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Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Space Grey $307 + Delivery | Apple Watch Series 5 Nike 40mm $311 @ JB Hi-Fi


My first deal posted so apologies if this is a noob but just went on JB HIFI who were posting deals for ZIP and found this Apple Watch that was lower than all the others. Thought would post to put back to the community as I missed the deal a few days ago for $381. End up being a better deal.

I think it stacks with the ZIP Pay of the $20.00 credit however unsure.

revised with the links for people who found the Nike one. Would of gotten this one but didnt know about it.

Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Space Grey $307 (SOLD OUT)
Apple Watch Nike Series 5 40mm Silver Aluminium Case GPS + Cellular $311

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      • Please keep me posted on the 40mm one, I’d love to arrange something with you in case mine gets cancelled!

      • I will swap the 40mm for a S5 44mm Gold Stainless Steel Case GPS + Cellular if it actually arrives?

  • Any shipping notifications received today? Mine hasn’t changed status since ordering Thu morning.

    • I did not receive the notification, but when I logged into the account, it was showing as shipped.

  • Hi Polka, mine has been shipped. Got a notification a few days ago.

  • Ordered Friday late and still no update. Not looking good!

    • Same. My order was the S2 SS for $164.

      Ordered Friday but no tracking yet.

      Fingers crossed.

  • Anyone else’s order say shipped but actually haven’t been picked up by auspost? Mine still says shipping information received since Friday afternoon.

    • Mine's the same, I have two orders from last Friday. One was shipped but hasn't been picked up. The other is still processing. Not really sure what's going on

    • I had the same situation, just give it time. Shipping information received on Friday, in transit on Monday, delivery coming today.

    • Yep same

    • Mine said that up until this morning but is now marked as processed through the depot and should be out for delivery tomrrow.

  • Mine just got delivered :)

    • Same :)

  • Just received my PayPal refund with no further email.

  • Same just got a refund with no email :(. If anyone is thinking about returning their S5 40mm back to jbhifi please message me.

  • JB Hi-Fi Online: Item Deletion - APPLE WATCH MTVV2X/A S4 44 SPGRYALBLKLPC

    A cancellation mail!

  • Dang, just got cancellation email for mine as well. Guess my trusty 3 series will have to soldier on for a bit longer

  • Just received series 5 stainless steel gold 44mm and series 2 stainless steel black 42mm today.
    Would like to swap series 5 stainless steel gold 44mm for stainless steel silver 44mm.
    If anyone in Melbourne interested in please let me know. Thanks :)

    • +1

      What was your order number for the S2?

      • 7160331 why?

        • Just checking if JB are shipping based on order sequence.

          My order number is just after yours and was cancelled.

          Which is odd because I checked their site again after I received cancellation and the same watch was listed - S2 SS Black 42mm.

          I have hit order again so hoping they might have found a few more down the back of the couch.

          • @VerticallyIntegrated: Good luck! i feel you. got one order for silver ss 44mm cancelled. If i could find it listed again i would order again as well. Just i found the series 2 software updating is like forever…it shows 1 day remaining…then 18 hrs remaining then stuck there…

            • @pompompurin888: Good to know.

              If I get one, I'll only be using it for running, so I might sit on watchOS3 for a while.

              I just need GPS and bluetooth stored music to my headphones. The S2 was cheaper than a Garmin I was looking at.

              • @VerticallyIntegrated: Did you receive the s2 watch in the end?

                • +1

                  @xixia: The JB portal suggested July 5 delivery but got nothing so phoned up and it is shipping now. Should arrive next week.

                  • @VerticallyIntegrated: I may have received a DOA.

                    I cannot seem to turn it on after charging overnight.

                    The watch gets warm when it is on charge, but I get no logo when attempting to turn it on.

                    JB have zero of the S2 in stock so there's nothing to replace it with.

                    What are my chances Apple can replace my watch?

                    • +2

                      @VerticallyIntegrated: Pretty high. I also got a DOA S2 (for $68 lol) - took it to JB and they also said no stock. Booked in a Genius Bar appointment, told them JB had no stock, watch bought brand new but wouldn't turn on - they sent it off to repairs and I got a replacement S2 that's working perfectly.

                    • +1

                      @VerticallyIntegrated: 100%. When pairing with iphone it requires update automatically but s2 couldn't go through it. Bring to Apple store they try with the other iPhone and its same situation. So they have to send it to service centre for software update. Then fews days after I receive a refurbished s2 which is working great now.

                      • @pompompurin888: Thanks for the responses.

                        And good to know they can replace with like for like.

                        I tried to follow the Genius route but when I put the serial number in it says the device isn’t eligible for phone support, genius appointment.

                        I might just make a visit and have a chat.

  • My order arrived today. Definitely received it.

  • For anyone that received this, please note there is a big error with trying to pair to the Apple Watch with users who are on iPhone software update 14.6 or any new iPhone. Because of the age of these, the software installed is too old and does not allow it to be instantly paired.

    Please have a look at traversal's comment for some more information to assist with this. Within the Apple dev forum linked there is some workarounds to make this work. The replies that are stickied in the forum seem to help, but I had no luck. Later in the forum there is some extra workarounds including potentially changing location to Afghanistan or turning off Bluetooth and some other ways to be able to force the update.

    I unfortunately had no luck with these and the only way I was able to get it to work was to pair with an iPhone 8 with software 14.4.2 installed. Was a pain staking process but managed to get there in the end.

    I hope everyone else has a better experience pairing :)

    • Yeah terrible experience trying to get it updated. I ended up calling Apple support despite being employed in IT. It seems the most reliable and annoying method is to turn it off and wait a day before trying again. Not the experience you want when you have a shiny new toy.

    • What a mess by apple. Still unable to pair my watch after trying everything in that apple developer forum.

    • +1

      I had the same terrible experience last night on my S5 SS watch. I tried everything in that forum multiple times over about 2 hours, from factory resetting, logging out of iCloud, multiple phones, different regions, etc. I even updated one of my phones to the iOS 15 beta, which didn't work. I was thinking of asking around my work today for anything with an iPhone on iOS 14.2.2 or older.

      But then randomly during the last try last night I left the phone on the screen which said the watch needs an update (the screen before the internet error) for a few minutes while I was doing something else, when I came back and pressed Update Now it just started working. I have no idea how/what fixed it, but that was a giant waste of 2 hours. Hopefully you other guys can figure our a solution too.

      • Mine had the same problem and couldn't be updated too. I thought it was my internet connection problem and switched to cellular data and it miraculously worked. Now it occurs to me as pure fluke:) and I only wasted 5 mins, how lucky!

      • Mate just tried what you did. Leaving it for about 5 minutes. Came back and it updated!

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