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10% off Ultimate Gift Cards (Her, Teens, Him, Home, Kids) @ Coles


10% off Ultimate Gift Cards

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer.

Note starts next Monday (28th June)

Gift Card Participating Retailers
Ultimate Her Sephora, T2, Adidas, JD Sports, Forever New, Bras N Things, Seed, Wittner, The Body Shop, Pandora, Peter Alexander, Swarovski and Lorna Jane
Ultimate Teens Rebel Sport, JB HI-FI, Boost Juice, City Beach, Kingpin, Zone Bowling, Timezone, Grill’d & Ripcurl
Ultimate Him Rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto, Barbeques Galore, BCF, Drummond Golf, Oxford, 99 Bikes & Oakley
Ultimate Home JB HI-FI, Dusk, Freedom, Barbeques Galore, House, Amart Furniture & The Good Guys
Ultimate Kids Smiggle, JB HI-FI, Rebel, Cotton On Kids, Kingpin, Dymocks, Zone Bowling, Timezone & Toyworld

NOTE: The Ultimate Gift Card cannot be redeemed online.

UPDATE: Make sure you purchase the "Ultimate" Gift Cards

instead of The Card Network (TCN) Cards.

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    • +1

      Total you paid would be $245.09 ($245.088 to be exact).

      Deposit of $57.6 = Actual spending of $53.28 (Calculation: 57.6x92.5%)
      Remaining balance of $230.4 = Actual spending of $191.808 if used Coles Mastercard (at 7.5% discount) to buy Ultimate gift card (at 10% discount) (Calculation: 230.4x90%x92.5%).

      • +1

        Very impressive. I had a feeling it was about $120 each but couldn't be sure. Thank-you

  • Do these expire?

    I have some TGG gifts that have no expiry, wouldn't mind topping up for next Apple purchase…

    • +1

      3 years validity I believe

  • Came at the right moment again! more home appliances from the good guys using the HOME gift card

  • there are teen cards with variable amounts e.g. $20-$500, would these work?

  • -2

    Maybe if so many people didn't buy the big a$$ TV's there would be more of these cards on the racks for Turkey's like me to use wisely :)

  • Is there a limit of the number of gift cards we can use at good guys? I am planning to buy the iphone 12 mini from goodguys, all of them have been sold out in jb hi fi (QLD).

    • +1

      No limit instore. Online max 2 cards.

  • I seem to recall a little while back that JB Hifi was only accepting a certain number or face value of swap-type gift cards the last time a good promotion like this was on. I know you can only buy 5 at once at an individual Coles store, but is there a limit as to how many you can present in store at JB's to buy something? Also is the limit of 5 per card type (e.g. home etc.) or does it relate to any 5 Ultimate gift cards in general?

    • That rules was in fact from the stupid TCN card and after much backlash from many ppl they have removed it within 2 days.

    • +1

      I bought 30+ gift cards from TCN on the last 10% off sale from various stores. What I did was convert them to JB gift cards via their online portal. When I made my purchase in JB, there wasn't any issue as they were scanning JB gift cards. I guess the issue was the time it took to scan all 30+ gift cards, but the staff were cool

      • What I did was convert them to JB gift cards via their online portal

        What's the max value you can convert to? And can you use it on JB online after conversion?

        • $100 for my case, didn't try purchasing online but read somewhere here that there's a limit on the number of GCs you can use online. Also tried buying a $500 GC from JB using 5x $100s but the transaction was blocked

      • Where do you go to convert the gift cards to JB gift cards? I can't find the links, thanks.

  • Might have to get some of these tomorrow when I go and do my “essential shopping” in coles in Sydney.

    10% off is essential to all OzBargainers.

  • So after reading this thread, I'm still uncertain about if I can redeem many multiple cards at JB, say 20-odd?

    I'm currently in the market for a DJI Air 2S to take on our roadtrip at the end of July, and the best price I've been given is $2049 at JB for the Fly More combo. If I can use these cards for the entire purchase, that will bring it down to $1844.10 - which would be a fantastic price right now (The DJI store in Cannington offered no discount but included a 128GB card and an extra year's warranty).

    • +1

      These cards work just like EFTPOS except they only work at the listed retailers so I see no reason why there would be any limit to the number of cards you can use in 1 transaction unless JB limits the number of eftpos transactions in a single sale… in which case these can use used to purchase JB HiFi gift cards (eg. buy a $1,000 gift card using 10 of these) then use the JB Gift cards for your purcahse.

      If you would like to use these cards online, you can buy a JB Gift card in store then use that online (which is what I did when I couldn't find the product I wanted in store even though online said it was available)

      • Last I tried, which was December JB doesn't allow purchases of JB gift cards with these.

        • I did it about a month ago no problem. Tried today at 3 stores, first said no but called the manager over who said yes. The other 2 said no. I don’t get what their problem is. I was only trying to do it because I’m planning on giving these to someone for a large purchase and I figured if I can convert them to high value jb cards it will be easier for them at the time of purchase.

  • -3

    Can u use this at officeworks?

    • +3

      Try and report back please

    • No

  • Are these only $50 cards?

    • Just got 5 x$100

      • Caught me off guard I though starting Wed , time to raid I guess . ..

        • Cashier got some issues. Won't let me use my fly buys. Told me not allowed to collect points on gift cards.

          • @g0dskitchen: Go to the service desk and complain and get your points.

          • +1

            @g0dskitchen: They are stupid.
            You still get you FB points.

            Go back to service desk and get your FB added to receipt.

        • She's the manager of that store she won't let me…. Never mind.. Thanks

          • @g0dskitchen: Maybe try contact flybuys via social media and explain your situation. 500 points is quite a bit to lose out on.

            • @kerfuffle: Flybuys on social media are useless. I contacted them about some points that weren't credited and they just ignored my messages. Phone calls to them are a waste of time too. Thirty minutes on hold each time and then promptly hung up on once they answer.

              • @t25: I called fly buys. They added the points for me. Thanks for the tip.

              • @t25: Can't say I've had the same experience; I've always had positive interactions with them.

                • @kerfuffle: terrible experience with the CS team same as t25. Would not apply the points

      • Thanks. Checked 2 stores shortly after 6am and couldn’t find any $100 cards. Could have sworn I’ve seen them before.

  • It's lame that we cannot buy only i ne with these as no chance to stack up with other promotional codes

  • noob questions:
    1. so I walk in store go to the voucher section and look for the physical specific gift card I'm after?
    2. go to check-out tell them how much I'd like the voucher to be worth? or do they only come in $50/$100's?

    • +3

      Physical cards on the rotating carousel usually on a carousel or a giant end-of-aisle display near the checkout areas, and you hope they have stock of the $100 ones which are the largest denomination but usually first to sell out.

      • thank you @jace88 ! wish me luck essentials shopping haha…and looks like its max 5 cards so either $250 or $500 in total LOL!

        • +1

          FWIW and YMMV, most staff at the self-serve check outs won't care if you buy 5, leave, and walk back in and buy another 5, etc… They may get a little annoyed when they have to scan their staff barcode to confirm you got the gift card scams pamphlet (from memory after the third?) and also to ask if they really need to write the date/etc on the card.

          … but I did come across one staff member at my local Coles who told one of the self-serve assistants off for letting me buy 15 but then I pointed out my wife and daughter were with me.

          • @jace88: ah thanks for the insights!

            Knowledge Base right here haha JB online have a limit of giftcard usage?

            • @pascoe888: I believe there is a limit from reading the threads on here, but in-store there is no limit (other than the staff members patience!).

          • @jace88: Another noob question: I know coles master card but what is the extra 7.5% they're talkin about?

  • Feels like this is becoming a common bargain which when stacked with 10% off (or more) Apple computers, makes it a decent saving!…

    … even better if you've been stocking up on Flybuys $10 off too (ie. not wasting them on purchases you could've made with discounted egift cards).

    • You cant use Flybuys Dollars to buy Gift Cards at Coles, so thats a no go.

      • I don't think that's correct. I have been using the $10 off over last few years to buy discounted gift cards… most recently about a fortnight ago over the long weekend when they had the HIM/HER cards on sale at Coles. It pops up on the self serve checkouts.

        • That's because you have a Coles Financial Services product like credit cards or insurance, don't you?

          • @kerfuffle: My wife has a Coles MC but when buying these I just used my AMEX card and scanned my own Flybuys card, and it prompts me if I want to redeem 2000 points for $10 off.

            Does my wife having a Coles MC make a difference?

            • @jace88:

              Does my wife having a Coles MC make a difference?

              If it's linked to your flybuys, yes.

              • +1

                @kerfuffle: Thanks for sharing. I didn't realise it made a difference! Can't even remember seeing it advertised as a feature!

                EDIT: Learn something new everyday. From flybuys rewards T&Cs:

                $10 off shopping at Coles Supermarkets
                Members who ("Eligible Member"):
                hold a Coles Mastercard; or
                belong to a Flybuys account where a holder of a Coles Mastercard is also linked to the Flybuys account;
                is a Coles Insurance customer; or
                is a Coles Personal Loan customer,
                may redeem 2,000 Flybuys points for an instant "$10 off" their shopping at Coles supermarkets (excludes Coles Local, Coles online and Coles Express).
                When an Eligible Member presents their Flybuys barcode for scanning at the Coles supermarket checkout on a single transaction of $10.05 or more (after savings and discounts and excluding gift cards and smoking/tobacco product purchases) the Eligible Member may claim $10 off that transaction. Only one discount per transaction may be claimed.
                Please check your Flybuys account for the deducted points.

                Still surprised it works for gift card purchases though.

                • +1

                  @jace88: Yeah it'll only work for gift card purchases if you have a CFS product, hence my initial question. :)

                  • +1

                    @kerfuffle: The $10 off prompt didn't come up today… and turns out my wife just cancelled her Coles Mastercard a few days ago. Time for me to sign up and get the bonus 10,000 points!

                    • @jace88: That works even though it is explicitly excluded?

                      When an Eligible Member presents their Flybuys barcode for scanning at the Coles supermarket checkout on a single transaction of $10.05 or more (after savings and discounts and EXCLUDING gift cards and smoking/tobacco product purchases) the Eligible Member may claim $10 off that transaction. Only one discount per transaction may be claimed.

                      • @VeeKTOR: Unless something has changed in the last few weeks, it's always been permitted to get the $10 off when buying gift cards. I did this about a month ago when there was the other HIM cards on sale at Coles as I wanted to buy a Macbook from JB Hifi.

  • Again?

  • 10 $100 Home bought this morning (2 transactions). More later on today and during the week.

  • Plenty of stock around?

    • The 2 Coles that I went to in the Perth Hills had stock.

      • +2

        I just went to Woolworths wtf is wrong with me ahah

    • I just bought $300 worth of Home. I only needed $250 but I've had enough of all the running around. Make sure you choose the "green" home and not another colour. It's quite confusing if you are not familiar with the gift cards. Coming from the pip that went to the wrong store after watching this deal for over a week lol

  • +1

    FYI purchased over $3000 worth in previous Woolworths deal to spend at JB. Store was happy to let me use multiples as some I had were only $50 JB staff very pleasant even though it took them a little time to put through.

    That's JB Noarlunga SA.

  • Worked this morning at Indooroopilly Coles. Already brought an Apple product at JB HiFi with it.

  • I hope these cards start working on Amazon if not Woolies and Coles. They will be of much greater value then!

  • just to reconfirm, we can buy a Bose 700 from JBHIF @ $300? :D

  • Whats the best way to use these to get the whole $100 in 1 transaction

    • +1

      buy something equal to or more than $100 dur ?

  • I went to my local store (Forest Lake) and these scanned at full price. Any help?

    • +1

      Yeh you picked up the wrong card. You need to make sure they are "Ultimate". Same thing happened to me.

      • Thank you, sir. I figured it out the hard way but scored them in the end :)

        • I went to woolworths !! So I top your mistake ahah

  • +2

    I just bought a $300 microwave from Good Guys with this. No issues at all. FYI people, you can price match Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, etc. at Good Guys and JB. The purchasing power of these gift cards is great.

    • Dont forget amazon but there are t&c's

  • I might be a bit thick (I'm a n00b) but apart from the 10% discount, aren't you limiting your options by buying these cards? Especially if you buy them with the Coles prepaid mastercard gift cards which let's you purchase from a much wider range of places like Coles Supermarkets, Coles Central, Coles Express, Myer, including Myer.com.au, Target, Kmart, Officeworks, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor. I guess it's only worth doing if you intend to buy something specifically from some of the big names like JB HiFi, Rebel or Good Guys and want to pay 10% less (or 17.5% less if you buy them with the Coles prepaid mastercard gift cards that were 10% off recently.

    • +1

      Yes pretty much. Get them if you're planning a large purchase soon, otherwise meh.

  • Don't screw up like my wife did. She bought 10 gift cards, and didn't realise they weren't 10% off. Apparently doesn't start until Wednesday here in QLD

    • +1

      Are you sure she didn't get the wrong card, i.e TCN? This promo starts today.

      • Yep your right, she got TCN home

        • she has bought the wrong card, the promo starts today not Wednesday.

  • There no rush on these cards . The zone wipe out of MC's day 1 all had JB Type cards in stock of at least $50's . Instore use is the bloody killer .

  • Went today - rack was full of $30s and $50s, but did manage to find 5 Home $100s hiding at the back!

  • Need 20 of $100 in Rouse Hill NSW, coles (for getting some electrical devices n laptop) 🙄but a staff stoped me to buy more than 5, I just feel what she did is just because she wants that too cuz she was checking the gift card as well, and she called me selfish n end up to tell all the cashiers don’t let me get more than 5. Well sound this area there is no second coles n they want me to running around to get more for what I need…
    Just for some hands up for some ppl need more than 5,
    Might check out just 2 cards at once I guess, and stay away from the staffs around the gift card section!
    I don’t really know why they can’t be generous like wws, wws don’t limit this time!

    • -1

      some staff is just busy body. It's not like there are shortage of this cards or ppl are buying frenzy. There are 3 types of cards on sale Kids, Teens, Home and every Coles I have been to there are plenty left.

      Just some shitty Karen.

  • Anyone in WA find a coles with the offer in store?

    • Yes mate, no problem in mandurah. They got upset when they seen me going through a second time though.

  • They no longer allowed to use ultimate gift card to purchase a google play gift card at JB. I was turned away at 2 stores, got lucky and have it processed at the third store, but going forward, we can no longer do it and they won't even honour it to me as a goodwill nor will they care if we are stuck with hundreds of dollars worth of GC, so if googleplay or other gift cards are what you guys after becareful.

    • -1

      If you are after Google Play why do you bother to buy this GC, just wait for Coles or WW sales for Google Play GC.

      • because I can't wait lol and WW+Coles usually do Flybuy and WW rewards point instead of cash discount

  • Could someone please let me know if the entire gift card value has to be used in one transaction or can you have say $15 remaining on a $50 card to use later? Thanks :)

    • +1

      Partial use of the card is fine.

      • Thanks!

  • +2

    Just made the most of these at JB hifi thank you very much OP

    Bought $900 of cards in two transactions and went to jb and got the iPhone mini 64GB at 899

    Effectively a brand new one for $810 which is low enough for me to bite the bullet on.

    Very easy at the register to just swipe the cards individually and put in the pin however the guy did initially input as gift card payment which doesn’t work, these are eftpos cards so just press savings and pin.

  • +1

    You should have seen the face of the cashier when I rock up with 25 cards haha.

    • 25, I did it with over 30.

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