Data Sharing on Telstra Upfront Plans in Siebel

Hi Ozb Community,

Have a question for anyone that can answer this, I believe there's quite a few Telstra people that hover these forums.

I signed up for a Telstra Upfront Data plan 400gb back in May, and requested for it to be put on my existing account in Siebel as opposed to the new console/SF system. Does anyone know if I was to get another one of these plans put on my Siebel account, will data sharing work (i.e. 800gb shared allowance). Essentially, does data sharing for the new upfront plans work in both Siebel and SF?

I gave Telstra a call but unfortunately the staff I ended up with had no idea, and stated that data sharing was a feature only for business customers.

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    Reagardless of what system is used the plan make up is what lets sharing works or not.

    I know from my experience with Siebel the way the plan itself is configured is what lets sharing occur or not.
    if the plan is not "shareable" then it wont share even if added to plans that do share.


    they'll likely migrate you to Console (salesforce) for the new plan.. unless there's a valid reason why you're staying in Siebel