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[Prime] Nintendo Switch Console (Neon Blue/Red) $349 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lightning deal just started, 7 hours left or when sold out. 1 per account.

$30 off the previous deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • +43

    Meh. Should be $299 RRP by now. But so long as people keep paying these stupid prices, Nintendo will keep charging them and delaying the Pro.

    This thing has the same internals as the Shield Tablet from 2014.

    • +36

      But your shield tablet can not play Zelda right?

      • +7

        ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

      • +2

        Use Cemu emulator to get Zelda in brilliant 4K.

        • On a shield tablet?

    • +7

      It's basically a money printing machine for Nintendo - no incentive for them to drop the price when they're still selling like hot cakes at full price! I agree though it should be cheaper by now.

    • +2

      Nothing to do with specs
      Purely enjoyment, game catalogue, coverage and portability

      Wii was the same had no specs like PS3 or XBOX, but sold more

    • They're making up for lost profits with the Wii U.

    • +2

      Yep, mate and I got ours for $299 from Harvey Norman back in 2017. Can't believe these are still $400+ RRP

  • +9

    If they had Mario Kart included at this price, then deal.

    • +3

      I preloaded my Prime a/c's for so far the worst deals I've every seen in all my categories !
      Can't even beat Camel lows which are easy beaten with stacking .

      • +1

        yeah I am a little disappointed too, hoping they have saved some of the good deals for last otherwise at least I will save money this time.

    • +1

      Yeah I think it's a deal if Nintendo include a game, any game. The console is so so old and wasnt strong techwise to start with, as much as I do love it.

    • +1

      I got the switch in late 2020 with Mario Kart included, and paid about $400. Haven't regretted it… but it is about 7 months later and surely the new version will come out soon(?) and the current version should get better pricing…

  • Thx OP. Got one. Best price I have seen for a while, although seen lower but still very good price.

  • Need one for kid’s birthday (6th) at the end of the year. Do you guys recommend grabbing it now or wait in the hope that a new one will be out by then? Cheers

    • This is good enough. Kids plays simple games. Whether it has better graphic or shorter loading time does not rellay matter to them.

      Don't forget the cashback when purchasing this.

      • +1

        Cashback? I believe video games are not included.

    • +3

      I willing to bet it will be cheaper by then
      If not will be this price again in the next 6 months

    • kids dont need the latest one, it will likely be used for minecraft and stuff yeah?

    • +2

      Wouldn't be rushing to this deal if you've got 5 or 6 months up your sleeve, set up an alert and hold out, will get it the same or possibly even cheaper or with a game included by December.

      • where do I set an alert?

        • camelx3

    • -1

      Wow 6 year old gets a switch that's way too spoiled these days.

      • +4

        I'm pretty sure 6 year olds have had family consoles/personal handhelds for 20+ years…

        • My son got his Nintendo DS Lite on his 3rd birthday back in 2010 and was able to play games and use it fine so I agree, 6 is far too late lol.

      • I did it too and I regret now.

        • It encourages screen time too early. It's not good. I guess that's parenting these days

      • I got my first Atari at about 3 almost 40 years ago. Friends all had them or better in early primary school when I upgraded to c64.

        6 is right at the point you want to encourage tech learning that will be vital later on and if games helps to do that then all good.

    • Also an option for Black Friday sales in November if you can wait until then..

  • +1

    Man this thing prints money.

  • +1

    got one.. to replace the LAST one the kids trashed
    thanks mate, good deal. was holding out for a cheap unit for a while now

    • +1

      As much as I love the switch, might be worth using that as a lesson in responsibility rather than just buying a new one to reward the poor care of the device?

      • +5

        Perhaps my children have special needs that are not easily compatible with right / wrong and consequences
        Perhaps my family needs happiness, in any form, to relieve us all from all the daily hurt
        Perhaps advise, while well meaning, is not always useful, applicable, or helpful

        • +1

          If any of that is true, then sure. You do you.

          Not sure why you need to condescendingly word it though?

          • +11

            @Ninternet: Because, despite your intentions looking good to you, you're judging and suggesting parenting strategies over internet to a person you know nothing about.

            I can see how frustrating it is to this parent when your patronising comment is scoring +1s.

            • -1

              @pizzaguy: To view my comment as patronising is adding value judgements to a comment that was obviously without knowledge of said circumstance.

              To be upset or offended or frustrated by my comment that had no attack on the other person's character is merely the opinion of whoever may be reading it (hence the mixed "up" or "downvote" response).

              Rather silly thing to get worked up over.

              Although, yes, I understand that point of view.

      • +4

        maybe replace the kids, cheaper in the long run as well

  • Nice just rcvd a $30 credit for buying it a week ago. Thanks Jeff.

    • how did you get a credit? I asked the live chat and they said I could return it but they wouldn't provide a credit

      • +1

        Started a chat, asked them if I should return the unopened, untouched product as it was bought for a July birthday and rebuy the console. They swiftly said don't worry and gave me a promotional credit which I immediately spent on the PS5 controller.

  • +1

    I'm struggling… The kids have been asking for switches for a long while now so I was looking at getting a switch lite to start with. Is it worth the extra for this? Not really liking that it doesn't include games though (I'd want Mario kart)

    • +1

      The normal switch can be played on a TV with all the kids connected to the one console as long as each has a “joycon” (the switch comes with 2, need to buy seperate if more needed). The switch lite can’t be put on TV and works more like a personal device where only one person can use it at a time.

      • +1

        Oooooh thank you - I knew that the switch could connect to the TV, but didn't realise you could have two players with the joycons included. Bought! I'll get a switch lite later on, that way both kids can eventually also use them as personal devices too 😁

  • +1

    I was here for the great switch shortage of 2020. Finally some sanity in the prices now.

  • Wanted one forever, this'll do!
    (Also I bought monster hunter from the other deal first so need something to play it on..)

  • -2

    I paid less for myn when it came out…ah well

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    There is a couple available cheaper from Amazon Warehouse if that suits anyone.

    'Used - Acceptable' condition for $284.25.

    Display has cosmetic imperfections but is usable. Large cosmetic imperfection(s) on top, front or sides of item. Item will come in original packaging.

    'Used - Good' condition for $333.52.

    Missing battery charger. Item will come in original packaging.

    • +1

      Got one of the $284 ones from Amazon Warehouse last week, it said "Large cosmetic imperfection(s) on bottom or back of the item. Missing HDMI cable. Item will come in original packaging."

      It came in near new condition from what I can tell. I can't see the "large cosmetic imperfections", there is one small mark on the screen however.

  • 80% claimed @11:58am EST

  • Does it qualify with the 10% cash back?

  • I bought this off Amazon last week on the $379 deal, anyone know if I can get them to credit the difference if thats possible and/or how I can do it?

    • You can try on live chat and ask what they can do. If not, you could open a return (if you haven't already used the item) then repurchase from this deal.

  • +2

    Buying through Amazon GCs from Shopback will save you further 2%.

  • All gone - you can only join the Waitlist now. Any precedent of more stock being released?

    • +1

      Grey still there - $348. Is it usually cheaper than the red-blue colour version?

    • I just ordered a Neon one!

      • Neon seems to be back in stock for $348.

  • So I purchased one of these today, on the LIGHTNING DEAAALLLLLL, which I figured would be the cheapest I would find it anywhere (been looking for something I can play with the missus). Time was running out and the deal was about 90% gone, so pulled the trigger. $349…neon one, peachy.

    I then came back on late this arvo to find BOTH grey and neon versions for $348…. yes its only a dollar. But what the hell Amazon?!?! Why do the lightning deal, if you're just gunna put them back up for cheaper anyway?

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