My Car Got Hit by a Truck

Hey Guys,

My car was parked on the street parking in front of my workplace.
Later, found my car was hit and lucky the nice man had left a note on my windscreen.

I rang the guy and he was really nice and was apologetic and he mentioned my car was on his blind spot and he couldn't see when he was reversing his truck, basically said to send him a bill and he'll pay for it.

Need some suggestion here, how do I proceed as it's the first time this has happened to me?

Visit some smash repairs and send him those quotes?
or contact my insurance company and go from there?

Do I have to pay the excess if I go through my insurer?


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    You can just contact him again and get his insurance details, then pass’em on to your insurance people..
    They’ll handle the rest..

    Btw just for the sake of it, save that note he left on your car after hitting it..
    You never know

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      Thanks for the tip, Yeah I'll do that and see how I go!!!

      Thanks again

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    That's not going to be cheap, at all.

    • I was thinking the same and with the stock shortage, might take a while to fix it as well

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        Insurance will hopefully organise a hire car as he's not at fault.

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        It's not that there is a parts shortage, it's the fact that it's in a panel that is not just un-boltable. It's in a rear quarter panel that goes right up and over as part of the roof. It's also not a patch, bog and sand job either. And matte blue paint… double ouch.

        Don't bother doing quotes to repair this type of damage, just get your insurance company onto it. Car might end up being a write off (depending on what car and the age of it) and you are wasting your time getting a quote for this guy if it is a write off.

        Out of interest, what car is it? I'm guessing a 2012~16ish Hyundai Veloster?? If it is, you're maybe looking at $12k~$16k value, and trust me, this is going to be more than $6 to $7k to fix.

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          All this. A lot of people don't understand the amount of work that goes into fixing something like this. Imagine trying to colour match that and blend it into the roof.

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          Yeah, I might just contact my insurer and see how to proceed.
          It's a Veloster Turbo 15.

          Thanks for the info and help, personally I never had to deal with insurance before or getting a quote for fixing the car damages.

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    The bloke has done the right thing and left his details and admitted fault. I'd get a quote from my preferred shop and send it to him. If he delays or doesn't agree then you can still file an insurance claim.

    • Yeah, he was genuinely sorry when I spoke with him but anyway shit happens. Thanks for your advice

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        I’d definitely consider the option of having him pay for repairs directly rather than going through your insurer if you don’t want your car to be written off. If your car is a write off you’ll only get whatever it is insured for, which won’t cover the cost of replacement - unless you have a ‘new for old’ type policy or were looking to get a new car anyway.

        • no, I've got basic comprehensive insurance with bingle
          I'm going to a smash repairer which i know and if they think it's a write off and then talk with the insurance company

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    Write off for sure. Dang!

    Minimum $13k repair. Labour costs will really hurt this repair. The side of the car needs to be completely removed.

    • yeah, the car's been pretty good to me for the last couple of years, will surely miss it if it's a written off

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        The irony of all this is that if the truck driver just hit the left side instead they would probably just have to replace the back door. Weird design them Veloster's.

        Do I have to pay the excess if I go through my insurer?

        Who are you insured with? The big ones you won't need to. The smaller insurers you probably will but it will be reimbursed eventually as you are not at fault.

        • I'm with Bingle and did say in the Q&A about not having to pay the excess if I'm not at fault but my premium will increase

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    Was in a similar situation few weeks ago. Car written off, I was not at fault.

    Heads up your insurer will keep your yearly premium, or deduct the cost from your pay-out. I was not aware this was the standard process (makes sense I guess).

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      This is a painful inclusion unfortunately. My car was written off 2 weeks before my renewal and agreed value was a lot more than market. They must have been spewin'

    • Is this an advantage of paying by the month? Or do they still take what is owing for the remainder of the year off the claim or something?

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      They still take the owing either way. Paying annually is usually cheaper so I always do that.

      But did make me wonder, if I dealt directly with their insurance, got paid out by them, could I have then cancelled my policy and gotten a refund? More hassle so wasn't a consideration in my situation.

    • Yeah, I read the FAQ of bingle and said it'll increase my premium.

      • Why does your premium go up when you weren't at fault?
        Is this normal?

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    contact my insurance company and go from there?


    All day.


    Twice on Sundays.

    For the love of God, put it through your insurer and save yourself the possibility of a sh!t-ton of grief.

    • Sounds like a plan.
      yeah, wasn't sure enough before as my excess is quite high and didn't want to cough out $$$$ from my pocket :D

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    1. If he is playing ball, get a quote or two, request he pays, collect money, get repair to whatever standard you desire - including diy with wrecker parts and pocket the difference. This saves everyone money.
    2. If he requests you use his insurer, contact them, follow their procedure for getting repairs. This may help keep you premium lower as you won’t have any claims.
    3. If he starts getting difficult, make a claim on your own insurance. Follow their procedure for repair. This is the least work for you.

    My Mum had similar a long time ago. Truck driver said please let me sort this for you, it’ll cost me heaps if we go insurance. We got quotes, he said too much I won’t pay. We went straight to insurer, got repaired and never had any more dramas.

    • including diy with wrecker parts

      Please people. Stop all this BS. This car requires a very complex repair.

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        I hadn’t seen the 2nd photo when I posted. This is not a diy job.

        The first photo could have shown a door or guard, easily replaced with wrecker parts and a coat or 3 of paint.

        There are plenty of cases where minor damage can be repaired DIY, or cheaper than insurance rates by a panel beater. You can claim the full amount from the other driver as restitution, but then choose what to do with that cash.

    • Yeah, I'm seeing a smash repair later this arvo and see what he says and later, I might just use my insurance company and let them deal with it.

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    My wife got a quote with a panel beater, other person at fault. Quote = $3,000.
    Other person disputed them being at fault and we only had 3rd party insurance (stupid us). So we didn't go ahead with the repairs. Panel beater said $1,400 if not going through insurance. So it's always worth asking for both prices. But as Euphemistic says…these least amount of hassle every time is via your own insurer and there wont be an excess.

    • Yeah, I might do the same. see what the repairs say then proceed with the insurer at the end.

  • Obtain three (3) quotes.
    Send copies to the guy… its put to him to chose which he prefers.

    If not too expensive, cut a deal with the guy…. if quote is say $250, just ask for a cheque.
    He saves by not going through insurance.

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      If the quote is $250?? It's a matte blue car with holes punched through rear body skin… The paint matching alone would be more than $250.

      And for the record, you do not have to supply 3 quotes. You only need to supply one quote to have the damage repaired.

  • Any update?

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