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Liitokala Lii-500 Battery Charger A$31.04/US$22.99 Delivered @ Tomtop


Slightly cheaper if you purchase in USD and have a credit card that doesn't charge conversion fees, currently Google says US$22.99 equals A$30.32. Always use Paypal for your purchases.

You may see this charger cheaper on Ebay - but those deals don't include a power adapter.

One of the best chargers for looking after your collection of eneloops or other NiMh batteries. This is a smart charger, it won't overcharge your batteries like dumb chargers do.

The charger defaults to 500mA charging current when a NiMh battery is inserted, but can be set to 300mA, 500mA, 700mA or 1000mA. Different slots can be set to different charging currents, so you can charge AA and AAA batteries at the same time.

Also has two modes to test batteries:

  • Fast Mode discharges the battery, then charges it, counting how much current was used to charge the battery. Charge mAh is shown on the display.
  • NOR Mode is more accurate than fast mode, but slower. It charges the battery, then discharges it while counting the current, then charges the battery again. Discharge mAh is shown on the display.

I recommend charging AA batteries at 1000mA, and AAA batteries at 300mA. This charger will happily charge four batteries at 1000mA at the same time, which makes it better than most other chargers.

This charger can also charge Li-ion batteries such as 18650 batteries, at up to 1000mA. Largest battery it can charge is 26650 size.

Note this isn't the Lii-500S, the newest edition of this charger. That one has a nicer display and touch buttons, but is more expensive, and doesn't appear to be on special anywhere.

Note also that this charger comes with an EU power adapter, so you'll need a plug adaptor to plug it into an Australian power point. Also comes with a cigarette-lighter cord, so you can charge batteries while you're in the car.

I just tested my Lii-500's "smart charger" capability. I charged an 800mAh AAA battery, then took it out for 30 minutes, then tried charging it again at the lowest charge current (300mA). The charger stopped charging after 21 minutes, and the battery was barely warm.

Here is an excellent review of the Lii-500: https://lygte-info.dk/review/Review%20Charger%20LiitoKala%20...

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  • Officeworks have a good plug adapter for $5:

    This one has safety shutters, so it's much safer to use if you have kids in the house. Cheapo ones have huge holes you could push a car key into!

    I've also seen similar ones at stores that sell travel goods like suitcases, for about the same price.

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    Has been cheaper before A$21.60

  • What’s the difference between standard shipping and duty free shipping? Both shows it’s free?

    • At a guess, they have to charge duty or taxes to deliver to some countries. If you can show that you're in the same country as Tomtop when you order, presumably you can avoid those taxes/duty by providing some paperwork.

  • So this one is better than the Eneloop one being sold by Binglee?

    • +1

      Both will charge batteries without any problems, and both are smart chargers. But this one does much more:

      • You can adjust the charge current to the optimal value for your batteries
      • It will charge 4xAA batteries faster than the Bing Lee charger
      • It has a display that tells you how much current was put into each battery, so you will notice when a battery is failing
      • Has test modes so you can do a thorough check on batteries you think are failing
      • Will charge lithium-ion batteries too

      The only negative for this charger is that it doesn't have an AU mains plug. You'll need a plug adaptor. See my comment above for a good plug adaptor.

  • Thanks for posting this, Russ. Just gotta figure out what adapter to buy. It doesn't seem like I can get the Officeworks one delivered (says unavailable online).

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    I really appreciate the review. I just noticed the Lii-600 is on sale on the official LiitoKala AliExpress store for AUD$28 delivered:


    From this review it looks like the Lii-600 is the newer version of the Lii-500 and has some handy new features (temperature sensor, figure 8 power cable, …):


    • I clicked on your link and it's showing US$42.11 for me. How did you get it to A$28? Perhaps you have Honey installed on your web browser?

      I found this brief review of the Lii-600: https://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1731436#comment-1731436

      But also see the last comment below that review, maybe there are some problems.

      figure 8 power cable

      That will certainly be a better option for us AU customers. Although I have hear a lot of OzBargainers just buy the US version and twist the pins with pliers, highly dangerous.

      Bizarrely, when I was checking prices on Ebay AU before posting this deal, I came across the Lii-500 with an official-looking AU adapter, complete with Liitokala sticker. Perhaps fake? Here's an example:

      If you can get the Lii-600 at A$28 delivered, post it as a deal! Fantastic price!

      • +1

        Unfortunately there was only 60 minutes left of the sale price when I spotted it and didn't have time to post the deal. I have subscribed to the store and if I see the price drop again I will do my OzBargain duty and post.

        I ended up buying three Lii-600's for AUD$83 shipped, fingers crossed I don't run into any of the issues (I am only expecting to use it to charge AA and AAA batteries so I feel I should be safe).