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[VIC] Free Big Mac, Today (28/6) 12pm-2pm @ McDonald’s


Free Big Mac because Melbourne City won the Grand Final. Between 12pm - 2pm today only

Facebook Post https://www.facebook.com/melbournecityfc/posts/1015891382164...
instagram Post https://www.instagram.com/p/CQpF0moBWWt/
Terms and Conditions https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/big-wins-deserve-a-f...

Offer valid 12pm to 2pm in Victoria only on Monday 28th June. This offer is not to be distributed or redeemed by a child under 14 years. Limit of one redemption per person per day. Offer must be shown to crew person at order/pay point to be accepted, no photocopies are valid. Not to be used in conjunction with or to discount any other offer or with an Extra Value Meal ® purchase. Only bona fide original vouchers will be accepted. Vouchers are void if tampered with in any way. McDonald’s® reserves the right in its absolute discretion to verify the validity of this voucher. Not redeemable via McDelivery®, mobile ordering or self-ordering kiosks in Restaurants.

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    • +6

      I second this!

      • +4

        I think you mean that Sydney FC came second.

    • +10

      Big Macs are for winners only, sorry

      • Can we get cheese burger free? 🙄

        • no, only blue vein cheese for you

      • +1

        So NSW should be getting them cause of State of Origin then…

  • +2

    "Only bona fide original vouchers will be accepted." Need to present voucher or just show the brochure in Facebook link?

    • +2

      Just show the Instagram post.

    • +2

      Also need to at least try and order in Latin to improve bonefideness of your voucher and prove the fanciness of yourself.

  • +10

    I'll gladly eat this with my Melbourne Victory wooden spoon..

  • +1

    Sadly the Kiosks don't accept Instagram posts.

    • Anything wrong with just showing at the counter?

      • +16

        Human interaction

  • +1

    So do you just go up to the counter, show them the insta post and leave with your big Mac..?
    Then come in with a fake moustache and repeat….?

    • +1

      family picnic in front of maccas's lawn

    • My name is Mr… Snrub… yes.

  • +1

    Do I get the wobbly cup with it?

  • -2

    Once again, thanks Mansour bin Zayed.

  • -3

    Yay just got my 4th

  • +2

    My wife just got one, they had no idea about it…
    Just ended up giving her a free one, so they wouldn't hold up the line.

    • Seems quite weird that it's not shown anywhere on a McDonalds owned website/app.

    • Yeah same here. They had no clue. But also gave it despite. :D

  • claimed!

  • Ty

  • Nothing for Sydney, as usual.

    • +2

      You have Gladys

      • +1

        I would rather have a Big Mac than Gladys.

  • Thanks! Straightforward in redemption.

  • +1

    The McDonalds app sucks.. Just sayin'.. Get some real app developers to make an app that works.

    Thanks for posting the freebie.

  • +1

    Just got my burger. There was a car who drove around 4 times so each if their kids could get one.
    Tarago. Always a tarago infront of me at a maccas.

  • +1

    Not all Maccas are honouring it. Went to Nunawading (Melbourne), manager had no clue about the offer, I asked if they would honour it and answer was no. Drove 3km to E Doncaster, yep, no problems.
    BTW, KFC had an offer last year, a friend of my brother's claimed it in a drive-through after he showed the phone app at the counter. When he exited he was hauled over by the coppers and booked for handling his phone while driving. I believe the fine was about $288.
    Hey, hey, hey… Let's be careful out there!

    • +1

      That's bullshit. They should have honoured it especially if its the on one corner of Springvale road/Whitehorse road.

      That is a big one, and that manager played dumb.

    • https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/driver....

      It's 4 demerit points and $496 fine in Victoria now. There are occasional news articles discussing surprising road rules and this always features. It's hard to believe that any police officer would actually enforce it in relation to the example of showing the phone at the checkout while the vehicle is stationary in a drive-through, but the example from branners shows it does actually happen.

      I believe if you turn off the engine and engage the hand brake then the fine won't apply so that's what I would do. It seems unlikely a police officer would know whether you did or did not do that unless they were right next to you or behind you at the time so one could probably claim they did so to avoid the ridiculous fine.

  • Claimed at Rowville. They double checked that it wasn't a screenshot.

  • Got it so easy. No problem at all in s. Melbourne

  • -2

    Great idea. Get people standing in long queues in the middle of a pandemic.
    Perhaps they should set up at testing and vaccine stations and hand Big Macs to the people in the queues there.

    • The Big Macs contain the vaccine…

    • +3

      Lucky Melbourne won and not Sydney then.

    • Perhaps you'd be more amenable to a fresh produce retailer handing out sour grapes?

  • +1

    I agreed with my mrs to start ''our'' diet today.

    Ah well, fell at the first hurdle but will have to keep it a secret as not worth the earache ( ;-)

  • -2

    I don't think a free Big Mac would be worth living in Victoria for

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