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NABTrade $1,000 Free Brokerage for 90 Days (Targeted NAB Customers)


Use promo code (promo code removed) before 30 July 2021 to take up this exclusive offer. Already a customer? Contact NAB to have this offer applied.

Definitely free for new customers. And maybe targeted for existing customers? May need to call NAB to be sure.

MOD: Received email from NAB, stating that

  • Offer is for selected existing NAB customers only
  • NAB will review all who applied using the code, and those who are not eligible won't be able to redeem the offer.
  • A new publicly available code will be released soon.

We are now marking this offer as Targeted. If you are not an NAB customer and did not receive the original email, this offer might not be for you.

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  • Ooo dang. Been waiting for this!

  • how good is their trading platform?

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      It sucks hugely.

      • +16

        the website goes down on days of heavy volatility (unable to buy or sell in a hurry) and end up spending two hours on the phone to get to a customer service rep. happened a few times already. fine on other days, good while brokerage is free or if you don't trade often - otherwise worth extra to go to commsec as it will work when you need it

        • +3

          as someone who has experienced this first hand and unfortunately when trying to place a 6 figure order its very nerve racking, if you are ever in this situation your best bet is to forget the website and/or app and try the mobile site m.nabtrade.com.au

          during the worst days of the COVID crash I was able to execute orders through the mobile site while the other site was down

          sometimes it can be an IRESS problem that affects multiple brokers

          good thing about nabtrade is that your cash is safe in nabtrade cash account. same can not be said for other cheaper online brokers where client cash is pooled and stored in trust account .

          • +5

            @DaftPunk2525: For anyone wondering, SelfWealth also gives you an individual cash account.

          • @DaftPunk2525: do they have T+2 like Commsec?

            • @macr0hard: Nope, only Commsec offers that as far as I'm aware.

              • +2

                @LeonC: What? All settlements are T+2 on ASX & Chi-X? Unless you're trading Options?

                • +3

                  @7AnDi: Yes but that's from institution to institution, NABtrade (and I'm pretty sure all other trading platforms in Aus except Commsec) require you to have cleared/clearing funds available before you execute a buy.

                  That's one of the negatives about Selfweath is that it's not a bank you'd typically hold money in, so you have to move money in to make a trade and hope it clears in time for you to do the buy order.

                  It's not a deal breaker by any means, but it's something to keep in mind.

                  EDIT: I should clarify, I know for a fact NAB doesn't offer T+2 to users, you have to have funds in your account (either clearing from other trades or cleared) to make a trade.

                  • @LeonC: Ahh, i know CommSec & Westpac don't require funds upfront if you have holdings in the ASX Top 200 as they take it into account as collateral. Does NAB Trade not provide the same facility?

                    • @7AnDi: Only CommSec and Westpac from the big 4. In fact, they're the only 2 I know doing T+2.

                      • @hanofee: Not T+2 but ThinkTrader lets your transfer money instantly (using Poli I Think?) so you don't need to wait 2-3 days for it to clear like SelfWealth,NAB etc. But their app is a bit dubious imo. I only jumped on cause they had free trades at the time.

                        • @didelly: IG can accept debit card too, which is instant. But that's still different as you need to have the money first. With commsec/westpac, u don't, as u pay 2 days later and it can be handy sometimes (e.g: when u wait ur fund to clear from other source, or when u just want to put unlikely buy order but didn't want to get ur balance locked because of that or when ur daytrading as it'd offset the buy/sell directly before charging u)

          • +3

            @DaftPunk2525: Can't believe you are executing a 6 figure order at a retail banking broker.

            You must be spending thousands in brokerage.

            Use a flat fee brokerage instead.

        • yep same thing happen and out of all the day it could have went down it was the day a really crap announcement came out. By the time they fixed things i made a big loss
          to this day the stock is still a stinker

      • Who has the best trading platform?

    • +1

      The web interface itself is ok - I've seen worse. Look up "dog's breakfast" in Wikipedia and it'll show International Brokers and Binance's websites. Seeing full book depth was good too during the trial.

      I got the $1000 deal before - well it was actually $2000 as it was $1000 for international trades as well. I don't think they intended that though. The free trades were confusing at first - as you'd get charged brokerage, immediately see a negative ROI, then a few days later get the fee reimbursed and the ROI fixed up.

      International trades steer clear though with them as there's only a AUD trading account - so each buy and sell gets currency converted. Not only fees but exit timing is hard enough without having to take into account currency pairings. Better to get a foreign currency trading account with IBKR or the like.

      Also crappy trading account with no instant transfers through Osko etc. But at least they have a 'high' interest account you can sweep money into.

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    Have any existing customers managed to get this applied?

    • +2

      I tried a few years ago. Denied.
      Oh, and I worked for NAB then. They suck ba||s.
      Also what someone mentioned above about the site crashing is so true!

    • +1

      Just had it applied to my account. I emailed them a link to this page with my account number and asked if it could be applied to my account and they have confirmed it can be. I have up until the end of October to use it.

  • +2

    how do you even attempt to apply this as existing customer?

  • +3

    It’s advertised on the landing page to contact them if you’re an existing customer.

    I’m shooting an email to them via [email protected]
    And quoting my customer number and the above code.

    Will allow me to consolidate some of my smaller holdings without a significant brokerage. Been holding them for a couple of years and couldn’t bring myself to pay so much to sell them.

    Thanks OP!

    • +3

      Got an email back and successfully added to my account! Great save if you’re already using the platform. I signed up about 18months ago with a similar free trade promo as well.

      • How do you confirm it's been added to your account? or did you try a trade and saw there was no brokerage charge? Thanks!

    • +2

      Just confirming this worked for me too! Brokerage was added within an hour of emailing them.


    • Thanks OP..

  • Thanks OP.

  • anyone get this when u got the free credit last year? i think it was $900 or $1000 then

    • -1

      Lol it seems to be a good chance to cash out the gain on the stocks I bought with the promo last year. Averaging to about 90% gain with no trading activity at all in between.

  • I got a reply from them saying

    "Certainly, I've applied that now for you with expiry date 20th September.

    Happy trading!"

    As for the comment saying I'm paying too much brokerage at nabtrade I don't disagree but normally I'm paying around $19.95 for trades between 5k and 20k so double the cheaper alternatives . Not a big deal..But I don't trade much probably a dozen or less times a year usually buys… Occasionally I'f I'm in or out of my larger etf holdings then I do pay hundreds in brokerage on these , not ideal but it's a rare event

    Something I am going to consider in future , what would you recommend self wealth ? Or something else?

    • I just moved from nabtrade to selfwealth, no regrets so far.

  • I guess you guys could always just use the free trades to do your dollar cost averaging, get set in all of your holdings within 3 months. Then, by the time you need to rebalance, switch to SelfWealth, transfer the holdings inside the HIN and use the 5 free trades.

    Going even further, maybe later this year, Stake would come with even cheaper offering in the market and transfer your holdings again (assuming Stake is under HIN ownership and not custodial model), but there's no details released yet as of now.

    Good luck investing!

  • Just opened an account. Are you supposed to be able to see the $1000 credited somewhere or is it automatically applied as you make trades? Thanks.

    • +2

      At the time of trading the fees would be added and removed. Making it to effectively zero but counting towards your $1000 limit.

      You can always check your balance as well.

      • Thanks for the reply. That is the issue; I can't see any balance for the credit of trading fees. I'll follow up with NAB.

        • Please keep us updated, I’m not seeing any balance either and would love to hear how you go.

          • @Dawn462643: Same. Nabtrade is functionally odd.

          • @Dawn462643: I'd like to know how others get on too. Have an existing nabtrade account and got an email after enquiring saying that they applied the offer.

            But when I go to place an order the brokerage appears to be added and I'm reluctant to place an order. Was hoping to top up some existing holdings with smaller amounts but if the fees apply its not worth doing.

            Some past posts of this offer seem to suggest you can see a balance in the admin - personal settings but I dont see anything there.

            Sent a reply to the customer service rep so I'll see what happens.

            Was getting excited to take advantage and will be very disappointed if it doesnt happen!

            • @rx8geek: When did you get the response from them? I still haven't heard back.

              • @shiba: I got an email yesterday afternoon, exact same text as DaftPunk2525 above.

                I replied to that email asking how to confirm the offer is active as I'm reluctant to place an order now.

                • @rx8geek: Thanks, hopefully I get a reply soon. Thought it was nice that NAB included existing customers, probably got excited too early.

                  • @shiba: I've just received a reply to my follow up email and they confirmed that the offer is on my account with the following:

                    "When you place the trade, the order pad will still appear with a brokerage fee listed. However, once the trade has been executed and the confirmation note generated; you will find that no fee is charged."

                    Good to know.

                    Hopefully they give you the offer! I'm planning to DCA into some of my watchlist over the next few months, but the amounts I have only make it worth doing with free brokerage.

                    • @rx8geek: Thanks. Can you please give an update once you have placed an order that a brokerage fee wasn't charged despite it not showing up on the admin page?

                      • @shiba: Ok I can now confirm it works as they say, but there is a bit of a catch.

                        The contract note I was emailed shows $0.00 brokerage, sweet!

                        In the upcoming settlement section it also shows just price with free brokerage.

                        The funky bit is your available cash balance will be reduced by the amount of the trade WITH the brokerage amount.

                        I expect what is going to happen is on settlement (2 trading days), the balance available will be processed by the contract amount and value of the brokerage amount will be back as available in the cash account.

                        I think that will mean for each trade, the amount of brokerage is going to be held up in your cash account balance for the few days til it settles.

                        Kinda confusing, a little frustrating, but for some free trades I can deal with it.

                        • @rx8geek: Thanks for the info. I didn't get any contract note yet, only welcome email so far with my userID. But my ID verification had error (maybe because of that), trying to email support but no response yet

                        • @rx8geek: That's great to know. Thanks! :)

  • I just spoke to NAB as an existing NAB trade customer, they informed me that this is exclusively for new customers…Anyone else had a different experience?

    • Show them the screen shot from their own websites and tell to comment on that. Guessing it’s some tightarse rep who has responded just like that.

      Refer the response from Onapski above. Try writing email and wait for feedback.

      • +2

        Update to above. I actually got a call back from nab who have now apparently actioned this credit on my account.

  • Does anyone know if you can T2 trade on the platform like Commsec, or do you need more than this advertised account?

    • Oops, can see it's been answered - ta

  • Just contacted them to have this offer applied as an existing customer.

    The first call center operative indicated that it would be no problem and the promotion should be applied by tomorrow - but the call then dropped out.

    I called back and spoke to a different call center operative to check if everything had gone through. I was told that they hadn't received any instructions on this promo re existing customers as "it went out a bit early" and that they were "adding names to a list" and would confirm anything in the future correspondence.

    I've been added to the list. Hmm.

  • We have received an email from NAB, stating that

    • Offer is for selected existing NAB customers only
    • NAB will review all who applied using the code, and those who are not eligible won't be able to redeem the offer.
    • A new publicly available code will be released soon.

    We are now marking this offer as Targeted. If you are not an NAB customer and did not receive the original email, this offer might not be for you.

  • +1

    This happened to me last year when they had a similar deal and I signed up for an account but never got the brokerage bonus. Seems like a rinse and repeat each year to boost their customer numbers and collect your personal details.

  • I sent an email this morning requesting to have the promo applied, as an existing customer. No response yet. That landing page is still live and still says "Already a customer? Contact us to have this offer applied."

    • Yeah, if I don't get this offer I'll probably leave.

      I also sent a request earlier, before the "shut off", so I'm would be highly annoyed and will take my business elsewhere as I've been with them for a while, including during the period of the crappy apps.

    • Just got my email response and looks like I'll get the $1000 for brokerage! Thanks OP!

  • I would qualify as a new customer. Why has the code been removed from the thread?

    • +1

      The code has now been removed from Nabtrade site as well. Guess they realised their stuff up and Scotty got email as well. So removing the code from this thread seems logical as of now.

      • Will the honor if we already opened the account? Not sure how to check if the promo had been applied as per other comment :(

        • +4

          Ok. So I did logged in to check and found where this is applied. Desktop Browser settings.

          Login -> Admin -> Personal Details -> Trading Account - cash funded - XXXXXXX Account.
          It should say how much funded ($1000) and if any amount has already been availed. Check details if this has been applied or not. If not, check back again Tomorrow just to be sure.

          Edit: In any case do write them email and say they stuffed up. If the promo is not applied you would definitely move else where. Say self wealth. I BELIEVE they should be able to honour. Again, not in general but you got to write. See how u go. ATB.

          • @PopCounty: Mine only showing like below, with no numbers mentioned anywhere, so means it's not applied?
            Trading Account - cash funded - XXXXXXX
            Account Details
            Sub-Account Name Trading Account - cash funded
            Sub-account ID XXXXXXX

      • Thanks. Hardly inspires much faith in them. I'm just here for a few free trades though, I'll be honest….

  • +1

    I'm not happy with NabTrade. Trade orders that show as Confirmed but never appear in Open Orders, no reason provided, no heads-up.

    And if anyone has discovered where they hide their annual tax reporting please point me to it as I've not yet located it.

    Also huge delay in processing margin lending applications - applied 29th May and received an email saying they had a backlog, since then… crickets….

    • There are transaction reports etc in the "Total Wealth" menu but I dare not even try it. If you've got 10 or less securities, get a free Sharesight account (or multiple if over) - at least there you can decide per share if you'd like to minimise or maximise CGT per year.

      Share tax reports are quite refreshingly easy in comparison to crypto where every coin swap is a CGT event, every daily staking interest applied income, complicated fees and AUD conversions… I'm on the verge on sending the ATO a "f off, just work it out and send me the bill" letter.

      • I've had a look at that menu and the reports there. I guess I'm just being picky but I'm used to Directshares which presents a full report of each holding with dividends and franking credits applicable summarised for each holding, expressed as a percentage of share price etc… it's very useful at tax time (not all dividends and franking credits auto-populate into ITR) and you can quickly work out your overall return etc. Great for people like me who are too lazy to update a spreadsheet.

        I will have a look at Sharesight, although the thought of a couple more accounts is a bit offputting. Still, if it's useful…. thanks for the tip.

        Good luck with your crypto reports. I'd be putting that in the too-hard basket I think :-)

  • It is for existing NAB customers (which includes just banking members), so you can create a NABTrade account then instantly add it. I didn't have a code at sign-up, but just called them and they added it for me. Super easy!

  • +1

    I just rang them ask I heard you have a promotion can I apply it, answer is Yes and it's been done in mins.

  • Hi OP or can someone help and PM me the code, so I can email them about it ?


    • +2

      Check your inbox pls. I just did.

      Edit: you can check thread revision and can get the code there as well. Unless mods delete the revision itself :)

      • can someone please help and PM me the code too.

    • can someone please help and PM me the code too.

  • Thanks OP. Sign up as a new user. No issues at all.

    • When you go to place a trade does the brokerage still appear as $14.95? Just signed up with the promo and the brokerage amount is showing for me

      • I got charged the brokerage fee. Need to contact them to fix it.

        • Is that as a new or existing user?

          • @Charlie Dont Surf: I'm new user.

            • @me1stt: There doesn't seem to be any promo running now. Did you receive a targeted email? Or just used the code that was on OzB back on 22/6.

              What a stuff-up by NAB.

              • @Charlie Dont Surf: I just used the code on ozbargain.
                I was asked how I got the promo. I just said I saw it on internet. And the staff was fine with it.

        • I am an existing user and got it working by contacting them without any hassles.

  • I applied through this link and code was automatically applied. I’m a new customer and haven’t placed any trades so not sure if this actually works though. https://www.nabtrade.com.au/investor/campaigns/landing-pages...

  • New user as well. Can't see $1000 anywhere. It's charging the brokrage while placing a trade. Will they charge and Refund?

  • Thanks OP. Wish this would work on the Ubank app!

    • If UBank starts brokerage service then seriously selfwealth and other cheap brokers will run out of business… as most user has high interest saving account with Ubank and having trading account linked will be game changer for NAB but they won't do it as all NAB customer probably move out to Ubank.. !

      • Ubank is owned by NAB

        • I know that and that is why they won't do it. NAB can always try to compete with Selfwealth and other low cost brokers with simple trading platform run by Ubank at flat fee lower then selfwealth… !

  • Hi,
    Can someone please PM the promo code?

    • Can’t do if u disable ur PM :)

    • +1

      Care to read my previous comment? Just go to view revision of this thread and you can get promo code from there.
      Not making a point on you but feel this can help any further members needing the code. It’s there just you need to know how to view that.

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