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[Prime] Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Sonic Toothbrush TWO PACK $289 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ AmazonAU


This toothbrush goes for ~$200 on sale. You get a bonus second brush handle, yet no extra charging base.

Excellent deal if both you and live-in partner want this brush.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • Just worth noting, you also don't get the recharging travel carry cases which are pretty handy.

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    How does it compare to an Oclean X Elite Pro Super Dooper Plus?
    I had a look on Youtube but couldn't find the answer.

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      I've owned 3 Sonicare and they ended up failing after 6 months. The vibrating motor stopped working for the same reason and it had something to do with a loose screw or something.

      I'm using the Oclean X Elite Pro and pretty happy with it. I currently have Sonicare toothbrush heads attached to it as well and still works well.

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        My sonicare is going strong for 6-7yrs.

        I do recall some talk about the loose screw issue. I think it was one particular model?

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          Ah it must be then.
          I had previously owned a Philips Sonicare FlexCare which both failed and was upgraded to Philips Sonicare Diamond under warranty which also failed.
          I may have been unlucky

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        I have 3 Sonicare brushes used in the family. We have been using them daily in the last 3-5 years. All of them still running strong and no issues.

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        For what it's worth I bought a low range sonicare model over 2 years ago that stopped working. Obviously it was now outside warranty but I still contacted phillips and they sent a broken replacement (oops) that was quickly taken back and rectified with a brand new replacement of the high range sonicare model.

        It's worth getting in contact with them, they seem to be really nice and helpful.

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        I've still got my original Diamond clean so probably 7-8 years? Maybe more? Whenever they were first released.

        Recently started lacking vibration power so I looked up YouTube how to fix it. Took maybe 10mins to get it apart and you just have to space the magnet away from the electro magnet (the screw seems to slip over time like you're saying). Only needs like a business card space and lock it back in with Loctite. It's like brand new again, forgot how much grunt they have as it must have gotten less and less powerful over the years that you don't notice it.

      • Do you still have it? their warranty process is very good. I had 2 replaced after 2.5 years of use. They just give me a new one as they have an unspoken 6 month extra (on top of 2 years) of warranty replacement

  • Beware, this package has no travel charging case. I find the travel case is easier for charging, and it is really good accessory when traveling.

  • Bought one, thanks OP!

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    This is a nice toothbrush but I have had 3 fail on me now for the same reason as stated above, the screw on the vibrating shaft loosens and they start making a lot of noise.

    On the plus side their customer support is pretty good, just call up mention this issue and they send you new one. Must be a pretty wide spread problem with this model.

    • Did you have to give them receipt or anything?

      • You go on their website and upload your proof of purchase for warranty purposes.

        You then either chat them up or send them an email.

      • Yep I had to give them my receipt from Amazon AU and a photo of the bottom showing the serial number.

        I bought the same two pack here and both original ones and one of the replacement ones have gone faulty since November 2019.

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    I see mention of lack of charging case. FYI, they have a 2-3 week battery life, and I've gotten 10-14 days out of mine with 2x daily brushes a few times, even a 3-5yr old brush.

    You'll be fine without additional charging for weekend trips.

    • I've never used the cases for charging, just as traveling carry cases. Definitely a valuable piece of kit to be missing out on.

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        Sure, seems nice. But too big to travel with surely? The size of it is the size of a small toiletry bag. Take brush head off, place into ziplock, then put brush and head along with the rest of your stuff into toiletry bag.

        • Nah its not big man. Fits in my toiletry bag.

        • I did FIFO for years and always took mine with me. Definitely not too big.

  • The only time I've had a problem with this unit is through my own fault, I've dropped the toothbrush on a relatively hard surface and the shaft loosens.
    On the flip side, I was able to get a replacement unit from Philips relatively painlessly.

    The battery life is pretty good and it'll last at least 2-3 weeks without a single charge brushing 3-4 times / day

  • Really keen to try the Sonicare. Been an oral b user for 5years now.

    Dont need the double bundle though.

    You guys reckon the others will be restocked?

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      I personally prefer Oral, rotating head over vibrating head as it's a cleaner finish.

      Just re-reading what I wrote above, does that sound right?

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    any recommended place to obtain those brush head?

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      Can get copies very cheap but I prefer genuine. Getting a top of the line brush, why limit its performance with a cheap head? Shaver shop of Amazon have them come up reasonably priced every now and then

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      I normally buy them for cheaps from Myer with giftcards etc , when they are on sale.

  • can you buy the charger seperately?

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