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Jabra Elite 75T Truly Wireless Headphones - Gold Beige $155 Delivered @ Catch


Cheapest price ever? Order quick before stock sold out
$149 + $6P&H

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  • That was quick. Sold out in only a few minutes

    • Called jbhifi hotline and gave $142 on phone

  • Are these any good? My gen1 airpods' batteries are dying, am thinking to upgrade.

    • If you are in the Apple ecosystem, the Jabra won’t work as seamlessly as Airpods

      • Thanks for the info

      • +1

        that said, airpods look ridiculous.

        and the negs coming in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

      • I'm an Apple user and my AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting from my devices. Apple even replaced both buds a few weeks ago as part of rattlegate and issues with ANC. Automatic switching works 50% of the time and the buds won't connect to the iPhone overnight and I have to force connect them most of the time.

        I got the Jabra 75t off the Good Guys for $126.65 two days ago and I'm keen to see how it sounds and connects.

  • +4

    These were $126.65 yesterday and are still at $148/$149 at some retailers now.

    $149 delivered from Jabra themselves.

  • Apparently this was sold by Binglee via Catch.com.au market place. If something goes wrong can I bring it straight to Binglee for warranty claim?