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[Android] Free App: Magic Slate Pro at Google Play


Children's can learn with fun to paint, read and write, Your babies can write and draw and train your baby's interest in painting and creative thinking, repeat as many times you want using this digital slate and an enjoyable experience of Reading and writing with multi-color.

Key Features of this Application

✓ Draw creative pictures using fun brushes and tools
✓ Kids can learn drawing or writing alphabets and numbers
✓ Save your drawings in mobile.
✓ Kids can begin their study with this amazing app
✓ Multiple brush size are available
✓ Share and print your kid's drawings and art work with family and friends
✓ Eraser available to make corrections
✓ Multicolored pallet available to choose and draw painting

Don't keep "Magic Slate Pro" app a secret! We grow with your support, keep sharing :)

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  • +2 votes

    iOS, free at Google Play? I’m confused.


      That was puzzle and you solved it ;)


    I'm so confused, title indicates it's for iOS, but free from the Google Play store?



    uh, this isn't iOS, it's Google Play Store.
    Seems like a pretty big thing to get wrong.

    I checked in iOS and there's an app called "Magic Slate" that looks similar, but it's $10.99 from Vector Labs Limited.


      OP has fixed it, nvm.

  • +1 vote

    Sorry Apple friends. I made boo boo 😅
    corrected the title to Android