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[Prime] Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse $146.82 Shipped @ Amazon UK via AU


Possibly the lowest price i have seen for this mouse. JB still has it listed for a shocking $279

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • +6

    Not lowest but not bad price

  • Great mouse, great price.

  • Really good price!! I just recently got JB to price match it down to $168. Wish I had held off now.

    • Would JB even price match this deal given it requires Prime, isn't AU amazon, and requires shipping fees? Would love to get one of these!

      • Sorry I should have clarified I price matched with Harvey Norman, they were surprised it was so low but had no issues with it. Honestly unsure how they would go with a prime price match.

      • Most employees will let you off if it's a Prime deal, but I've never come across one that will let you pricematch anything other than Amazon AU stock.

  • +2

    I rather spend an extra $32 and get the G PRO X superlight AU stock

    • 229 vs 149?

        • Ah, what's the main difference brother?

          • @blinkybro: Main difference I think is weight, otherwise they're pretty similar

          • @blinkybro: Aside from the weight (superlight being lighter), this one has 2 side buttons on both sides (4 total) and the superlight only has 2 side buttons on the left side.

          • +6

            @blinkybro: Owner of old G pro wireless and new G pro x superlight

            - New switches, less prone to double clicking defect
            - Removed right side buttons for left handers
            - Scroll wheel slightly diff (more pronounced notches, softer mwheel click)
            - Better mousefeet - comes with attachable grips
            - No RGB
            - Removed DPI button on the bottom (sucks for most)
            - 20~ grams lighter (sounds insignificant, but immediately noticeable)

            It's definitely an upgrade over the old one, if you can look past not having RGB at that price point and no DPI button…

            Also one more thing worth noting, both mice set to the same DPI, the new GPX is definitely a tad more sensitive and required me to lower my sensitivity by 10-15%… tested by moving mice same distance on pad.

            • +2

              @meetyourmaker: (profanity) me, I had a feeling the sensitivity was off on the Superlight. Thought it was placebo or just the reduction in weight compared to my old mouse. I'll have to pull out the ruler and verify this now that I know it's not just me feeling this.

              • +2

                @Aetherin: Yeh I have no idea why tbh, it's common for different mice to be different dpi due to sensor positioning and the lens height, but for these mice it really should be identical…

                I've confirmed this by testing both mice on multiple surfaces at multiple DPI levels, they're different with the GPX being always faster and requiring a lower in-game sensitivity to compensate.

                I box the mouse in on all edges of the pad and drag it from left to right and right to left along the bottom edge so that it maintains the horizontal line.

        • Does Wireless 1 sell Australian stock? JB Hifi wouldn't price match them the other day for me citing their stock as grey import and that they don't have a physical store in Aus.

          • +1

            @Guynormous: yes they do

            they are based in parrammata

            check their website

            • @furythree: From what I can see Wireless 1 moved to online retailing in 2017, but that shouldn't stop JB from price matching. To be honest I think JB just didn't want to do the price match so they were scrambling to find any reason to decline.

              • +1

                @Guynormous: ah i had no idea apologies

                sounds like what you said is correct about JB

  • +2

    Not buying anything new with micro usb. Great mouse though :)

    • Why not? You only need to charge it once a week anyway.

      • +1

        I am running 304 at the moment and waiting for a usb-c refresh (even though it did not happen with superlight). I am dreaming of the future where one cable to charge everything.

      • +1

        Not to mention it charges up real quick

        • +2

          Yup. Even when it's flashing red you can use it for a few hours, and just popping it on charge for even 20 minutes means you can use it for a day or so in my experience. Probably the best wireless device I've used.

    • +1

      makes no sense why the first one had micro b but even the newer version? tf

      • Physical USB-C still costs a lot relative to other ports.

        A buck or whatever isn't much but multiply that by 100,000 or however many they sell.

        • +1

          it's a mouse just shy of $150 ?

        • I'd let it slide because if this if not for the price of the final product. It's also placed as a higher class mouse.

          It is a shame that it doesn't have a seemingly basic hardware feature.

      • I think, I have read somewhere that micro usb is lighter and more importantly cheaper.

  • I got the G Pro X Superlight from JB (price matched) for $188 yesterday.

    • Where did you price match?
      All good found it. Assuming PC byte?

      • Hey that's it or Mwave for $189

  • this used in conjunction with the cashrerwards deal this afternoon would be quite the bargain indeed.

  • +1

    I'm a little disappointed at the Logitech keyboard range in the Aussie sale. The UK sale is better, but it has UK keyboard layout which is actually a lot more different than I was expecting.

    • In windows you can change the keyboard layout between US and UK.

      Not sure what combination of keys does it but I'm always accidentally performing that shortcut while gaming.

      Won't change the mislabeled keys but your muscle memory will find them for you.

  • Would you say this is this worth upgrading from my Logitech G502? I've been using that same mouse for ages and I've had no problems with it.

    • +1

      Depends how you feel about the shape of your current mouse. Shape is the most import factor when buying a mouse unless you are not much of an fps player it may not matter much to you. Depends what your needs are i guess. But if you have no issues currently like you say maybe worth sticking with what you have :D

    • Totally different use cases. G Pro Wireless is designed for FPS games, its incredibly light and has a shape best for claw grip. Whereas the G502 is more of an all-rounder gaming mouse. G502 is nearly twice as heavy but has heaps of extra buttons and is designed for palm grip.

      If you want an upgrade that is similar to the G502 I would recommend the new wireless G502 or Razer Basilisk Ultimate.

      • G502 is nearly twice as heavy

        Do you have the extra weights attached at the bottom of the mouse? You can make it really light if you take out the metal weights.

        • Even without the weights the G502 is 50% heavier than the G Pro Wireless and is the heaviest wired gaming mouse Logitech makes.

    • I've transitioned from G502 to GPXS… It's helped a lot with RSI in my hand ring finger and elbow. Less weight, better movement is a win for me. I'm a palm gripper. The only thing I miss are the left leaning buttons on the G502. But if that's not critical I recommend the newer GPXS. I wouldn't recommend anything from Razer, they fail within months of heavy use. My Logitechs have been like bricks and the software isn't as obtrusive as Razer Synapse bloatware.

  • I was looking to upgrade my mouse n keyboard. So was a little disappointed when there were no decent price drops on keyboards or g502 mouse during prime day

  • Worth mentioning the mouse enthusiast community (yes that's a real thing) is pretty mixed on this mouse due to the widespread double clicking issue on buttons. Seems that a design flaw means all will eventually develop this issue with use.

    • Yeah i have found that to be an issue with mainly omron switches which is why i have stuck with zowie and their huano switches. But these days i am just soldering in Kailh GM 8.0 Black or 4.0 Red switches as they feel much better. This website has some nice options from Australia (not the cheapest but easily accessable) https://ausmodshop.com/collections/micro-switches

      • Interesting - I had always thought the double click was my fault due to rough use, but seems to be really common (judging from this post alone) i've had a few logitech mice rendered unusable due to the double click issue surfacing over time which has honestly made me avoid them going to razer optical ones.

        Your suggestion about soldering in replacement switches is super intrigue to me.
        Might you know which ones will work well with the g903 or g 502?
        Is it a difficult process to replace?

        • +1

          I’m not sure if they have done switch replacement for those specific mice but Ents and BeardedBob are a good channel to watch for modding mouses.

          I have a GPX and followed this video: https://youtu.be/q9YVjKaGrKg

          The process was very straight forward and only took me 30 min to do

          Fixed my mushy side button and added Kailh 8.0 (bought on AliExpress) to my main clicks and now it feels much better!

    • Interesting. My G903 runs into the same issue.

    • Happened with my old GPW, hoping that the updated switches in the GPX remedy this issue.

      If not, not a big deal for me tbh, I generally buy a new mouse every few years anyways just in time for the coating from the plastic etc. to fall off and new sensors/tech gets improved.

  • Great mouse until the switches start wearing out and causing double click issues. Support from Logitech is non existent as well.

    Upgraded to a Viper Ultimate and never looked back :)

    • aight, cancelling my order because my current one does this

    • +1

      My Razer Ultimate died in 6 months from moderate to heavy use, the plastics also faded to a hard shine and became slippery. The Synapse bloatware is horrible too. Worst mouse EVER.

  • -2

    Just wondering if $70+ mouses are anti ozbargain in general, unless you earn money as full time gamer?

    • +3

      Spending money isn't anti Ozbargain, spending extra money when it's cheaper is anti Ozbargain.

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