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Samsung HW-Q800T 3.1.2ch 330 Watt Sound Bar $499 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C) @ Buy Smarte


Samsung HW-Q800T 3.1.2ch Cinematic Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and dts:X

Probably the cheapest it has been.

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    • Thanks! OOS online but still found some stock at Marsden Park. Nice!

      • Yes, some stores still have stock left. these runout stock won't last too long. If you want it get it asap.

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    if you are in SA, appliances online is selling at 446 delivered whih i believe is the lowest posted here. other states are no luck out of stock.

    • Wondering whether JB/GG (in other states) would price match to this?

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        they will if you are in SA. i called JB days ago, they said because AO does not have stock in QLD and won't ship to QLD ,so they won't PM it, but offered 500 which i think is still too expensive.

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        but you can always try you local JB, you know depend on who you are talking to, they may pm for you. worth a try if you have gift card as well. 446 with 10-15% GC is ideal price. i am looking for 800t or 870a at a good price, no rush.

  • $426 here though there's only one left now:

      Also 12 months warranty has to send back to seller

  • 475 at HN https://www.harveynorman.com.au/samsung-q800t-3-1-2-channel-... 7% off gift card from shopback or of you have JB gift card should not have problem to PM.

    • Looks like they dropped the price today, was 545 until yesterday.. Thanks for sharing!

      • Yes

      • I went to Harvey yesterday too, almost made a purchase the best price they gave me was $505. Luckily I waited.

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    Good deal I got this for $521 last year and it just got a firmware update recently so still has a pulse

  • Good deal. I'm looking for a deal on the q950a.

    • Good Guys Commercial still have the Q950a at $1253-

      • That's a good deal. Cheers

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    soo any thoughts on if this would be any good as a PC speaker setup?
    my creative 2.1 setup is a bit dodgy with the plugs lately, if they get bumped one or more speakers don't work until the plugs are jiggled.

  • A quick question on these - does anybody know if it possible to hook up HDMI ARC for TV and then use the optical input for music only input (I've got a streamer that does optical out) with the TV off?

    I guess my real question is does the soundbar support the following scenarios:

    • TV on and ARC input.
    • TV off music playback by optical input.

    Bluetooth and wifi streaming aren't viable options in this case.

    • If it's like other models then yes. The sound bar has input selection. Just turn it on and select the optical

      • I've seen that in the manual - the problem is that the manual also says that HDMI takes priority if ARC is enabled. So it's a bit ambiguous about optical in working if there is also an HDMI input active.

        I know from previous checking that this is a problem with some of the polk or yamaha bars - if you have both hdmi and optical plugged in, optical will be ignored.

        I'm curious if anyone has this model and can confirm that optical works if the tv hdmi input is plugged in and the tv is off.

        • In anycase you will manually select the input device you want playback from the bar but if the TV is off it shouldn't be seeing hdmi as active

          • @Dezeption: That's how I understand wireless and bluetooth work, and it's how I would expect the optical to work, but like I say, the manual is ambiguous.

            Reckon the smart money is on my going into JB and doing a demo in person to get my definitive answer.

            Thanks for your replies all the same!

  • Brought one from JB (price match HN $475) around 410 using gift card. Still believe the 309 refurbished JB deal was better. But I don't think they are going to bring it back.

    also, people is saying there is a 5 gift card limit for JB online order, i just used 6 for this order.

    • Which site did you get the gift card from?

      • It's kind of mix situation. Some from 15% off last year, some from afterpay 100 get 20 back and some from last week's 10% off.

        Could take the advantage of current zip promo, to get another $10 off. But I don't have time to visit the store which has stock right now. And phone order don't accept zip. It's not very ozbargain, but I just take it.

        • Aaah right okay, thank you :) now I will be on look out for gift card deals.

          • @froddoog: Qantas is running 10-15% off gift card. Not the ideal way to spend points, but if you have points to burn, it could save some cash. TCN HOME/HIM/HER digital $100 for 17100 pts.

            Otherwise 5% JB cards is everywhere I think, don't forget to combine with zip promo. Bring it down to 436ish.

  • Any thoughts on this soundbar, want to know before I make the purchase.

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      Money Back Guarantee!
      Samsung are incredibly proud of the quality of their products. If, however, you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days of your purchase, they will refund your money – no questions asked!
      Click the banner above or follow the link Here to make a claim and to view the full Terms & Conditions.
      Offer valid until 30th June 2021

      Guess it's better you find out yourself.

      • I did demo in store at Harvey Norman and JB hi-fi, but I'm pretty sure it will sound kinda different at home, since their store ceiling is super high compare to my ceiling

        • And I am pretty sure different people will tell you different feelings. Better bring it home and try yourself. In your room, feel from your ears. Nothing to worry as you have Samsung to back you up.

          • @ce5himm: That's true, I might just go to Costco and get it tomorrow. Just need to convince my partner this would sound better than our TV.

            Was at Costco Ringwood this afternoon
            (Ringwood got about 6 units this afternoon)

            But thought I should check Ozbargain first before I buy it 🤣🤣 and here we are now.

            • @froddoog: That's good ,save your time hunting for those gift card. I still stock gift card, but start feeling tired. Closest Costco is like 1 hour 20mins drive, it's not an option for me.

              • @ce5himm: Fair enough, that is a long drive to Costco 😅

            • @froddoog: Thanks for letting us know.
              After reading your comment I though I'd try my luck at the nearest Costco (Marsden Park, NSW) and saw 6 boxes there today… and I bought one, so still 5 left. :) @ $469.98

              Sweet deal.

              • @Enjoyer: All good! I just checked Costco Melbourne Docklands too, they still have at least 8 units more on display.

                I think today is the last day of the sale.

                How do you like the soundbar so far?

                • @froddoog: Oh. does it end today? Glad i went yesterday. :)

                  this soundbar? well,. i did heaps of online research plus demo listening in the stores before pulling the trigger… tossing between Q70t, Yas-209, JBL 3.1, LG ones and even Bose… and frankly I am happy with the sound quality.

                  For TV/Movie, I love it. Bass is enough for me. Atmos and surround? i wasn't expecting too much from it so all good. (might add rear speakers in the future but for now have no needs)

                  For Music, i think Bose sounds better yes but for how much more money, right?

                  so, for what I paid, I am 99% happy. (1% is for Alexa not being able to stream apple music directly but I got Echo dot connected via BT so still doable.)

                  • @Enjoyer: Nice!

                    That was sort of like my verdict, for its price the atmos and surround I was a little bit disappointed haha but oh well.
                    hopefully when rear speakers added would sound much better.

                    Yea overall, happy too with the price that I paid for.

                    • @froddoog: Which rear speakers are you getting?

                      • @ce5himm: I think it would pair nicely with the manufacturer recommendation

                        Im not too sure whether you can pair with any speakers out there

                        • @froddoog: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/630904
                          There was a user report that 9100s also works with 800t.

                          • @ce5himm: Aahh sweet, after some reading online, here are my thoughts and what others have said:

                            "The 9000s, is designed specifically for the Sound+ range, may lack in certain frequencies when used with the 8500s specified soundbars, though I challenge you to spot the difference"

                            and some says that the 8500S is more suitable with the soundbar that have a separate subwoofer and the 9000S(which I believe is the same as 9100S, correct me if I'm wrong) was designed for the soundbar that has a subwoofer integrated with it.

                            Im not sure which one I would get for now haha
                            If I can find the 8500S cheaper, I would probably get that,
                            but if anyone can point out that the 9100S is better is some way and justify the costs then I would definitely getting 9100S (future proof I guess)

                            this https://www.reddit.com/r/Soundbars/comments/njcyk5/samsung_q...

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    Deal OOS, if anyone knows a good sound bar offer please let me know

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