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ASUS Lyra Trio (2-Pack) AC1750 Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi System $119.89 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Hi OzB Team,

Daughter has moved into the granny flat, and consequently murdered her data cap on her phone 2 months in a row now. Her excuse being no Wi-Fi signal, so I went on the hunt to get another AiMesh product to extend our Wi-Fi at home. I realise not everyone uses Asus AiMesh like me, so might be a niche product, but upon searching, this is the cheapest it's ever been, according to CamelcamelcamelAu, so the timing is right for me. Hoping it pairs well with my current setup (DSL-AC68U and Asus Lyra Voice).

As title suggests this is for a 2 pack of the Asus Lyra 1750 Dual Band AiMesh System.

PS. Yes it would be cheaper to just sell the daughter, but I haven't found any buyers yet…

Revision. Just had a check back and can see the price has risen to $133.98, hope at least a few of you all got in there before the price hike.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    PS. Yes it would be cheaper to just sell the daughter, but I haven't found any buyers yet…


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      Just need to know where to look I guess 🤣

  • Interested in hearing your experience using these with the DSL-AC68U as I have the same modem and also looking to extend the wifi coverage too. Thanks

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      Depends how much more coverage you need.

      I disabled the 5G, set it to N only, and replaced the antennas with 12dBi antennas and got an extra few rooms worth of coverage.

      My router is near a window, and it covers my block.

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    why these look like clothes irons tho.

    • Because you buy space age clothes irons i guess.

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      or push up bars

  • Price shows as $265

    I purchased this a year ago for $199 and bridged to the Archer VR1600v supplied router with TPG NBN. Works really well and I have different subnet for the 30 odd devices in my house. The Archer tends to overheat and drop out once a month or so and needs to be rebooted to get connection re-established but seems to be a common fault with the Archer router

  • I've had these at home for the last 2 years and honestly wasn't very impressed. One node required a hard reset almost daily otherwise it would lose connection. Meanwhile I had two nodes upstairs and even then the signal was not perfect in my bedroom furthest away from the node.

  • Back to $265

  • My problem with Aimesh is that i can't force the other devices to connect to the closest router, I have 2 Asus router using Aimesh and majority of the devices are still connected to the main router. Does anyone know to resolve this?

    • Yes, you want to disable the lower wifi speeds on the router; so when it say, decides it 'needs' to drop to 25Mbps to keep a stable connection, it will instead, drop the client.
      This will make the other one pick it up.

      First of all though, it's possible you've left the transmit strength on maximum, try turning it down to 50%.

      • Thanks mate, do you know the exact setting name in the router on where to change this? I'm using merlin and can't find the transmit strength and the wifi speed you're talking about.

  • Have anyone used it with Asus RT-AC5300?

  • 3 pack show $250 and 2 pack show $264.

    • Yeah mate, price steadily rose as soon as people started buying, hopefully at least a few people got it at the reduced price.

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