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20% off Dell @ eBay (S2721DGF $383.25, S2721QS $299, AW3821DW $1499, S2721Q $279, XPS 8940 11th Gen i7-11700 Desktop $1859)

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  • Has anyone who ordered on 21/06 received any shipping updates?

    Gonna claim this on tax but I don’t think I’ll get it before EOFY? Will the invoice be dated on the date when we put the order through?

    • should be fine to claim on tax, you should have a receipt dated 21/06 sent to you online. that'll be your proof for EOFY purchase.

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      I ordered on 21/06 and asked Dell eBay when I will receive the tax invoice. This was their response.


      Thanks for your recent purchase.

      Confirming you will receive a tax invoice from Dell Australia with the GST component. These are sent via email 48 hours after the item has already been delivered. We do this because the start and end date of the warranty will be based on the invoice date. The basis of the warranty starts on the day the item is delivered."

  • What does everyone think of the XPS 8940?

  • Anyone receive an email from seller dell_australia requesting a full name for tax invoice purposes?


    Thank you for your purchase at the Dell Australia official eBay Store.

    Would you please confirm to us the full name that you require on your tax invoice and for the delivery this way, we can proceed in processing your order?

    Looking forward to your response.

    Kind regards,

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    Got hit with a delivery update. seems gonna happen in the next few days. Sydney metro

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    Just a heads up for others wondering about lead times - my two S2721DGFs ordered on the 21st have apparently shipped via Startrack this afternoon

    Edit: regional QLD if that makes any difference

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    Woohoo, purchased last Monday with the delivery time of 27/07, and got my tracking number last night for schedule delivery tomorrow!
    Syd metro here

  • Have not received shipping update yet, order placed at 21/06. Sydney metro.

  • This code is not working for me.

  • Purchased on 21/06 and received an update this afternoon that the monitor is now with Startrack. Expected delivery is on Friday in WA.

  • My s2721qs ordered on 21st June shipped on Sunday and just received notification of it this morning. :)

    • Actually arriving today. Melbourne :)

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    Finally received shipping update. It was actually sent at Sunday

  • +3

    They must be sending these out at the same time.

    Got my delivery confirmation and it's being delivered today! Sydney Metro.

    Thanks to the poster who calmed us all down by confirming delivery usually happens within a week!

    • Delivered Sydney Metro Surry Hills.

      Now to set it up to make WFH more enjoyable with this massive screen :D

  • Shipped yesterday, got tracking today. Carrier is StarTrack

  • 2721DGF

    Ordered on the 22nd.
    Shipping notification at 7am on the 29th.
    Showed up 3 hours later at 10am.

    Sydney City.

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    My S2721DGF arrived this morning. So happy it didn't actually arrive between 20-27 July!

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    Mine is delivered today as well. Much better than expected

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    Ordered on the 21 June, arrived this afternoon.

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    Ordered a S2721DGF 22 June (a week ago). Today got home to a missed delivery notification! Much less than the 30-37 days they said to expect. It doesn't even say 'shipped' on eBay yet.

  • Got my S2721QS - Looks good but connected through HDMI on macbook pro, refresh rate is pretty laggy (2160p) compared to my LG 27UK850 through USB-c. I will have to try DP 1.2 and buy adaptors…

  • Delivered. Now time to get used to the flat screen compared to curved screen lol.

  • Already received my AW38, delivery to geelong. Wrapped with their service and delivery speed, considering it was originally estimated at delivery date of around July 27. Love the new screen. Thanks to the op.

  • Monitor newbie needing some advice so I don’t waste money on a S2721Q 4K monitor.

    My PC only has on-board Intel HD 530 graphics, 16GB memory and no free slot for a dedicated graphics card. I currently have 3 monitors connected- one 24“ x 1920x1200 (HDMI slot), a 24“ x 1920x1080 monitor (vga slot); and another 24“ x 1920 x1080 connected through USB3 to a Kensington VU USB 4K HDMI adapter. The 3 monitors all run fine at 60hz.

    I’d like to replace one of the 1080’s with a higher def monitor for doing text and online research eg loads of tabs open + occasional CAD, design, photo work; there’s no need for any gaming.
    I’ve read a little about the Intel HD 530 graphics and it says it can run 4K if using HDMI 2.0 but also talks about only running at 30hz.
    Will I be able to run a 27” 4K with other two 1080's?
    Or am I best going for a 27" QHD between them?

    • Regardless of which way you go for 4K with that PC (either via HD 530 or Kensington VU), you will be limited to 4K/30Hz without HDR.

      It's something you will need to decide. Also, once Windows 11 is available, you may want to look into getting a new PC.

  • Also, looking at the Dell QHD monitors on sale there are two listings for the 27” S2721D model

    1) “AMD FreeSync QHD 2560 x 1440 EOFY 2021 Deal”, sale price $208.00- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324688856377?hash=item4b98f6c539...
    2) “AMD FreeSync QHD 2560 x 1440 at 75Hz”, sale price $239.20- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324331871040?hash=item4b83af9b40...

    I can't see any difference in the descriptions and the tech specs seem identical, and the cheaper one is 75hz as well. Am I missing something?

    • they're the item, just different listing

  • I have an M1 MacBook Pro. I just ordered a 4K dell s2721qs screen to use with it but am now thinking for clarity it might be better to get a 1440p screen. I am not gaming but want to use it for work and the clarity and crispness of text is the most important thing. Also the iMac i use at home runs at 1440p albeit a 5k screen scaled down. I am not going to do gaming nor watch movies but will view and edit photos. I want to spend no more than 330 dollars. Is USB c equipped the way to go? Or hdmi with a dongle as the M1 MacBook Pro doesn’t have an inbuilt HDMI.

    • You can get a USB-C, 1440p IPS monitor for $330 now?

      USB-C to HDMI dongle, the question is which one you intend to get. The official Apple one isn't cheap. El cheapo ones, you are likely to be limited to 4K/30Hz. Honestly, USB-C is a mess, especially on the graphics side. Those USB-C monitors essentially has a dongle equivalent hardware inside the monitor. The whole USB-C alt-mode is really just cost saving. Most USB-C monitors won't use Thunderbolt 3 based chipset, especially PC ones. Let's face it, how many PC users would insist on getting a PC with Thunderbolt 3 port(s)? With M1 having reduction of USB-C ports, getting cheap dongle could cause issue down the track (if you opted for a well priced USB-C to HDMI 2.0/4K 60Hz dongle, it probably won't have any other ports, which means you will have to use the other USB-C port for power - that means no more port left). Also, most of those cheaper dongles won't support 4K/60Hz + HDR. Not sure how important HDR is to you though (not that any of these Dell HDR 400 monitors offer proper / real HDR anyway).

      • Have done my research and think it is best I get the 1440P Dell S2712DS which has native 2560 X 1440. I cancelling my order for the other one . It is not USB-C but it does support 75Hz at 2560 x 1440. The question is now, can I get a decent USB-C to DP or USB-C to HDMI adapter that will support the 75Hz? I was suggested this one

        • I have the DS and the QS. I currently use DS with my old, work provided Macbook Pro. The 75Hz is tricky. I used to be able to get it to work with older Mac OS. I upgraded to Catalina a few months ago and since then only 60Hz is available on that Mac. I haven't upgraded the laptop to Big Sur yet. Mac generally works well with image scaling (Retina Display if you prefer that term). Again, I don't know why 75Hz isn't available on my Mac. I haven't tried my personal MBP on that monitor yet though. I don't have an M1 Mac yet.

          Can't help you on the converter as I don't have that one exactly. I've got Apple one and the a cheap 4K/60Hz HDMI one.

  • yeah finally decided on the 1440p 165hz display for 383 bucks that a bargain for what you get for sure.

    P3 98% colour gamma isn't cheap to get on any monitor. over half off the orginal price is amazing good.

    HDR is included but I wouldn't hold my breath on that actually being good at a max bightness of only 480 nits.

    HDR only performs well at a min of 600 nits anything below that is average HDR or terriable.

    I have a 4k 60hz or already but doesn't have HDR I also have a 5k display that has p3 99% colour gamma for video editing and such. so for me having a dedicated monitor for just 1440p gaming is choice.

    Not many graphics cards support 4k full speed graphics lol and the ones that do are insanly expensive lol.

    for PC COD gaming 1440p at 165hz is perfect. It says its going to be delivered by august which is hilarious because thats typical Dell delivery estimated shipping lol.

  • I'm assuming I should aim for the S2721DGF over the 27G2S for an extra $50 or so?

    • yes definatly the S2721DGF is the best reviewed.

      • Thanks, ordered this morning… missed out on the 20% off though. 😥

        • yeah the only reason to order it from ebay is the extra 20% off with out it your better off just ordering directly from dell it woudl have costed you the same price.

  • did anyone get there S2721DGF shipped yet? any idea how long Dell on Ebay takes to ship?

    • Check further up the thread for posts around 29/6

      • interesting so they don't update there ebay store

    • I messaged Dell and they said it's 7 to 15 working days they just give a huge window incase of delays or stock shortages.

      • I know at work they ordered Dell laptops they said not to expect it till november lol

    • I'm using mine from this offer to type this message (well, watch the text pop up as I type on the keyboard….)

      The point is I've got it, ordered on the Mon 21st June (I think first day of this 20% offer?), they attempted delivery on Thurs the 1st July but the local covid lockdown and show holidays conspired to screw me so I only actually got it Tuesday 6th July & set it up last night.

      Very happy to say the least

      • yeah I ordered it after the QLD lockdown finished. Just in case it screwed things over. so hopefully it will come next week maybe? I ordered it 3 days ago.

        • Who knows, all the people buying at the beginning of the sale might have depleted their stock so the lead time might be longer now, or maybe not?

          It does seem their stupidly long lead time is generally just arse covering though

  • Received my AW3821 today and the panel seemed to be internally cracked :( Had no box damage or screen damage, just powered it on and bam, big white broken patch of panel. Am going through the process of a replacement, hopefully quick turnaround

    • Replacement already organised! Damn, super quick

  • ok this is an automated response they setup on ebay you can say anything to the seller and this will be emailed.

    sent 3 emails one email had no content at all in it it was blank and I got this response.

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Confirming that you will receive a tax invoice from Dell Australia with GST component. These are generally sent via email 48 hours after the item has already been delivered. We do this because the start and end date of the warranty will be based on the invoice date. The warranty starts the day the item is delivered.

    Currently the order is being processed and we will update you with your Dell Order number soon so you can track the order on our Dell website.When the order is already onboard for delivery, we will also upload the courier consignment number on eBay to give you a more accurate time of arrival.


  • Ordered 27/6.

    Just got a shipping update this morning - apparently it was picked up yesterday afternoon, with expected delivery (Melbourne) today.

  • good news got an order number Order number: 08-07293-5XXXXX from dell., in Ebay

    not sure what to do with it, there is nothing coming up in Dell tracking.

  • Can someone not from NSW give us an update on there order would be intersted to know if you got it if you're in QLD.

  • 72 hours latter still no order number nothing from dell.

    • mine turned up yesterday in Melbourne. no notifications, updates or emails about it. then ebay got updated with an ETA of 27-July at night. it was strange.

      • my eta says August 8th lol. ordered 4 days ago.

        • I ordered mine on 26 June so give it about 2 weeks.

  • I still have nothing I hoping I get it dispatched this week its been a week already so hopefully its dispatched

  • I got a feeling not getting this monitor because of the NSW Lockdown saga. if I don't get it by next week being the 3rd week since I ordered I will cancel it and buy locally in QLD that way I know I will get it.

  • Anyone have a recommended docking station/hub that can do dual 4K @ 60hz?

    Edit: Nevermind, my local Office Works actually has this in stock.


    It’s nearly the same price as both 4K screens I picked up from here 🤣

    • Depends on what laptop you have, does you laptop have thunderbolt or not? or just usb ports?

      this will depend then on what dock I would recommend.

      That dock right there is for people that don't have thunderbolt or usb c ports.

      • I have an XPS 13 9380, with a total of 3x USB-C ports.

        • +1

          ok usb c ports doesn't always mean your PC will have a thunderbolt 3 controller in the PC world how ever this particular laptop according to the Dell manual appears to have a thunderbolt controller which means you ports are thunderbolt ports as well.

          I recommend you buy a thunderbolt dock since they would be the same price as the one your getting and they support up to dual 4k displays and every thing else. I use the CalDigit TS3 Plus its a brillant thunderbolt 3 dock I hook this up to my macbook pro M1 laptop and plug in my LG 5k ultrafine display ethenet and a few usb drives no issues at all.

          the reason why you want to be going for thunderbolt docks is because they have 40gbps of bandwidth which mean you have way more things you can plug in compared to usb c or usb docks. which usually have 5gbps of bandwidth.

          check it out on Amazon

          $429 the Caldigit one is and you can hook up dual 4k displays if you like it has a display port at the back of it as well.

          • @kungfuman: Thanks for the assist!

          • @kungfuman: The 2x Dell monitors both come with an HDMI cable each. Each screen has 2x HDMI and 1x DP Port. Would getting a USB-C to HDMI for each screen be the simplest solution here?

            • +2

              @MaxximusD: only for one of them you would need a usbc to hdmi the other one would just be pluged into the display port. the dock has thunderbolt and usb c ports. it will tell you where to plug in the second monitor.

              • @kungfuman: kungfuman: I just want to follow up and say a thousand thank yous!!!!

                The CalDigit TS3 arrived and the unit is so much smaller and compact than I thought. I bought a new DP cable and also an HDMI to USB-C (no adapters) for the other display and the system is all working beautifully. Both 2721QS's are running 4K @ 60hz. All the while my XPS 13" is connected via a single cable and appears to be charging at what I perceive to be at normal speed with plenty more ports to spare. Thanks again!

  • ok its been 7 working days already and still not shipment but Dell keep telling me 7 to 15 working days to ship. What are the chances of getting it shipped this week with the lockdowns in NSW?

    • It will arrive when it arrives. Why do you need it so urgently?

      • for one 7 working days (almost 2 weeks) to ship an item that is in stock is not considering to be urgent considering Apple a much bigger company can ship anything in stock within 24 hours of ordering which includes monitors and thats during lockdowns they can still do this and secondly even small PC shops can dispatch an in stock item within 3 days tops. So Dell is a joke.

        • Cancel your order with Dell and order from Apple or a small PC shop then?

          • +1

            @krim: in 4 days I will if it is not delievered by then.

            • @kungfuman: it shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally !!!! I am in Queensland!!!!!! so all good!!!! 8 business days it took!!! so a week and a half it takes to ship!!!! wow.!! All they do is put a startrack number in your ebay shipment and its already in transit from sydney to brisbane so yay!! I may get this tomorrow!!

  • I've connected my Dell 8940 to a 4K dell screen via Displayport.

    I noticed that the screen blacks out every now and then for one second. It's happening every minute now (wasnt as bad before).

    I thought it was the Display Port Cable but I changed that cable (same brand but different cabble).

    Anyone notice this or have any ideas on how to fix? Would a different brand Display Port cable work? I'm using ones off Amazon - Proxmia Direct. Is it likely to be the 3070 card itself?

    • so you didn't get a dell displayport cable in the box? I know the monitor I ordered came with a display port cable in the box.

  • ALSO you do get a Dell order number it is a reference in the startrack tracking so you can look it up on dells website for dell order tracking and service tag etc.

  • ok so for those wondering they send the Dell invoice to your registered EBAY email address and its sent ot you on the day you get it delievered. Make sure you check you ebay email address to get the invoice :D

  • just got delieved I have it in hand S2721DGF Dell 165hz IPS 1440p display 27 inch

    so the proces takes exactly 2 weeks. or 10 working days, to get to Queensland Brisbane

  • +1

    this monitor so far is amazingly good S2721DGF Dell 165hz IPS 1440p work with the xbox series X at 1440p 120hz with HDR 10 and PC-RGB games over hdmi. plus on PC its amazingly good in games like COD cold war and many other games at 1440p :D love it!! Check for dead pixels seems like there isn't so nice!! One thing to know if your new to high refresh rate monitors, windows doesnt' seem to automatically set it to the max refresh rate. I found this out the hardware when I thought playing cod was teh same as a 60hz lol, Make sure in display settings its all set to 165hz then you have no issues everything is smooth as quality is maintained!! its hard to believe this is just 1440p it puts my 4k 60hhz display to shame lol. It really does have a 98% P3 colour gamma i have tested this, its not 95% P3 like some of the youtube reviews are saying.

    the colours really do pop very well on this and you can get some really good modes for FPS gameing and RPG and even car games it makes it look alot more real in some games with accurate colours.

    Over all at least right now, I highly recommand this gaming monitor its a perfert balance, for the price of 383 its a steel for what this does.

    • Just received mine in WA, going to use it on the series x ! Nice review

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