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LG OLED 77" C1 $6295.50, 48C1 $2065.50 | Sony WH-1000XM4 $294.10 | Google Nest Audio $89.10 C&C / + Delivery @ The Good Guys


Incredible price on this 77" 2021 OLED, cheapest it's been so far by a considerable margin and open to all.

Comes with 12 months free Disney+ also as sold by TGG main website.

  • Self-Lit OLED - Perfect Black, Billion Rich Colours, OLED Eye Comfort
  • Alpha 9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K - AI Picture Pro, AI Sound Pro, HDMI 2.1 features (HFR, eARC)
  • ThinQ AI - Hey Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay 2, Apple HomeKit, Home Dashboard, Magic Remote Control, Magic Tap
  • Home Cinema Experience - Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, FILMMAKER MODETM
  • A World of Entertainment - Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime, Optus Sport, Twitch, G-Sync Compatible / VRR / AMD * FreeSync Premium, Sports Alert, Game Optimiser

LG 48" C1 4K UHD Self Lit OLED Smart TV OLED48C1PTB for $2065.50

Note, 65" and 55" models are excluded.

Also Available:

Don't forget 8% Cashback via Cashrewards ($50 Cap).

As always, enjoy!

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  • +12

    That 48C1 is so tempting.

    • +2

      Agreed. However the LG's webOS 6.0 new homescreen in full-screen is putting me off,instead of just showing the apps down the bottom of the screen while your watching content.. Can see it getting it annoying.

      • +3

        Yeah I like the CX's webOS 5.0 better. But most people will just use Nvidia Shield or Apple TV's interfaces anyway.

        • +3

          Nvidia shield is used by probably 1 in 100 people. Apple TV obviously more but most of those won’t bother when the TV does everything they want.

    • +3

      48C1 or AW3821DW 🤔🤔

      • +2

        It really depends on your desk size and I find 48" is too large for sitting on a desk. I have the LG which is same 38" panel as the alienware.

        I also have 55" oled in the living room and 2x 12" oled tablets, but nano IPS 38" is sweet spot in 2020-2021.

      • +2

        The alienware will be absolutely demolished in image and HDR quality, response times. Only go for the alienware if you can't fit one, or a glossy screen won't work in your room

      • C1 every day of the week. Especially if you've also got the newer gen consoles.

    • +1

      it has such a thicc buttock hump though…I considered one over an ultrawide for my desk, but the ultrawide made a for a better choice all round.


  • +36

    Keeping this one quiet in the comments so they don't catch on as quick and so people have a better chance:

    15% off Sony PlayStation Wallet Top Ups using DUSK1015!

    * $15 Top Up
    * $30 Top Up
    * $50 Top Up
    * $100 Top Up (mod: edited 5:34:41 pm)

    Get in quick if you want one :)

    • I got in last time, they'll honour it if you make the cut.

    • Thank you for this. Managed to get two top ups (forgot cashback the first time so convinced myself it wouldn’t be right unless I did one with it!) and had the codes emailed almost immediately. Great savings!!

      • How do I get it emailed? I didn’t get asked for email at checkout

    • -1

      Just in time for me to get the Yuffie episode.

    • Thanks friend! (edit: got $100 voucher which stacked with cashrewards worked out to be $78.51 !) Thats a great deal. Hopefully they put some PS5 games on sale on the PSN store lol

    • Thanks very much!

      Almost gave up until I removed the exclamation mark from code lol

  • +2
    • +1

      it was 3800 something last time they had after dark 15% off sale. I still pinch myself for not pulling the trigger on that

      • I saw some post that People who visit the store gets better deal and they can use gift cards etc as it’s limited to 2 gift cards online. If anyone bought coles Home giftcard offers (10%) would be great deal.

    • Me too! Saved 100 over buying it at the good guys commercial site.

  • +6

    Early prices on OLEDs this year are super promising, looking for a 3k C1 65 inch, fingers crossed for later in the year!

  • +5

    FYI I was able to snag the 55" C1 over the weekend for $2390 at Good Guys by getting them to price match the appliance central deal. My local store was also willing to price match on the 65" inch too.

    • +1

      It's been $1795 multiple times at eBay and even $1695 once. Still, decent price.

  • +2

    Feel a bit cheated buying a 48 CX for $2700 back in January! Great TVs though, can't recommend enough

  • Oh man…I was thinking I'd still have a while to wait for the 77" C1 to get to $6k, but it's pretty damn close now!

    • Been stalking the price on C1's for a while and wasn't going to be able to wait till Black Friday sales.. so pulled the trigger on the C1 77"!
      can't wait.. especially moving up from a 55" LCD (2016ish)

      • Nice one. :)

  • The code seems to work site wide. Nice.
    Edit: pretty much 15% off online.
    Edit: 10% off now heh

  • Cashrewards won't count will it? Can't see the promo code listed on their site

    • +2

      It'll stack, but may need to wait until it's on the website to be 100% sure. It was sent via email earlier this afternoon confirming the code will stack.

      • Thanks mate

  • Wat difference between BX and CX?
    Is it worth an extra dollarydoos?

    • https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/lg-bx-oled-vs-lg-c1-...

      Suggests barely but I am also thinking about it…

      • +1

        Check out HDTV test on youtube. He gives you actual quantifiable info rather than this wishy washy "its just a bit better" nonsense other reviewers put out. TLDR C1 > CX >>>>> BX

        As for whether it is worth the extra moolah thats something only you can decide for yourself. For me the extra few hundred for the CX/C1 over the BX is well worth it.

  • Can't seem to preorder the WF's without copping a delivery charge..
    " This product is not available for pick up" / only delivery option is the Door to Door Delivery which is coming up as $55.00

    • Ahh you're right, have removed it thanks, no idea why shipping is so steep.

  • +2

    55" ad 65" LG C1s excluded. Lame.

  • Sub 6k isn't very far away at this rate

  • +4

    God damn I just bought a C1 48 from JB for 2295 yesterday D:

  • +2

    Thx just paid 6646 and called them back to get this discount to 6295.

  • No probs, was hoping for a good deal to come up on these.
    Maybe something through Amazon :p

  • +1

    Oh my, this is so tempting! Wish JB can get their C1 prices to these levels as well so I can cash in on those gift cards!!

  • I'll wait till I can get a PS5, hopefully the 48" drops below $2,000 by then

  • happy with my surface headphones 2 (except for NC), but this price for XM4 is really tempting :)

    is it normal to have more than 1 headphones?

    • Is it normal to check OzBargain before making a purchase?

    • Yes definitely! Sony XM4s then an extra TWS earphones.

    • Mate, I've got an Xbox headset, Jabra 65t actives, Parrot Zik 3 and I just bought the XM4 to replace the Zik. Not that they're bad, ozbargain basically just told me to get them.

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to get 4k 120hz and VRR with my 2080Ti? Interested in buying the 48" C1.

    • +1

      No VRR 4K120hz/HDMI2.1 through HDMI on the 2080ti. Need 3000 series.

      • I'm reading that it's possible to do 4k120hz 4:2:0 chroma with HDMI2.0b.

        EDIT: If you're like me and have a turing card it looks like you're able to use Gsync at 4K/120hz at 4:2:0 chroma.

  • Does anyone have any advice if I just purchased the 77" C1 on the last ebay sale from the good guys ebay for $6700? Haven't received delivery as yet, who knows the best way to get it at the new price?

    • +1

      Call them now and see what they can do.
      JB will refund the difference within 14 days, TGG will do 120% if you're on their Concierge Gold Service - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/30-day-price-guarantee
      But, you did buy form eBay on one side, so that is different to buying form them directly.

      Can't hurt to ask, call then immediately.

      • +8

        It did not hurt to ask, I called the web store and the staff member arranged to refund the difference and preserved my delivery date for tomorrow. Very happy customer of The Good Guys!

        • Winner

    • +1

      If the status of the eBay order is “not shipped”, go to TGG store and ask them to cancel the eBay order. Did it to a dishwasher order last week for the same reason as yours

  • Damn, I got the XM4s a couple of days ago for 330 off Amazon. GGuys have 1hr pickup, coulda saved $30. Assume this would be under 300 for claiming too? D'oh

    • So did I, but my order still had not been processed, and was giving a July 1 estimated date. So I cancelled it and ordered via this deal, saved $35 and I can pick them up on the way to work tomorrow.

  • Unable to find anything on TGG website, does their Concierge Gold Service Extras include burn in protection/warranty?

    • +4

      You're covered by the ACCC dude. Dont waste your money on TGG warranty.

    • +1

      I just bought the C1 48” for desktop gaming and didn’t get their Concierge thingy after comptemplating for a few moments. If there is something wrong with the TV I’ll go straight to LG.

  • Does anyone know if all these new TVs come with 120hz HDMI 2.1? Need me that 120 fps 4K gaming mode!

    • +1

      LG's new entry level A1 OLEDs are only 60hz/HDMI 2.0. other than that the BX/CX/B1/C1/G1 etc will all have it.

      • Thank you. Just trying my hardest to not unnecessarily drop $2.5K on a TV I don't need.

  • $270.57 with cashrewards cashback on the XM4s, really good price!

    • +1

      Agree. Just purchased a set and looking forward to picking them up tomorrow. Was going to buy over the weekend so am grateful I didn't get around to it.

  • The 48 inch C1 is too big for a PC monitor isn't it?
    and you need a 30xx hyper inflated GPU to even get 120hz don't you?

  • +4

    As always, thanks for the awesome posts mate.

    Managed to price match WF1000XM4 with Sony for $330 and combined the Amex offer $300 spend $60 back! $270 delivered with 2% cashback from SB.


  • +1

    I did splash out on a G1 in leiu of a holiday this year. It is epic.

    • Great choice! I am waiting for the G1 to drop further.

      • G1 is a super impressive screen. We have all sizes in our showroom and all look amazing. So flush to the wall with the tiny wall mount

    • Waiting on a G1 offer around $7k too. Best I've seen is around $7.4 incl. free installation (but not in-wall cable hiding)

      • Which store was this mate?

  • +1

    Just grabbed on C1 48inch for my bedroom. Cheers mate.

  • I'll take 5

  • That $50 cashback limit is a PITA

    • Yeah but enough to offset the delivery fee (if any), I guess.

      Just realised I should have waited after midnight to place my order so I could get $43 more cashback. Didn’t read the fine print carefully.

    • +1

      See my comment below - CR rate dropped back to 5% at midnight, but the $50 cap is gone. Much better overall on expensive items.

  • +4

    CR just reverted to the normal rate at midnight AEST (5% apparently), but this also removed the $50 cashback limit.

    Just pulled the trigger on a C1 77" and it immediately tracked as $285.90 cashback against an amount of $5,718.18 (not quite sure how they go to that, but close enough).

    So all up that's $6,064.60 incl $55 delivery.

    • not quite sure how they go to that, but close enough

      By my calculations it should be $286.16