Qantas Points Club - Do Qantas Wine Bonus Points Count?

Im 2000 points off reaching my 350,000 points this financial year to make the second level of the Qantas points club

I've got 6 days to make this, and credit card points won't count as I've just had a statement.

Was thinking of buying a case of Qantas wine that comes with bonus points… do you know how long these take to credit and if they count towards the 350k?

And /or does anyone have any other ideas how to reach the points?


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    They will count to Points Club. Qantas Wine points do credit quickly (sometimes within days), but it can take up to 2 weeks.

    Do you have any Woolworths Everyday Rewards booster offers for instant points? There were a few last week.


    give it a go


    From my reading, buying/topping-up points direct from Qantas counts, so if you can't get there any other way, you can just do that for $89. Seems like it would be worth it for the 350k club.


    Thanks so much guys
    Great ideas