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Hugo Boss 3pk Trunk / Tommy 3Pk $34.30 + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend/ $0 C&C) @ David Jones


Hi Guys,

Thought I'd share some great specials I've come across when shopping at DJ's since I needed some new undies.

Hugo Boss 3pk Trunks Here and Here - Works out to $11.43 / $9.10ea
Hugo Boss 2pk Trunks - Works out to be $13.65 ea
Tommy 3pk Trunks and Here Works out to $11.43 ea
Crazy Socks go down to $3.5 (great little gifts)
Emporio Armani 3PK $11.43 ea - white only
Emporio Armani 3PK $9.10ea

With the 30% off ontop of clearance theres some good specials.

Please note, Express Delivery is currently free for VIC orders with no minimum spend.

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David Jones
David Jones

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    The Hugo Boss 3 packs, the second and third links are cheaper @ $9.10 a pair.

    • Oh there you go! I was browsing and saw some Emporio Armani ones on special too!

      • Just add them to your post if you think they're a good price. :)

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          Let me work out how to do that … 'P' plates are still on.

          • @Mintee: All good. Might also want to note, free express delivery to all those in VIC with no minimum spend.

            "Please note, Express Delivery is currently free for VIC orders with no minimum spend."

  • They all looks cheap and ugly. Are they really good quality or i am just paying for the hugo boss name?

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      It was cheaper 2 days ago, Hugo Boss 3pk Trunk for $20.
      i bought 2, they just came and the quality looks good to me.

      edit: but if you paying $68.95 then u ar definitely paying for the brand.

    • I bought the Hugo Boss ones last time they were on the special.

      The cotton is soft and stretchy, feels noticeably higher quality than your equivalent Bonds stuff.

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    Why is a single piece referred to as a pair, are they separable?

    • Sorry I fixed it - I always just referred to undies as a pair, maybe because theres two legs? who knows

    • Pants (pantaloons) used to be two things, put on one leg at a time and tied around your waist. The name has stuck even after the item became one piece.

    • initally pants (pantaloons) or breeches as they were known, used to come in two pieces like stockings and you used to put them on one leg at a time and then fastened with a drawstring, hense the phase a 'pair' of pants just like a 'pair' of stockings

      Nowdays, underpants or underwear are essentially a 'pair' of pants worn under your jeans, chinos, suit pants ect even though they are now made from one piece of fabric

      edit* Plimsol beat me to it

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    Damn all the M's are gone!

  • Thanks OP got three pairs of the mitch dowd boxers to sleep in! $32 delivered!

  • Having worn CK and Hugo Boss, I have switched to the UnderArmour charged cotton Boxerjocks and they are way superior

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    Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, because we are hopeless and have lost $3billion dollars, your order has been cancelled. As a gesture of goodwill we will advise you shortly of the next three stores we are closing this month.

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