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Deux Beret Condom Bundle (2×12 Condoms) $13 (50% off) Delivered @ Frenchie


I received my sample last week and already put it to good use 😀 it was quite enjoyable actually.

50% off on all products using coupon code NEEDMORELOVIN and free standard delivery.

Here is the link to the previous Frenchie deal

amusez vous bien 😀

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    can you please elaborate why it is so enjoyable

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      becoz sex

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        • Oops ha ha.

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      It felt closer than lifestyle Zero for me. My wife liked it and asked me to order more 😉 as it didn't cause her any discomfort.

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        successful marketing from them..

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        No other forms of birth control available?

        I can't imagine having to use these while married…

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            @Pecan: Happy to do it, but she won't let me 🤷‍♂️

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              @HJR: Dont tell her

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                @pharkurnell: That would be a risky move.
                Marriage should be built on trust and transparency.
                I will try harder to convince her this time.

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          Yeah coz lots of sex when married - right?

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          Yes it's annoying.
          She got rid of the chip last year after experiencing horrible side effects ( inconsistent period/ excessive bleeding, hormonal changes and mood swings).
          We will be exploring other options eventually, but just waiting on her to settle in her new nursing career.

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            @HJR: My partner uses Mirena without issue, lasts 6 years, but is invasive and day surgery in hospital to have installed.

            • @anzacpaul: Lol “installed”

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              @anzacpaul: get it done at Family Planning clinic, the actual time is only 10 minutes (+ waiting usually about 1 hour)

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        Mate, do your wife a favour and get a vasectomy! 😉

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          You sound just like my mate Jimmy, once we have a couple of drinks with the boys - all you hear is his balls and vasectomy ha ha.. he only got it done a few months ago, so will have to listen to it for a while lol

          • @HJR: Is vasectomy 100% effective? How painful is the surgery and recovery?

            • +1

              @dudebargain: Lots and lots and lots of stuff online about this. Have a Google. I had it done and discomfort was practically none. I followed the dr's advice and watched TV for a day with a bag of frozen peas on the area and really had minimal discomfort (I regularly have headaches that are worse).

              It's technically possible that the tubes can find their ends and rejoin spontaneously but it's one of those 'technical' possibilities rather than something that really happens.

          • @HJR: Listen, mum made dad got it done over 25 years ago after 2 kids and didn't want to have any more or have issues with the pill. No problems with the operation and they are still married. Do it for your wife, do it for your country! 😉🍆💧

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        Thanks for that cos Zero had been the best i had tried, so i while give this a go. Can i ask what "Hyaluronic Acid" does?

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          It attracts water and can hold (something like) 1000x its own weight in water. It will attract water from deeper in the skin layers and to a lesser extent from the air around it. It is used in better quality moisturisers for this property. It is one of the (very) few buzz terms used in the cosmetic industry that actually has some proven functional value.

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      because posh wank

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    Still not delivering to SA like last deal… have fun VICTORIA! At least someone is getting protection!

    • Hi Daniel, it seems like an issue isolated to you. We ship nationally, the discount is for all! :)
      Please email us with your challenge
      [email protected]

      • Worked for me in Adelaide.

      • Bought it despite still haven't received the trial pack yet.

      • The challange is not having sex while he waits for your condoms…

        Please resend his order individually stapled to a peice of card to ensure no movement in transport 😂

  • VIC only?

    (edit - seems NSW is accepted)

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    glad to know you enjoyed putting the condom on.

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    Condoms 50% off - so it's for smaller men; damn, any specials for 100% ON deals?

    • It's not like you need them either?

      • +2

        I do need them. I have the Delta variant which requires masking as anyone that just walks past me ends up being affected by my love.

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    Bonjour All! The 50% offer is across the entire range! Condoms and Lube. Happy Shopping & Lovin' xx
    Its capped at 3,000 50% coupons for NEEDMORELOVIN

  • What's the diameter?

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  • I haven't got mine lol.

    Can't wait to try it out.

  • and don't forget to use Afterpay!

    Enjoy the fun now and pay later lol

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      As long as paying later is not in unexpected child support payments!

    • Play now pay later ;)

  • Still 0.04 thicker than Japanese 0.01 condoms. I always use okamoto 0.01 large and it feel like I’m wearing nothing.

    If you need a more budget options, Sagami 0.02 large is your friend.

    • +1

      Expensive tho. Where do u get urs from

      • I get it through Amazon or a store in HK called sampsonstore.

    • +1

      Where do you get 0.01 condoms from? Genuine question.

    • The diameter on Japanese condoms (even the large) is generally smaller than Western brands though.

      *This isn't a joke or a stereotype, just last I checked it was hard to get wider fits in the superthin brands

      • You are correct, normal size won’t fit Westerner, normal size of Japanese condom is around 11cm in circumference, large size is 12cm. Average westerner circumference is around 12-13cm.

        No harm to try, you might like it.

    • Just searched the Okamoto 0.01 up and it’s $7 EACH? (eBay)

      • $7 for sex is reaching cheap prostitute rates. Noty

        • But maybe lower rates of STD?

        • Mate hook me up with action, my hooker budget is blowing out

      • Crazy expensive

      • Get the sagami 0.02 XL through amazon. $20 for 10, only $2 a pop, cheaper than a blowie

      • Ended up buying 3 to try..

  • +14

    Came for the comments.

    Seems I was a bit premature.

    I'm sure I'll be able to try again in 20 mins though.

    • bit stiff to get only 1 upvote

      • The performance was a bit underwhelming :)
        Better luck next time…

    • +1

      So you came too early?
      Please tell me more…

  • +34

    Good deal but I've still got 24 leftover from the last time I ordered 2 dozen.

  • Excellent, this will last me forever.

  • Be jumps ahead by keeping some spares. You know it makes sense.

  • +1

    Coupon Code is my life story :|

  • +2

    What's the expiry date on these? Doing the sex 24 times could take years.

  • +1

    party hat

  • They are fast .. got my order tracking just now

  • Do they come in XXL?

    • Are asking for a friend?

      • +5

        Perhaps; I see him more as an extension of myself…

  • +3

    Warning: wearing these on a jaunty angle like a real beret may reduce their effectiveness.

  • What are the other 23 for?

    • When we can visit Japan, that's the first thing I'm stocking up on.

      • I regretted not buying any on my last trip….

        I could have broden it and sell it here :-)

    • I heard they tend to break when you go too fast balls deep.

  • +2

    Save for the slow post, the trial pack were good thin condoms. At this price, happy to stump up a second time around for more, and put them in the rotation with a Zero and a Skyn.

    Thanks for these deals OP 👍

    • +1

      Save for the slow post

      You'd prefer they came quicker?

      • Yes

    • How cool was the buttercup thingy though! It didn't make it any easier for me to open anyway lol

      • +1

        Yeah, cool and novel design…

        Functionally, it doesn't make a difference to me. Peeling the top off is a bit finicky; I'd rather tear a wrapper. And the orientation doesn't matter because I'm always testing which way it unfolds (to eliminate the risk of touching your glans on the wrong side, one of the key errors that reduces effectiveness of condom use)

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    • +1

      No, they're condoms, but close

  • +1

    Awww it says it’s not suitable for anal sex, so can’t use it on the chocolate starfish

    • Do you do the starfish?

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