eBay Afterpay Deal - Rejected Payments

Hi there

Is anyone else having problems with the eBay / Afterpay promotion?

I joined Afterpay yesterday and completed 2 transactions. Both processed fine. Today, my third transaction was rejected by Afterpay. I was originally told by Afterpay to pay off one of my earlier transactions which I did in full. I then reprocessed the sale in eBay and was rejected again.

So I then logged into Afterpay and paid off my only outstanding "debt" in full. Reprocessed the sale in eBay and then rejected again by Afterpay!! No reason given accept they tell you they take many factors into account.

I believe I am in line with the T&Cs of the eBay / Afterpay promotion. I have no mortgage, good credit card limits and cash in the bank. I could easily pay for the item on CC but I want the 15% off as would any Ozbargainer!


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  • my third transaction was rejected by Afterpay

    How big was the transaction excluding discounts?

  • $590 listed price

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    Flagged as new member fraud by afterpay. Probably some built in security algorithm that disregards common sense.

  • Even after paying off all debts within 1 day? Crazy!!!

    • Major BNPL they have trigger in place where account been paid out quickly

      • This defies logic but anyway….

  • I don't know anything about AfterPay, does one have a limit?

    • Yes. The more you buy and pay off, the higher your limit (which I think is max $2000?)

    • I checked my Afterpay credit limit and I am well within that. Cheers

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    I am relatively new to Afterpay and still learning the ropes.

    However, despite the amount limit showing on your apps, Afterpay can deny any purchase in real time. So the 2nd purchase OK doesn't mean the 3rd purchase in the next 1 minute will guarantee approval.

    You have been suspected as a fraud.

    You have been fooled by the customer service into being asked to pay all debts within 1 day. That means they have no more exposure from you and still can deny your purchase because in their eyes, you have rung their fraud alarm bell.

    Best to leave for a few weeks before purchasing again

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    Why is my order being declined?

    How long have you been using Afterpay? We are more likely to limit you to small purchases in the first six weeks.
    How much do you have to repay on this purchase and any other previous outstanding purchases? The smaller the amount to repay, the more likely your purchase will be approved.

    How many orders can I have with Afterpay?

    If you attempt to place multiple purchases straight away that will be a major red flag and your purchases will be declined. As we get to know you better, you will be able to increase the number of orders that you're paying off at the same time!

    Your account must have been flagged.

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      Can confirm this, been a member for around two years at a guess, my limit has increased to $2k,
      in the early days I did have small purchases declined when I had a few already being payed off,
      but have not seen that in the last 6-12mnths, think I've had around 6 items being payed off at a

  • My first transaction was weirdly declined ($820 with a $385 payment up front) once afterpay redirected back to ebay after I completed all the payment steps, but then I tried it again and it went through fine

    System seems a bit whack

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