannot be legally used on a road or any road related areas, including footpaths, share paths and public areas. The fine for an illegal device is $826. Other penalties may also apply

    It's unfortunate as I was thinking about getting one to ride to/from my local shops but I don't feel like coping a fine

    • Just do it!

      As others have commented on previous deals, unless your being an utter f'wit, it's highly doubtful you will get fined.

      I'm in Sydney area & the cops I've seen while riding mine haven't even looked at me..


  • does this come with an extra battery? it says so in the manual but I couldnt find it in the box.

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