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50% off Australian Will $80 (Normally $160 Per Individual) @ Safewill


My younger brother passed away last year and he didn't have a will. Its made life hard for everyone in my family so I told myself I would get one. I found Safewill and used them, and they were awesome. Even better with the 50% off. Very easy to do online. Worth checking out if you need a will. Normally $160 for an individual.

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    Sorry for your loss.

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    You can make your own will for free here:

    This is not advice but I am qualified.

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      Where would people lodge the will, if they use this?

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      Can you only be a senior to use that one? What i liked about this is that if i needed help, I could call them or chat them and they answered my questions straight away. The will is reviewed by legal advisors and it's always there, accessible at anytime to do update. They hold a digital copy for you for safekeeping.

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        1. Where do people lodge the will? You apply for probate via your state court and provide the will.
        2. Not limited to seniors. That's only the target market.

        I could write a tailored will if your estate has complexities - but even my own estate is so simple that I used that kit myself and for family members.

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        I think it is very good practice to use the approach you did particularly if your assets and estate are diversified and for division of estate amongst family.

        Depends on the scenario. A single parent with straightforward identifiable assets and one child who will be of adult age to receive inheritance with capacity to administer, could use the kit I linked and save some money.

  • Price in title.

  • Or, in Qld at least the public trustee will make your Will for free…

    Yes they get a bad wrap but you don’t have to nominate them as executor so particularly for young people with straightforward estates/no complicate bequests it’s a good choice.

  • Assume it’s also 50% off for the couples option?

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      Yep it looks like $120 for a couple

  • Why does this cost money at all? Can't you just whip up a word docco and keep it on your family share dropbox

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      There's formalities on how to draft for it to be recognised - otherwise when applying for probate it can become difficult for recognition and requires further evidence/costs/time. Every state has their own legislation on the topic.

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      There are certain requirements to make the will a legally accepted document. It needs to be signed and dated and witnessed by 2 persons being some. There is also some word play e.g. stating that person making will is of sound mind etc. etc.

      • Thanks I just realised I get a free Maurice Blackburn will through my union so I've started that process.

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    This turns into a $15 per year subscription by the looks of the Terms and Conditions:

    "The price paid for your Will includes the Subscription, which includes a one-year free trial period of the Services. Following expiration of that period, and then on each subsequent year thereafter, Safewill will automatically charge you an annual fee, which is indicated on our Site, and is currently AUD $15.00 (inclusive of GST), but may be subject to change at any time by Safewill, as determined by Safewill in its absolute discretion."

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      The subscription is if you want to make changes after the first year. It's optional. I guess down the line if stuff does change, you can pay the $15 and make the changes you need.

      • Says it will automatically charge you. Where does it say this is not the default?

        Very dodgy if they automatically subscribe people at $15/year.

  • I looked into this. I then tried Lawpath, and didn't like it. I settled on using the free one from Law Depot, and just added a notes page, with details about bank accounts, super, mortgage, etc.

    Now to figure out a way to release my KeePass password to loved ones ONLY when I'm deceased…

  • Negging this for the automatic sign up to a subscription service especially with the use of terms "flat fee, no surprises" and the demographic this is aimed at who will be paying year on year.

    Should not be opt out but opt in.

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