Google Photos - Any cheaper ways to buy extra storage?

Does anyone know of any cheaper ways to subscribe to Google Photos storage other than paying the standard rates? It's a crazy amount of money to get 2tb.

I know there may be options outside of Google Photos but I'm happy with the App.

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    My understanding is any existing storage is grandfathered, so you will only need to pay for new image uploads. Are you sure you need 2Tb?

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    Buy an old Pixel phone and use it to upload photos?

    • Can recommend this - bought an older Pixel 2, and I just transfer my videos/photos/gameplay videos on the phone and upload them through Google Photos on the Pixel for a good (and at the moment, free) backup solution that can also be easily shared to anyone with a simple link.

  • A 4 TB VPS costs me $10.00 a month.
    Best cloud is your own cloud.

    • Which service provider are you using?

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    I am subscribed to YouTube premium / YouTube Music via India. Hence, I get Indian prices for Google Photos.

    The price for 2 TB via India is 650 Rupees per month, which is around $11.55 AUD per month.

    What is the AUD price?

    Luckily, I have a Pixel phone.

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    If you sign up for Google Rewards and answer the questions they send you, you get play store credit. I believe you can use that credit for Google One, which gives you more storage space.

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      I'm only on the 100gb option though that might change, but yet to actually get billed thanks to Google Rewards

    • this one ?
      how many survays do we need to complete for 100 GB?

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        I started a month or so ago, and am up to about $5.00. Surveys I've done seem to pay between $0.10 and $0.50, depending on how relevant the questions are to you. The 10c ones are where they ask if you've been to any of the stores in the list, and you say you haven't.

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        I use the app

        As kiitos says, the amount you get varies by the type of question you are asked, from 10c up.

  • i am so close to paying google one (for photo backup). very lucky somehow checking my onedrive account (uninstalled years ago from my mobile) and woallaaaa,… i have 240GB.. free plan~~~~ never paid a cents…
    so now i will migrate all my photos to onedrive (at full resolution, total around 80GB), and use google drive to store documents files etc

  • My entire photo collection ever since I got a digital camera 15 years ago tops out at around 200gb (in jpg excluding raw) so I find it hard to believe you need the 2tb immediately? 100gb for $2.5 a month seems pretty fair and should last you a while.

    • I am also using 100 GB one but I have to resize photos to around 2 MP before uploading as this is my last backup option after HDD/Blueray. Full resolution files are like 10 to 20 MB for full size JPGs and more than that for RAW. So, 2 TB is realistic and not enough if you have videos too.