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Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Leather Sneaker $69.30 (Was $189) Delivered/C&C @ David Jones [SOLD OUT]



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David Jones
David Jones

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        bit arsh.

        • There's one person at the top of most bargains literally too thick to send bargains to. How did their ancestors survive to get to this point only for them to give birth to someone of that ilk?

          • @kiriakoz: Do you understand how is babby formed?

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    Awesome! bought a pair.

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      same I bought one as well

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    Platypus has Tommy Hilfiger sneakers on sale also. I didn't post it up due to limited sizes

  • are these good to wear on a date?

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      Better than no shoes.

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        shoes: check
        dates: tears come out

  • Size and combo not available even tho its in stock

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    What's corporate about them?

    • suitable for a corporate job in a tech firm

      • Really? that's just someone wearing sneakers to work

        • Like a boss

    • I thought the wrong pic had been used in the link but apparently not!

      I guess it will be fine for casual friday settings.

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      Dress code might be "Leather lace up shoes".

      These are leather lace up shoes.

      • so are any other leather sneakers/hiking shoes etc. but ok I get your point, it's just a bit of a long bow to describe them this way

    • Prob OK if you work for Google or Apple

  • Cheers OP, bought a navy one.

  • usual price with kogan (free delivery if you have their shitty membership)

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    The sole looks better than the upper.

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      The sole has an R rating. I'm very good at spotting an R-sole.

      I'll see myself out.

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    That sole looks like it would be incredibly slippery in the wet!

  • Anyone know if the sizes run big or small?

  • $70/pair is what they are worth. No more than that.

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    They look like fancy dunlop volleys.

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      Yeah but they’re Corporate Dunlop Volleys

  • Thanks OP ur the real MVP. Never bought shoes online so fingers crossed.

  • Missed out in my size…

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    Because nothing says 'corporate' like wearing sneakers…

    • Wear these to the next performance review?

    • Unless you ask like. 3 out of the top 5 wealthiest people in the world…?

      • Unless you ask like. 3 out of the top 5 wealthiest people in the world…?

        Wealth != corporate

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    how do I keep the sole white??

    • I use nano spray protector/waterproof protector.

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    Will these look good on my yacht?

  • No,you need Sperrys for that caper mate….

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    I may have fat feet but these are not comfortable shoes. I got blisters the first day, I thought they are new but as days passed I got more blisters. Make sure you try them at the store first.