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30% off Selected Liquor Lines @ Coles Online (Excludes QLD, TAS)



Get 30% off selected lines at Coles online.

Some notable deals:

  1. Tᴇʀᴍs & Cᴏɴᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴs:

    Liquor is not available to customers in Queensland, Tasmania or the Alice Springs area in NT. Liquor and tobacco can’t be collected from Coles Express Click&Collect locations.

    View information about ordering liquor in Darwin and surrounding areas, as there may be further purchase conditions.

    In order to comply with new liquor delivery laws in South Australia, effective from 12 June 2019 customers will be requested to sign a declaration confirming they are 18 years or over, at the point of delivery for any order containing a liquor product.

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    Got to put an example price in. $42 for Absolut 1L is good

    • Yeah, good price! I grabbed some Kahlua ($25.2) with it and ready to go for expresso martinis. Thank OP 👍

  • +1

    Never used coles online till now and it’s terrible. After signing up and adding jacobs creek and going through slow process at the end it says not available. WOW is so much better!

  • Thanks. Bought Absolut 1L and Chivas 12 YO 1 L for $103.65 delivered. Cheers :)

  • +7

    worst website ever.

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        Still waiting

  • +3

    WORST WEBSITE EVER. who ever designed it should be sacked and have their web dev license taken away

    • +2

      Totally agree, nothing ever works on this website.

    • Then reinstated, fined and removed again..

      Worse part is the promo % don't always calculate properly (20% code only took off 12%). Then flybuys don't track. I ve reported to consumer affairs. Still dodgy as ever.

      It's unbelievably bad for a big retailer.

  • Make sure you set your physical store location BEFORE browsing/purchasing otherwise you might be shocked to find that the item is out of stock when it comes to making payment.

  • I just tested the code on other items out of interest thinking Coles might have been lazy but it doesn't work on beer.

  • The best part of Coles Liquor is they take your order and cancel it when they couldn't find stock….what a joke

    • Or they just clear your whole cart because the website is so poorly designed…

      • I shop with Coles online because I hate going there (get meat and veg elsewhere). I was consistently having to call their stupid support function after putting in an order until one day this poor bugger from IT called to apologise saying that it was treating the order incorrectly because I was buying booze, smokes and food in one hit. It's been fixed since. Pathetic.

    • Really? I got a good haul on the beer price errors two weeks back

  • No stock in Qld 😉

    • +2

      No licence in Queensland:

      "Due to liquor licensing laws in Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania, Coles online is unable to offer liquor in these regions. Liquor is also not available to the Alice Springs area in the Northern Territory."

  • +1

    Nice when stacked with the 20% flybuys offers that are common lately.

  • Was able to add items to cart. Won't deliver (multiple days and time slots attempted). Can't collect (multiple south Sydney stores selected). Checked 3 days in a row and still can't place order. Absolute waste of time.

  • rubbish, this is one of the most unusable online shopping system I have ever used, it looks fancy but it's bloody slow and hard to use. no rain check, no stock display. took forever to order and you cannot test discount codes in cart…….

  • I tried to buy ….won't allow pick up or delivery. sounds like a shonky deal!!

  • I think they might be having issues coping with the lockdown areas. I'm in Sydney and struggling to either get anything delivered or to find a pickup location/time.

  • What I found is; Not everything is 30% off like double black, asahi beer, papperjack shiraj etc which i was looking for. Does anyone has a list for excluded/included items??? Not possible to check one by one.

    • The main link for this deal shows all the items which are included (just over 2 pages worth).

  • some solace, no chance of this deal being ozbargained with the website in its current form haha

  • Max discount seems to have been changed to $30.
    Although it's not mentioned in Ts&Cs

    • Are they allow to do this??

      • No idea. Their support didn't know why it was caped at $30 either.
        The promotion has now ended 1 day early as well.

        • Bloody hell, i was waiting here for last day to order…

  • Ordered this to be delivered, came today and I didn't get the Absolut, Jameson, Glenlivet 12 or Chivas, it was "out of stock".

    However I did get the Kahlua. And, weirdly, 5x 4 packs of Bentspoke IPA. I didn't notice when I ordered but it was added to my invoice for $0. No idea what I did to get that, it just appeared. So overall I did alright.

  • Found some stores with stock but no says "The "CHEERS30" promo code is not currently available"

  • "All alcohol is currently unavailable for delivery or collection"…. shit show of a website

  • Not bad result, ordered 2x kahlua and 1x tequila, kahlua cancelled but received $32 coles credit on my account, making the bottle of tequila only cost $13.

  • Iv messaged Coles,total BS I’ve been waiting days for a non automated reply
    Why have a promo code when you can’t supply the goods,the product was physically there but the system saying not available.
    They should be reported.