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Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner $548.10 Delivered @ Dick Smith by Kogan


For those that missed the Amazon deal recently, you have a chance to get this highly rated robot vacuum again for a reasonable price. Dick Smith is having a EOFY sale now, get 10% off using code TAXTEN and inclusive of free delivery.

Note that this is "International Model".

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    No to Ko(gan).

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    For anyone who doesn't know, Dick Smith is Kogan by another name. Before purchasing it would be well worth doing a search on here about the shenanigans they've pulled with the s5 max.

    • that previous deal was with third party seller Tech Warehouse via Kogan?

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    You don't have to buy from them, just use them to price match. Thats what i did when i bought mine 2 months ago.

    • Who did you price match with?

    • Price match with who though? Which Aussie retailer is selling this robovac that is willing to price match (or preferably price beat)?

    • Who should we price match with?

    • Which store were you able to price match this S5 Max with?

      • Which store can I price match at?

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      Why hasn’t anyone asked who will price match this?

      • We literally asked within seconds of each other.

  • Other than having to do warranty claims through DS/Kogan, what other differences are there with the international model?

    • I'm guessing the power plug, probably USA

      • Just found the old ozbargain thread. Not keen on getting S6 pure, wrong cable and dodgy invoice. No deal for me lol

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          I am sure the previous issue was third party seller Tech Warehouse via Kogan. This is directly from Dick Smith (Kogan).

          • @ykwon10: On checkout it says "Sold by Electronics Superstore"

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              @AusZammer: I stand corrected. As i did not actually go through checkout process.

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    Tried pricematch at appliancesonline but they said "Unfortunately we can't match Dick Smith as they deal in grey stock often. They are actually owned by Kogan"

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        unfortunately with eBay you have to buy first then claim and unsure if they match prices using promo codes

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      I easily pricematched with Dicksmith last time this deal was posted. May be their policy has changed recently.

  • Tried to price match HN, but they don't match for products shipped by 3rd party :( I assume same policy for Joyce Mayne

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    Sounds like a dud deal.

    Everybody asking where you'd even price match this and no reply from the person who suggested price matching LOL.

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    Thanks OP - risking it for the biscuit. Fingers crossed an S5 Max gets to my door and not an S6 :/
    Will provide feedback if/when it comes

    • Tbh in the same boat, a mate of mine got theirs from Kogan a month ago and didn't seem to have any issues

      • Did it have some international power plug on it?

        • They send it out with international plug and ship out the AU power cable at a later date.

    • Bit the bullet, fingers crossed that we get S5Max not an S6.

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        Received mine and it is S5Max. Gonna unbox in few hours.


    • Please let us know - also.did you get any info re electronics superstore on the reciept? I was hoping to look them up

      Im also thinking of risking it - waited for bloody ages for a deal

  • Customer support/warranty also a consideration when dealing with Kogan. To each their own but I wouldn't go anywhere near them.

    Got to at least respect that they publish some of the reviews:


    • I'm confused about the issue of receiving an S6 instead of the S5 Max ordered. If a seller sends an incorrect item and refuses to fix the issue (refund or replacement), just do a credit card chargeback?

  • I ordered and GOT the S5 Max last month from Kogan. AU plug arrived separately.
    Smooth sailing thus far.

    • Was it $499?

      • Na, I paid more ($550) as did not want to wait anymore.

    • Same seller? Electronics superstore?

  • Tried to match HN, and this is their excuse:

    Unfortunately, we are unable to price match this as it is significantly below the recommended retail price, as per our exclusions.

  • I wish a local supplier would have a sale (EOFYS perhaps), really hesitant to get this…. though price is ok

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    I pulled the chain on this one and called HN….got a price match after some discussion for $640.

    Im happy with that. I dont want to deal with the Kogan drama…and Id rather be able to pickup and drop off if there is an issue.

  • Appliance online match the price,$548! I'm guessing appliance online model is a Aus version? Even better

    • Got them to price match to $609. They wouldn't do the extra 10% code. But I think it is Australian stock!

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      Can you please post the receipt?
      Been wanting this baby for like a year but I don't want to deal with Kogan.

    • Receipt please

    • Did you buy it at $548? I might try this

  • I tried price matching with appliance online last night and was told they don't price match dick Smith

    • I talked to appliance online just now, that guy only will to do $609 no discount, but refuse to do price match with kogan

  • I have purchased through dick smith this morning and paid via PayPal. It isn't expected to ship for another 2 days

    Is there any way I'd be able to cancel and get refunded as I was able to get Australian stock for $609 through appliance online (the price match depends on who u speak to I guess)

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    Yea depends who you talk to , open up a couple of chats and ask same thing

    • Tried this a few times with appliances online chat. One rejected right away as they dont match dick smith / kogan / amazon

      The next agreed ro match, though when about to send purchase link said that her manager said diff model numbers so cant do it

      C'mon local providers - hook us up

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    Just price match with Appliance Online this morning, and they able to match with Kogan 599$


    I tried couple time to chat at night, they all don't price match with Dicksmith Kogan, but this morning, luckily one of the girl accept price match. My Roborock will arrive tomorrow, legend hahaha

    • Awesome well.done! I have tried a few.times (also at night) and was knocked back each time in slightly different ways

      I tried dicksmith at 548, though might try kogan at 599 and see

      • Also managed to price match on Appliances Online and put in an order (they won't go below $599), although they did say the next batch will only be shipped mid July.

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    Just got AO to price match Dick Smith at $609. She (Sarah) wouldn't do the extra 10% off but I'm happy with that. Strange thing was I showed her the Kogan price first and she wouldn't match Kogan but was happy to match Dick Smith. Now have to manual vacuum for two more weeks until it arrives, life's tough..

  • Also tried price matching with AO - no luck :(

  • Can someone suggest where to apply the code? I don't see any option to enter the code.

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      Looks like the promo has ended (the code was used in cart though the promo banner has gone)

      I have a feeling (gut feel only) there might be promos again soon, as the S7 was apparently released today

  • Bought from dicksmith. Received s5 max. No AU plug :/

    • Contacted them and they confirmed the AU plug will be sent out separately

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    To add to this, after trying AO a few times, I managed to get them to price match at 609.

  • Recieved my pricematched S5 Max today from appliances online…. It made its maiden voyage… its awesome!

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