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[Prime, PS4, XB1, XSX] Assassin’s Creed Valhalla $35 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ps4 and Xbox versions on sale in the Prime Day sales now for $35.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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    it's a good game for this price. personally i think odyssey was superior, this felt somewhat unfinished and the story just wasn't that interesting. i love vikings and norse mythology so i was expecting to love this, sadly i ended up feeling as though i didn't get my moneys worth (full price).

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      Thanks for your feedback mate - I was about to comment and ask 'does anyone know why it's so cheap so soon?' and you have basically answered it!

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        ubi games end up in bargain bin after few months, you would be mad to pay full rrp

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        you're welcome

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      Out of curiosity, did you enjoy Odyssey or Origins more?
      Origins I had a great time with, and while I enjoyed Odyssey it was a slog at times.

      • i haven't actually played origins, i have it but just haven't gotten around to it

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        It's hard to say.

        They put a lot more care into Bayek from Origins, whereas in Odyssey Ubisoft went down the "woke" path & the whole gender choice things ended up ruining it cause instead of 2 completely different characters we got 2 generic 1s instead, only for 1 to end up being canon over the other anyway. Alexios was a terrible character, just all round crap whether you play as them or not. The voice acting was really off putting. Kassandra clearly had more care put into her, writing wise & voice acting wise but still gave off massive vibes of laziness from Ubisoft.

        On the other hand, despite my preference for Egypt, Ancient Greece is pretty breath taking to explore. They also incorporated more of the mythology into Odyssey as well, where as in Origins you don't get much of the mythology. There's a lot more diversity in the environments in Odyssey as well.

        But I'd probably say Odyssey over Origins, even though Odyssey is way too long. I just find myself enjoying Odyssey & taking in the moments more. I find the supporting characters more enjoyable & interesting too. I think either game you choose doesn't matter much. Ubisoft's new approach seems to be quantity over quality anyway.

  • Loved this game, finished up with it last week. Ended up enjoying it enough to pick up the season pass once finishing the base.
    Like odyssey it did get repetitive, but enjoyed it through out. Just took a break at bout the 60hour mark, then came back to it after and loved it.

  • Come on, $19 is a deal, this is just shaving pennies off

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    watch it drop sub 20 before christmas

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    Bought it thanks, but I'll play it in 6 months when it's $15.

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    I bought this a few months ago for $59. Its well worth $35 imo (esp if you have a PS5/XBSX and can run it at 60fps), but the series has definitely regressed since Odyssey.

    Story wise, it is not as good as Odyssey, but the combat system is way better.
    Odyssey did the male vs female protagonist thing really well, the story actually changed significantly depending who you played as , whereas with Valhalla it seems to have been designed by committee trying to tick every box resulting in literally no difference between a male and female character. It allows you to change gender at any time during the game by selecting a menu option. The skill tree in Valhalla is also a mess compared to Odyssey.

    Other parts I found tedious were the Asgard levels and the ship sailing world traversal.

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