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[In-Store] Logitech G733 Gaming Headset $119.60, G305 Mice $39.60, G203 Mice $27.60 (Lilac/ Blue Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, JB have dropped the prices on these products as part of a Logitech sale, but the coupon is still live which stacks even further.

All items on the landing page, add the item to cart and apply the coupon to get the prices in the title :)

Thanks to xaykogeki for the Original Deal.

Could also stack wtih Zip Pay to get a further $20 cashback on the headset.

Note 2:15pm, this still works in store using the following barcode. Take the item you want to the checkout and ask the counter staff to scan it at the checkout and it will apply the same discount.

As always, enjoy!

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  • I bought the g733 with the latitude pay $25 off deal two days ago, its great and the range and battery life are superb!

    Wouldn't want to wear it on zoom meeting though lol

  • +5

    Really recommend the G305 at that price. Fantastic wireless mouse that's been my daily driver for a over a year now.

    • G305 or M720?

      • +1

        Hero Sensor - 12,000 dpi
        Lightspeed vs Logitech Unifying Receiver

      • +1

        I haven't tried the G305, but M720 has bluetooth and supports multiple devices, and is going for a great price right now. Also I've found it fine for gaming (though I don't play much FPS).

      • +1

        Why do these two keep getting compared? very different mice

        • I don't know much about mice but need one - saw these two deals popping up so wanted some advice. Leaning M720 as I don't game rn.

          • +2

            @koahla1: No worries, M720 much better for productivity with hyperscroll and tilt scroll buttons. But with these historic lows if you also game just get both

      • M90 preferred.

  • +1

    Goddamit I literally picked up the G305 for $10 more couple days ago!

    • +1

      I bought two of them! Great mouse even at $50.

    • +2

      I got the headset 2 days ago before it was discounted. I just gave them a call & they have a price protection policy so they refunded the difference ($24ish).

      • I'll go and speak to them during lunch hour, fingers crossed!

      • I'll give them a call too. Thanks for letting us know!

  • This is a great price.

    Blue or Lilac? Which is the lesser of two evils?

    • The colours are ….

    • Apple or orange juice?

    • +1

      Speak for yourself,I was looking for the Liliac one :^)

    • +1

      Lilac. It honestly is not too bad.

  • +1

    Buy it and 3d print a new case, with a lighter lithium battery, to get a 45g wireless mouse?

    • I love these statements from people, assuming everyone has a 3D printer, and more importantly, enough people (more than 2) give a flying about reducing weight by 0.00000005 grams

    • +2

      PLA+ 73g with battery cover, 69g without
      PLA 71.5g with battery cover, 68 without
      with 10g rechargable battery, you can get 8g non rechargeable but (profanity) that

      Lowest you can get it, is with paid 3d models that completely redesign the whole mouse

  • Those colours are questionable…..maybe thats why they are on sale.

    • blue/lilac mice matter too

  • Bought! G305 Great mouse and cant fault JB's warranty

  • Thanks OP! Anyone know where to get a light weight shell from? I don't have a 3d printer so can't print it myself.

  • was umming and erring whether to get a Cooler Master MM710 so G305 it is!

  • Many thanks, got a bluey

  • 40% Off a pair of Technics AZ70 Premium
    True Wireless In-Ear Headphones how do I get this work?

    • Use the coupon 92522783288 as seen here.

  • Having trouble as discount only applying to one item when 2 are in cart? Any suggestions? Aside from 2 orders.

    • I think you'll have to buy in 2 separate orders, seems to only apply to one item in the cart per order.

    • had to do 2 separate orders

  • Lol luckily didn’t get the g733 from the post last week: it was 149.

    • Not sure why you were negged

      • Same haha wth

  • Discount code not working for me, are u meant to be logged into a JB HI FI account

    • Still working here, should work either logged in or not. Are you definitely using the coupon "92202672624" on any of the Logitech Products?

      • I understand, thanks. It says this for me, rip

        Coupon does not apply to this basket

        • +1

          Hmm that's a bit odd, are you definitely getting either the Blue or Lilac ones on the landing page? Maybe try an Incognito browser instead and see.

        • What item you have in your basket?

          • +1

            @akte: I have the Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse (Black), I think thats the mistake I am selecting the Black one

            • @Killmonger: Yes, coupon is only for blue or purple.

            • @Killmonger: Yeah, I wanted the black one too, but for this price, I have to settle with blue.

              • @akte: Yeah true, may settle with that one as well

  • +2

    Looks like a fortnite kid vomited all over that gear lol

  • This or Steelseries Rivel 300 wireless?

  • Woah, thanks! I regretted missing out on the half-price deal on the G733 earlier this week!

    • This is the half-price deal. It's just half price on a new lower advertised price. But it finishes today.

      • Ah, I assumed it was a different deal because now it requires a code. They were listed as out of stock when I decided to buy earlier this week.

  • Paid with Zip but no credit yet. Anyone got theirs so far?

  • Thanks. Couldn't resist and picked up a G305.

  • I ordered the G305 from a recent deal. At this price it's a great mouse but the click is extremely light on it, I find that I right click inadvertently when resting my fingers.

  • I really love my G203 due to its lightweight (previously using the standard wired Microsoft mouse)
    RGB is not my thing so I always turn it off tho

  • I was excited until I realised black colour is not on sale. Still excellent deal.

  • Bought MX Keys from JB for $180 a few days ago, now back up to $199

  • +2

    all logitech just sold out :'(

  • All those logitech products are now sold out or were taken off online sales

  • +4

    They've now pulled ALL the listings. I can't imagine that they all sold out at the same time. They must have caught on about the coupon and pulled it to fix it up. Who knows!?

  • +1

    does anyone know if these codes work instore?

    • From the page

      "Offer can be redeemed instore"

    • Sure does though today is the last day

      1/2 Price Logitech G733 Headset (Lilac / Blue),
      G305 or G203 Mice (Lilac / Blue)
      While stocks last. Available online and instore. Offer ends 24th June 2021.

    • +2

      If you want to try in-store, you can ask the staff to scan this barcode and it should give the same discount. But not sure if they have fixed anything in the back end since removing the products online.

      • +3

        Just used this in store, discount still works even though they've removed the online listings

        • +1

          Awesome, thanks for confirming, have updated the OP.

  • Thanks heaps guys!! When I checked the thread earlier I was so disappointed that it was no liber active. At this point, I should still be able to go to my local.

    • Let us know if the bar code works for you in store.

      • Bar code didn't work for me at checkout, but the store honoured it for the G503.

        • I didn't read the promo properly and the code didn't work for me either. I was trying to buy a black G733 when the code only works for blue or lilac woops

          • @kbargainz: Ah, yes I got a black G503 - the phrasing on the ticket wasn't that clear.

            Oh well, I did get a blue G733 - I'd never pay $299 for a headset, but cannot argue with $119.

      • I was able to call my local and set aside a lilac G305. I popped in late in the day and the store honoured the coupon. Also thanks to @doweyy because the obviously JBHiFi barcode made it easier than having to explain a random code that I read off my phone.

        The lilac G305 is now sitting on my desk in it's box…. I have no idea how long it will it take for me to unbox it. :) I specifically did choose the lilac just to add a splash of colour to my desk because after having a look at it, I've just realised, everything on it completely black.

        $39.60 for the G305 is pretty damn good. I couldn't even find the Asian version G304 for less than $45 delivered.

        • haha yea, I had drama when I tried to explain the code (not having the barcode at the time) got there in the end but was given treatment like I was trying to scam them.

  • Thanks guys just got it to work in store.

  • Bought a headset and a G503 in a rush incase they ran out of stock. Picked Blue and have collected but second guessing myself and would've rather picked the Lilac.
    Tried swapping in-store but as they deal was expired they wouldn't honor it even for Lilac's that were same price.

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