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[PC, Steam] Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition $8.98 @ Steam Store


The Complete Edition includes Grand Theft Auto IV and the Episodes – The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony.

was $29.95, now $8.98

YMMV - On first boot of the game, the game would not recognise my dedicated GPU (GTX 1050 ~4GB) and was limiting the settings based on my integrated GPU (i7 8700T). After reading some forums, watching some YouTube fixes, and trial/error, what seems to work for me was adding the commandline.txt to the GTAIV install directory and entering the GPU available that's mentioned in your dxdiag. Afterwards, I had more options to enhance/change the graphic settings. Despite the game now recognising the GPU having ~4GB, if I cranked up all the graphical settings, it would get quite messy - unrendered walls, floating cars, weird shadow glitches. Hence, I found the sweet spot was using Auto Configure and then making a few minor changes thereafter. Now getting an average of 60fps with a few dips here and there, but feels much smoother than when I was playing it on the PS3 back in the day. Yes, it isn't a fantastic port, but for $8.98 and a little bit of tweaking, it's not bad.

ps - my commandline.txt in the GTAIV folder read something like this…

-availablevidmem 4019

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  • +18

    Am I alone in enjoying this one a bit more than GTAV?

    • No but have you played this on Steam? I haven't but iirc it has issues on W10, correct me if I'm wrong because I'll buy it if so.

      • Could always buy and play less than 2 hours and then refund.

        • +1

          What if problems only become apparent after 2 hours?

          • @Munki: Pretty sure you can still request a refund, just have to provide reasoning for it. They're usually pretty good about it

          • +1

            @Munki: if you waste $10 and are entertaining for 2 hours the world will continue

    • +8

      I enjoyed San Andreas more than IV and V.

      • -1

        The only good GTA game. Brings good memories.

        • +16

          Vice City would like a word.

          • +5

            @Caped Baldy: Vice city doesn’t offer me a cup of hot coffee.

      • Yeah, I 100% that game excluding the jumps. I do like the QoL improvements in GTAIV like being able to bump into police without them going nuts.

        • +1

          I prefer GTA SA's physics more than the newer games, lol. It takes too long for the ragdolls to pick themselves up.

    • +2

      me too, the only problem is the shitty performance

    • +2

      Definitely not alone. Narratively it's a lot richer. Characters and story are a lot more engaging and entertaining. GTA V however is a better sandbox for just driving around.

    • +1

      I loved the city more, and the story was better.

      The car handling wasn't so much fun though.

    • I've never understood why people ask questions like this.

      • +1

        I asked because it seems to be a forgotten about game in the series and hasn't gotten the right recognition…

        • +1

          Nobody has forgotten about it. It is one of the highest selling games of all-time and one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time.

    • +1

      I still have a plan to play it again, but not killing any pedestrians. Zero damage to the public of New York.
      Always love to revisit Brighton Beach… See russian comrades and shops around. Wish to go to New York after covid to visit that place eventually.

  • +7

    San Andreas is still the pinnacle of the series for me, but I always had a soft spot for GTA IV. It was ahead of its time, and I never played the DLCs so I'd be keen to jump back in.

    How's gamepad support in this? Work out of the box okay?

    • +3

      From memory, really good. The shooting mechanic made it easier to "snap" to limbs by flicking the controller. My bigger issue was games for windows…

      Ballad of Gay Tony was fantastic.

    • Yep, the game automatically works with my GameSir T4W usb game controller. All buttons were mapped nicely/logically (e.g. LT brakes/aim, RT accelerate/fire, L3 honk/crouch, Y enter/exit vehicle, LB cycle through options like clothes or back alley "services"… etc)

  • +1

    Still one of the best gta.

    I wish they would remaster vice city.

    • +15

      I just started playing the steam version of Vice City a couple days ago with this custom patch, and it looks amazing playing at 1440p, compared to the current version it…

      "Fixes bugs in the game, developer errors during porting, crashes on Windows 10, adds support for widescreen displays, 60 FPS, AI enhanced textures, gamepad support, adds some elements straight from the mobile and PS2 version of the game. To install just unzip all the contents of the archive in the game folder, agreeing with the replacement."

      Can't recommend it enough.

      • What a legend! Thanks man, had no idea.this was even a thing.

  • +1

    This game was ported from the Xbox 360 with zero optimisation. I tried to play this a few weeks ago and it was a struggle to even get it running let alone get a good frame rate.

    Checked the Steam Community and it had waves of people reporting the same issues.

    Just something to be aware of, it's the games code that runs terribly not your PC's.

    • +1

      Yep, this game is notorious for it's 'unplayability' in terms of optimisation and performance. A pretty good game if you can run it though. Mods are good too.

  • +2

    This is a good game but the port of this on steam is terrible.

    Quick rundown:

    -Over 50 licensed songs have been removed from the game.
    -Multiplayer mode has been completely removed
    -The PC port is infamous for running like dogshit on almost all hardware. There is almost no optimisation.
    -Worth noting that 1 in 4 reviews of the game on steam are negative.

    Unironically a better experience to play this on X360 or PS3

    • Is this a pc port issue or dependent on the loader? E.g on epic games is a different experience?

      • AFAIK is the same shit on any PC version.

        Luckily mods are available to bring those 50+ songs back. You never know how important GTA 4’s soundtrack is until it’s gone!

        • +1

          Ah I didn’t read the title correctly, thought it was GTA5, yes GTA4 is a pile of crap on the pc port.

          Just recently completed it and there’s a glitch in the final mission where you need to run the program using a single core in order to complete a particular scene.

          Nearly put my keyboard through the monitor.

    • I don't know how many total songs there are, but it'd be pretty funny/annoying to play a game to a single looping song.

    • PS3

      silky smooth 25fps and 2 minute load times

  • +1

    Love the game. TLaTD is kinda mediocre, it's just pretty depressing the whole way through. The Ballad of Gay Tony was heaps of fun though! More like a return to the fun missions of San Andreas.

    • +1

      Lol and this is what happened to Johnny after all that.

      Trevor (profanity) his girl and then stomped him to death.


    • There is a lot of depressing stuff in GTA, so you can’t criticise TLAD for being depressing lol

      • +1

        In one sense you're right, but this was my subjective experience. In GTA 4 the main story was long and had ups and downs, but was pretty enjoyable overall. TLATD was just boring missions and a depressing storyline from start to finish, there was no upside or bright spot to look for at all. Then Gay Tony comes along and put the sparkle back in my eyes… ;)

        • +1

          I had a lot of fun with the explosive shotgun. Ballad of Gay Tony is amazing.

  • that is cheap

  • Good price, worth the $$$, unfortunately it's the worst GTA in the series IMHO.

    GTAV made 4 look pretty terrible, in all ways.

  • +2

    Niko about to go on a killing spree
    Roman: "Hey cousin, want to go bowling?"

    • Me: why the (profanity) not.

  • +1

    I've been playing this all week incidentally and honestly I can't recommend it… A bit bland, a bit slow, and repetitive missions.
    I'd rather play through SA or VC again if I could take back the hours.
    Runs alright on my R5 2400g though!

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