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$10 off $50 Spend (But Currently $0 Spend) @ BWS


update: Everyday Rewards not required, code is via this deal

If you connect your BWS account to your Woolworths Rewards card, $10 off next purchase.

States in the terms that minimum spend is $50, but already gotten friends and family on it without minimum spend.

1. Make BWS account (skip if you already have)
2. Make Woolworths Rewards account (skip if you already have)
3. Link the accounts via URL
4. Use code at checkout for $10 off no minimum spend

Bought some 6 pack of beer for $0 (https://bws.com.au/product/447325/steersman-ultra-dry-beer)

Edit: picked up my order with no issues. Good luck!

Edit 2: looks like there are some issues with BWS tracking the order when the total is $0. Safer to purchase something >$10 to ensure smooth pickup and payment (which seem to be working no issues).

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  • +6

    Thanks OP… Code worked on a $38 buy, and my Rewards was already linked ages ago.

  • +1

    Only works once per account for me.
    Thanks op!

    $9 4xpremix for free

  • +2

    Thanks OP, got a bottle of cooking port for $13 and used the voucher to get $10 off making it $3.

  • Cheers. Got some wine for $2.

    • +5

      Cheap wine and a 3 day growth?

  • +1

    Nice! Thanks OP. Gonna get Hahn Super Dry for $39. Yewww

  • Thanks for free beer!

  • Works! Thank you op.

  • Thanks for free beer

  • Is this online only?

  • Case of XXXX summer brights for $33. Thanks

  • Nice, 2l of tawny for $2, never got a hangover cheaper :-)

  • Worked on $10 order. Cheers OP

  • FYI: Once per account if anyone wants to order more times.

  • Awesome, Cheers OP

  • Thanks.

  • Got a $10 bottle of vino for free… thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. I ordered same as you. Will only cost me a little petrol to pickup it later.

  • Ordered premix for free.
    Thanks OP

  • Thanks got a 50ml Chivas

  • +4

    Sweet that worked, got $10 off a nice 6 pack. Got 3 x Qantas points too with my browser extension!

    • See if it tracks later. Dont bother using CR/SB in this case.

      • SB tracked for me even with a 0 purchase

        • Qantas tracked $10 for 30 pts. Actually it was a canceled order due to 0 paid. From previous exp, Qantas does not strictly verify a purchase so that mostly like it'll turn approved.

  • Thanks OP!

    • Just picked mine up. Luckily it wasn’t $0 and I got pickup SMS last night.

  • Thanks OP

  • Sweet as
    Got a $10 six pack for $0

  • +1

    Thanks OP 6pack for a $1

  • Golden, thanks op.

  • Thank op.

  • Amazing - thanks!!

  • +1

    My man.. Thank you. I got a couple of 600ml Nelson County bourbon & coke for $0.

  • Thanks op. 4 x Vodka & Tropical Kombucha 330mL for $1.50.
    Do you think BWS will cancel it or let it go?

  • -1


  • Thanks OP. Got a $10 bottle of wine

  • thx mate

  • Ordered but it has high probability of cancellation given it's end of the day. Different story for something like this in morning where not so busy store quickly act on your pickup order.

  • Thx mate cc dry should go nicely.

  • +2

    Cheers OP ordered 4 X Elephant In The Room Pinot Noir Cans 250mL for free and picked-up. The missus thanks you too..

    • +2

      Never heard of these before but you sparked my interest with this modern day goon tinnie. Ordered the same :)

    • How did you get 4 for free? They were $6 each or $20/4 for me. Great wine and handy to travel with.

  • got 3 woodstock bourbon 660ml for 10$ thnksss

  • Legend op! Hopefully they let me pick up in 15mins.

  • Thanks so much OP!

  • Just worked for me - 8.00pm

  • -1

    No need to worry, BWS always honour these orders, we all know Woolies can afford it and they know it's better to honour than upset customers. Got the text that my order is ready and I will be picking up tomorrow.

    • +2

      Only a few more days of bws really being Woolies. The demerger is about to happen.

      • Please explain…

        • From Rewards email:
          The relationship between Woolworths Group and Endeavour Group Limited is changing. We will be demerging from Endeavour Group Limited on June 28, 2021 and we're writing to you to let you know what this means for you as an Everyday Rewards Member.

          BWS, a part of Endeavour Group Limited, will continue to be part of the Everyday Rewards program - which means you will still collect points when you scan or link your Everyday Rewards Card, and can continue to enjoy Everyday Rewards dollars off your shop at BWS. As we do today, we will continue to share member data between the two businesses.

  • great… Thanx OP

  • +1

    their stores must be super buzy in the last hour lol!

    • got a text within 5 min if any1 is wondering..
      might be their last minute push for EOFY!

  • Thanks!!

  • Nice one! Thanks

  • Thanks worked a treat!

  • Thanks OP, got a $12 bottle of wine to minimise chances of cancellation for $2. Great deal.

  • Worked on both accounts. Cheers.

  • Think it might be buggered now. Not giving me an error code though. EDIT: it just didn't confirm the code worked, I clicked through after entering code and it applied. :) Thanks OP. Bought Manly Spirits Coffee Liqueur 700ml for $25. Absolute steal.

  • Amazing, thanks OP.
    Ordered a "Red Knot" Shiraz for $3, over an hour ago, still waiting for pickup confirmation. Hope it gets honoured.

    • +1

      Best to call them up. That's what I did and the order was ready straightaway.

      • Thanks @nightelves, just saw your comment but the store is closed. Will call them up tomorrow morning.

        • I still haven't received pickup confirmation so called the store. They said they can't find my order number. So I called the helpline and they said the order will be cancelled as the code is taken from ozbargain :(

    • +1

      You do have to wait until the store is open so they can process the order 🤦‍♂️

      • +3

        Pick up message (email / SMS) can only be sent AFTER your order is packed & ready for collection. And that needs to be done by staff at your store.

        Others have commented their order can't be found on the BWS system at the store, so pick up messages may be delayed (due to unusual volume of orders). That's happened before - I've always got my order.

  • Worked great!

  • Ordered me some Soju 😋

    • Awwww, why didn't I think of that?

      Oh well, there's a next time.

    • Was tempted, but seems so expensive for such low alcohol content

      • Beats paying $6.5 per bottle at Korean grocery stall.

      • such low alcohol content

        Huh?????!! Last I remember, was pretty strong stuff for 360ml bottle.

        • Only 12%. This stuff costs like $1 in Korea. Can't understand why it is so expensive here, even taking tax into account. Must be taxed as an "alcopop".

  • Worked for me thanks

  • Worked for me - my husband thanks you!

  • Got some low carb cider for $3. Hopefully they will hold the order for a week. I might have to give them a call.

  • -3

    OK,can use the code multiple times.
    I had my other account(SECOND BWS ACCOUNT) but with the same Woolworths everyday rewards and use the same coupon code and it worked.
    So, probably can create a new account, link new account with same rewards account and it works.
    Thanks OP for the coupon code.

    • +3

      Don't understand why you were negged. This is the hallmarks of a true ozBer

      Edit: if you are here and using the code, you are no different to this poster. Don't try to justify to yourself what he is doing is wrong but what you are doing is ok.

      • +1

        Ah yeh, we've all wronged, might as well keep going and rob their store too.

        • +1

          This self-justication is case in point

          • +1

            @Boorgoonhoontoor: Yeh, its no different to only using 1 legit account to use the code, also no different to making multiple accounts.

            • @Ughhh: yeah, don't get it too.
              you get upvoted for getting one drink for a dollar or two.
              But get negged for doing it twice, LOL.
              People be like doing it once is "ethical".

  • Dont drink, buying random beer for the folks. Hope OP's choice in beer is good. Thanks

  • Does the total update for all those who have ordered? mine says -$10 but still normal price

    Subtotal: $18.00
    You've saved: -$3.00
    Coupon: -$10.00

    • +2

      Proceed to the final payment page and it will show the reduced amount.

      • Cheers, says order should be ready 5mins before they close
        4 pack of Ballistic Brewing hawaiian haze pale ale can 375ml

  • Ordered at sunshine more then hour ago. No text received if its ready. Not picking up call either

    • Sunshine is inundated with orders atm.

      • Yeah, I went to store and they didn’t even had it in their system even after 2 hours.

  • Ordered thanks OP!!

  • How long does C&C take? Ie can I decide when I'm there, order 'online' and pick up say within an hour?

    • +4

      Previously I’ve ordered online when in store and you just show the confirmation email and they’ll get it immediately for you.

  • THanks OP :)

  • Thanks OP!

  • https://bws.com.au/product/355384/ron-zacapa-centenario-23-r...

    Some stores have the Zacapa at $80.50 less the $10 brings it down to $70.50 (currently sold at Dan's for $99.90)

    • 2 of my nearest stores have stock the one has 1 bottle is $80.5 and the one has 4 bottles is $115. I think when they just have 1 left the price is lower

  • +1

    Dope AF

    Asahi cans $13 for a sixer

    • I was just about to say this was an excellent deal. 6x 500mL cans is hard to beat. Excited for pickup.

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