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Greenpan SmartShape Open Wok 28cm/3.69l $64.97 Delivered @Myer


Came across this Greenpan Wok. Free delivery for orders over $49 and +128 Myer one credits + 5% cashrewards ($61.72). Other frying pans are also discounted.

Someone gave 1 star on Myer but their comment is "Very happy with this wok. Great Wok. Needs very little or no oil and food does not stick to the bottom as it happens with most other woks." 🤷‍♂️

Has good reviews but never tried this brand before. Does anyone have any experience with this wok that they can share with ozbargainers?

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    • @Albtal I saw that as well but they look different. The handle and the rim look different based on the images. Also, the Target one is made out of Aluminium and the Myer is ceramic.

  • Myer not Myers

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      Thanks. Title updated.

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    I have a greenpan frying pan and it's great. Easy to clean and not too heavy

    • Do you use it on gas hob?

      • Yep I've only used it on gas. The pan i have also has a cast iron handle so is suitable for the oven.

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    Was considering buying a greenpan until I found out that their products are made in China, and assembled in the US.

    Obviously they don't elaborate so it could be mostly made in China, with finishing touches in the US.

    For around the same price, I'd rather buy a mid range Scanpan or Telfal (regularly on special) as they are made in Belgium/France etc.

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      Wouldn't it be more beneficial to have a wok made in China?

      I sure as hell would like a kimono made in Japan VS USA

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      Neither Scanpan or Tefal are PFAS, PFTE and PFOA free. As far as I know Greenpan are one of the only pans that have that honor and they are pretty darn good at being non-stick too. They eventually do start sticking much like their more toxic counterparts, but cleaning them up with baking soda and a hard scrub returns them to a semi-non-stick state which is more than good enough. Mine has been going strong for years.

      • How many years? And is your cooktop a gas or induction?

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        As far as I know Greenpan are one of the only pans that have that honor…

        You're trusting an unknown Chinese company to tell you that.

        If you disagree, post the name of the Chinese factory that makes these (hint: it's not Greenpan)

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          So you have a choice to trust a company that makes parts in China and assembles them in US about their non-toxic claims…or go for a company like Tefal which also makes some of their pans in China and admits to using PFTE etc. Still doesn't seem like a strong argument to not go for Greenpan?

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    Go into Asian grocery store and buy one for like $30. Carbon steel wok. Season it after purchase. Buy a scrubber too. After use, scrub off with hot water, re season with light coat of oil and bobs your uncle. It magically becomes non stick.

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      I only buy if it's a deal on ozbargain.

      (Agreed otherwise)

    • What kind of scrubber? Would a non-scratch scourer pad work?

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