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Apple TV 4K 64GB $198.97 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Good price for the 64GB model if you aren't fussed about the 2nd generation or newer remote.

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  • you should be fussed about the remote though, this one is trash :)

  • Had this. Remote dropped on tiles and broke after the first week. Absolute garbage

    • Next time, drop it on carpet.

    • Yeah it's a slippery little fellow. I ended up buying a $2 silicon case from eBay for my mine to stop from inadvertently throwing it across the room like a ninja star every time I used it. No excuses for the weird ass volume though. New model much better in that regards

      • +1

        Yep my cheap eBay cover was on the way when it broke.

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    This is a good price for the 4k model. You need to also buy a $5 rubber case for the remote off Amazon - these things are tiny and easy to drop. The remote is one of the best features in my opinion. It's basically a trackpad like they have on the MacBooks which makes browsing endless feeds on Netflix a breeze. Also, I'm able to now control my TV power and soundbar volume with a single apple remote.

    • Used both remotes, much prefer the new one. With the old remote, it was hard (at least for me) to get it to consistently do what I wanted it to do because of the trackpad (e.g. go backward/forward 10 seconds).

    • Oh wow, didn't know that was a feature of the Apple TV remote. TIL, thanks!

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    This is still a very good model. I have been using it for a couple of years. I actually don’t mind the remote - just put a case on it to protect it. Everything still works perfectly on this version. I also love how it can control my sound bar volume.

    • Agree, remote works completely fine.
      Never had a problem with the trackpad.

  • This is NOT the 2021 Apple TV version.