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[PC] Origin - Free - Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC - Origin Store


Another little freebie for the Battlefield 4 players among you of which there should be quite a lot since it was given away on Twitch.

The DLC "China Rising" is currently free. Just go to the store and pick it up for free.


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    Geez we get it! So many subtle hints.

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    How funny if the actual battlefield is set at the WTO Headquarters.

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      Do you not know how DLC works?

      • DLC ….Download & Let you owned Completed version…. XD

      • Don't Like Computers

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        ok boomer

  • Wait BF4 was given away? Can I still get it?

    • It was a freebie to Twitch Prime subscribers. Seems like the offer has expired though.

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      It was given away for free from Amazon Prime but I think the promo is over.

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    after clicking 'get it free'

    ERROR 404
    Well, that didn't go as planned

    We weren't able to find what you were looking for. It's possible that the page has moved. If you typed in the address manually, please check to make sure everything is spelled correctly.

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      • Yeah I was wondering if we need to use the origin desktop app to get it to work, same issue for me from the browser

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          didnt work for me in the desktop app either, i wonder if it's because i dont have BF4 installed.

          edit: got it to work by clicking the game then navigate to "Extra Content" instead of through game store

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            @freakingtaco: thanks buddy, this method worked for me as well.

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              @jimdotpud: Me too, Log into Origin, Select "My Games Library", select "Battlefield 4" then click on the "Extra Content" tab. Scroll down and locate the free DLC, you can go through the checkout successfully.

      • Seems to be fixed now.

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      Try purchasing via the Origin app

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      "We weren't able to find what you were looking for. It's possible that the page has moved or we have kowtowed to CCP like the other gaming and sports companies. "

      Fixed it for them :P

    • Didn't work for me through app initially. Opened the game, and went to store then expansions and obtained that way

  • China Rising - Game or DoCuMentary ?

  • +1

    Oof, want to go back to playing BF4 with the BF2042 hype but seeing all the servers with the DLC that I can't join… Then going back through OZB and seeing all the free DLCs I didn't get… sigh

    • EA churning out garbage like CoD, making the old stuff obsolete and forcing everyone to buy the newest releases

  • +3

    Great game! Looking forward to sink a few communist vessels on the South China Sea!

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    By the way, has the DLC added any biological warfare weapons? Suggest something like C-virus infection that can drain HP in 10 seconds and need 2 jabs to neutralise it. Games should be more realistic these days.

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      Or add some new game modes capture the toilet paper or something.

  • Great, got the BF4 free from prime and now an expansion, although I still haven't opened the game once….

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    Just got back into BF4 after 5 years off. I can't believe how busy the servers are. Game very much alive

    • Maybe busy because of the news for new game, but usually you can't get servers to play the DLC's maps at all. Doesn't matter if you have them, they just aren't there to play them.

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    Community Operations, Legacy Operations and Night Operations also free. Add through BF4 Origin Page > Extra Content > Scroll down to add all 3 one by one

    • +1

      Had to search for legacy operations. But thanks all the same!

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