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$10 off $50 Spend (But Currently $0 Spend) @ BWS


update: Everyday Rewards not required, code is via this deal

If you connect your BWS account to your Woolworths Rewards card, $10 off next purchase.

States in the terms that minimum spend is $50, but already gotten friends and family on it without minimum spend.

1. Make BWS account (skip if you already have)
2. Make Woolworths Rewards account (skip if you already have)
3. Link the accounts via URL
4. Use code at checkout for $10 off no minimum spend

Bought some 6 pack of beer for $0 (https://bws.com.au/product/447325/steersman-ultra-dry-beer)

Edit: picked up my order with no issues. Good luck!

Edit 2: looks like there are some issues with BWS tracking the order when the total is $0. Safer to purchase something >$10 to ensure smooth pickup and payment (which seem to be working no issues).

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      • got same one.
        Crazy price

  • Thanks mate got a vadka milkshake for free

    • Just received message saying cancelled

  • You can grab a free "Monsuta" beer as well (if buying beer)……saw a special.

  • Thanks OP - works like a charm

  • thanks man bought me a case

  • Good a free win for deco :P

  • thanks OP got a case of blue light cans 330ml and 6 bottle of boom classic crisp summer ale for $1

    • +1

      How did you get all of that for $1?

      • he gave 1 case instead of 1 can. Maybe no one buy a can before

  • Well done cheers

  • +1

    Thanks, got the good old favourite Sangria for a dollar.


  • +4

    Someone's getting fired tomorrow.

  • Bottle of Ruskov vodka for $22

  • Soju for $3 it is

    Edit: was just refunded $3 - anyone else get the same?

    • I just ordered soju as well. Let's see how it goes.

      • Reordered this time avoiding PayPal and used credit card.
        I think it's gone through.

        • What soju is good - what did you get ?

  • +2

    Terrible website great deal, cheers

    • Agree the sort by function seems to be a suggestion at best, and totally ignored

      • Lol, filtered low to high and was all over the place, anyway got Woodstock and cola x 5 for $9, bogan!

  • Thanks op got 6 pack pure blonde

  • +1

    The guy who gave me my free 6 pack said they had had problems with the ordering system all evening and couldn’t find my order despite the confirmation. He gave it to me anyways. Thanks!

    • I just went up there and had no such luck. They couldn't find it in the system and wouldnt give it to me :(

    • Sunshine VIC.. last night ordered but nothing in their system.

  • Got a six pack cheers OP!

  • Worked for me despite my card already being linked. Paid a fiver for a 6 pack of beer. Cheers, OP.

  • +1

    Wow. Great find.

    Got 2l of moscato for $2

  • +2

    must be one of the highest 1st posts ever.

    reminds me of the time when we got slabs of Dos Equis for $24

  • +1

    Thanks for the free low carb 6 pack, Cheers OP

    • Also went with this :-) nice choice cheers

  • +3

    Hey OP, are you a Ex BWS Employee who added this code into the System on your last day just to annoy them …..hahaha (just kidding)! How did you come across this code as it's a strange one.

    • +1

      I'm not OP, but code matches when you sign up for BWS account and tick off receive offers and get $10 off $50. Generic code.

      • Thanks. Wasn't seeing it anywhere in my App but being a member of Ozb who needs an app to keep us informed :-).

    • +1

      Hahah exactly as above. Used the code and it worked for a purchase <$50, so thought I’d try for something closer to $10. Shared as soon as it worked!

  • Thanks!

  • +2

    Hi OP. I don’t have an Everyday Rewards card linked to my BWS account but it is still allowing me to apply the code.
    Maybe someone else can also try and confirm.
    Thanks for the code.

    • +1

      Interesting will keep an eye to update as needed.

    • +3

      Yes can too confirm this code works without Rewards!

      BWS is going to get hammered overnight by the way this deal is heading lol

      Edit: I'm sure many are going to get their orders cancelled, it's been fun at least!

      • Same here got confirmation email with second BWS account that doesn't have linked Rewards account

      • Totally agree. Given that you don’t need a rewards card for this deal, I can only imagine how many accounts will be created overnight :)

    • +1

      Maybe we all need to behave and be happy with just the one $10 off. Too many and without rewards cards attached they might cancel but if all look legit orders, they will just suck it up?

    • Yes, it works without linking rewards. Just apply the code. Only works once per account.

  • Thank you OP. Got me some $11 sangria for $1. Good for these balmy Melbourne nights.

  • No confirmation here. Has anyone picked up their order?

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Just wondering if it still works? I am trying but it seems like it just keeps loading.

    • Still working

      • Not sure why the page just keeps on loading when I get to order details. Weird that I am they only once experiencing this issue.

        • I just put four orders through so should be no issues

          • @PAOK11: different accounts?

            Did you order at seperate stores so it doesn't look dodgy

            • @HeyPapito: Yes, I didn't know about the four locations within 10km lol. Let's see what happens

        • First time shopping at BWS? First time for me and I had that issue too, resolved by entering details in the "Bill To' section

          • @OCD Completionist: Yes, it's my first time. I am still such stuck. After clicking check out and the page just keep loading. I can't see the bill to section?

  • Bought two bottles of cider for 70c. Thanks OP!

  • everyone is gonna abuse this like the fake location for free kfc food lol

  • Thanks, OP. I ordered 4 x Fox Hat Red Pelt for $11.50

  • -2

    Doesn't work now.

    • but it does

      THX OP

  • This deal is more likely to be honored.
    The code is part of their newsletter promo.
    However, there has been glitch with min order.

  • Worked perfectly for me on a $30 spend for my wife's favourite - Kopparberg cider.
    Thanks OP.

  • Solid, awesome find OP. Snagged some $13.50 Asahi

    This was the real treasure hunt

  • Thanks OP. :)

  • Worked for me. $5 bottle of wine lol

  • Stones Ginger wine for $4

  • Couldn’t get it to work for me - coupon takes $0 off.

  • +1

    Coupon now showing as $0, was halfway through checkout when "Oops, something went wrong"

    • Same

  • What am I doing wrong
    Signed wife up and entered code

    Didn’t register when spending $68

    Tried in my own account didn’t work either


    • Me either :(

  • +2

    I get "Sorry you are not eligible for this code". :-(

  • Didn’t work for me this morning either. I have just linked it. Looks like have to spend the minimum?:(
    Got the same code emailed. Bugger

  • +1

    Order went through last night but no text or email to say ready for pick up

    • Cause they’re not open until 10

      • No text last night either when they were open

  • +3

    Looks like the party is over… Seems like BWS online staff have rocked up to work this morning and have gone into an ECAB for the code lol

    • +2

      To be fair, it was a fairly lengthy party! Plenty of people got in on this one!

    • Can’t get the last bit of your acronym…… Emergency Change ? ?

      • +1

        I had to google this… seems like advisory board are the last two letters.

      • +1

        lol just an ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) term…

        Emergency Change Advisory Board

  • +1

    Doesn't work

  • Ok looks like the lucky ones that got onto this may be in for a nice surprise :)

    Edit: I've just received confirmation of pick ups!

  • I guess I'm too late as it doesn't work for me.

  • +1

    Worked for me last night , $22 bottle of vodka for cocktails ready to pick up!

    • +1

      Yes I could not sleep at 4 am and made 5 orders. Lucky.

  • You snooze you lose… "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon code."

  • +2

    anyone not received the pick up confirmation ?

    • Yeah, SMS ready for pick up at 9am.

    • Didn't receive pick up confirmation for $0 order - Forgot they don't process when Its $0. Other 2 paid orders ready.

      • Same.

      • so $0 order mean i missed out ?

      • Oh well It looks like I missed out dust myself and try again

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