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[DashPass] 2x Select Footlongs, 2x Cookies & 2x 600ml Drinks for $20 Delivered @ Subway via DoorDash


Received an email with a pretty decent deal for Subway, saving $16.95

Staying at home doesn't have to mean leftovers for lunch. With DashPass, get 2 x Footlongs, 2 x cookies and 2 x drinks for only $20

You can get a FREE 2 month DashPass as shown is this deal 2 months free promo now expired. 2 weeks free is now offered

Valid on “Subway Favourites”
Chicken Classic Subway Footlong
Chicken Teriyaki Subway Footlong
Italian B.M.T Subway Footlong
Meatball Melt Subway Footlong

Referral Links

Referral: random (2176)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $30 credit once referee places an order over $20.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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  • +14

    Its a great deal, but only following selections are available for this promotion.

    • Chicken Classic Subway Footlong
    • Chicken Teriyaki Subway Footlong
    • Italian B.M.T Subway Footlong
    • Meatball Melt Subway Footlong
    • +4

      Yeah, you’re right.. No love for vegetarians!🙁

      • +8

        Choose the chicken classic option, then in the Special Instructions box, ask them to leave out the chicken. Simples!

        • +2

          That is veggie delight. Not veggie patty.

          • +14

            @netjock: I never said it was a veggie patty. Merely supplying a vegetarian option to the person who said there was no love for vegetarians.

      • +3

        Maybe meat is cheaper. They have tuna in USA without tuna USA today

        I also remembered watching a documentary about where your food comes from and beef patties in hamburgers to qualify to be called hamburgers need only 51% meat the rest can be whatever filling.

      • +3

        Veggie delight has now been added to the list of subs when I checked this morning.

        • Yeah, can confirm veggie delite has been added, I just checked this deal and came here to post the same thing lol

    • +2

      Oops sorry! It didn’t mention that in the email, I should have checked the app before posting!

    • I ordered a 2 for one on Uber Eats the other day with the same options, I selected teriyaki and asked them in the instructions to put in buffalo chicken instead and they did. Worth a shot

  • +1

    You beat me to it.. just saw that email now…

  • +1

    You can get a FREE 2 month DashPass as shown is this deal

    Only seems to show 2 weeks now.

    • +1

      I think that promo expired June 30. Reverted to 2 weeks free now

  • Any expiry date?

    • July 6th

  • +5

    Doordash are clowns. I've never gotten a single code or promotion to work properly. Recently heard from a friend experiencing the same thing - targeted email just for their account for some deal, then getting an error saying they are not eligible.

    Such a waste of time. There's bound to be issues with every platform but with doordash it has been 100% of the time in my experience.

    • +6

      Oh that sucks! I’ve been finding them great. Their app seems to run smoothly for me with tracking and the drivers are quick in my areas. Menulog for me are the worst. Yet when I’m visiting family Menulog are the quickest in their area. I guess which app is best depends on the area.

      • Yeah there will be variance based on area. I'm only speaking of their codes/discounts/deals. At least with menulog and ubereats, codes have always worked when they should and many deals don't require codes.

        Menulog have been slower than ubereats in my area but with the service fee, i basically never use ubereats.

        • +1

          Yeah since the service fees came in, I use uber eats far far less. I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot with that one. But maybe people are still using it. I would forgo it completely if it weren’t for the fact my face coffee place is only on ubereats. Menulog have been the worst for me, so slow. Orders getting cancelled or not showing up. 95% of the time it’s cold and without fail every order the driver calls and asks me to come down from my unit. It’s always some lie (can’t find it, no parking etc) but they just don’t want to walk up the stairs to my unit.

    • +1

      I agree.
      Worst delivery service there is.

    • +3

      Agree. Disgusting company with atrocious customer service if you could even call it that.

    • +1

      Exactly the same thing happened to me. Got a 25% off next order email with a code. Tried it with more than 5 different restaurants and every one of them said this store doesn't accept the voucher. I went to their live chat and they didn't seem interested in helping or even understanding what the actual problem was. Useless.

    • DoorDash is damn amazing in my area. Uber eats always bunks up several orders and takes forever on delivery.

    • Door dash actually very reliable for me.

      Menulog on the other hand are really bad. On Mon I had a really bad experience with them. After selecting pre delivery for next day, I got confirmation. On that day I even called to confirm. Got the okay. Rushed back home to wait for delivery. Shop accepted order. Delivery guy assigned. Delivery time delayed once. Then estimated time given. And few minutes before I was suppose to get it, I got notification it is cancelled. Just like that.

      Abysmal service.

    • The code works for me. However, they won't let me use my debit card. In the past I used SB to buy vouchers.

  • -2

    Damn, I was going to use this in a couple of days but now it will be ozbargained :(

    • +1

      Yup same :(

    • +1

      Place the order now and schedule it for delivery on your chosen day.

      • Never tried that with subway / doordash. Does it work well ? Always worried they will forget about it or think its an error.

        • +1

          Dunno, I’ve scheduled mine for tomorrow. The store has acknowledged the order.

        • +1

          Order that I placed yesterday is on its way now :)

  • +4

    In fact. It's $20.74

    • +3


  • Awesome deal, Thanks OP

  • I can't get it to apply. "Make sure your cart contains the required items"
    DoorDash trial started
    2BMT footlong
    Guess I'll just have some fruit.

    • Search the menu for Subway Favourites.

      • +1

        Oh it's like a package you have to select and complete. Why doesnt tapping the promo banner in the app open it?
        Thanks friend.
        Edit: shame I already cancelled the subscription and the trial ends instantly.

      • Mine is showing up as $27.59? The discount is showing as $5.00

        EDIT: Clicked on "change promo code" and pressing the subway meal 2 for $20 will show "make sure your cart contains the required items" when I already have the subway favourites meal for two selected.

        • Did you select the Meal for Two option under Item Offers in the menu and then make your selections from there?

  • +1

    Funny thing is got a sms "… is approaching with your order from Subway. If you have to meet your Dasher face-to-face, please wear a mask as a safety precaution." I worn a face mask when got the food but the delivery guy did not.

    • I get a food delivery daily (ubereats, Menulog, door dash and Deliveroo) all of them say that. Probably 100+ deliveries and I’ve had maybe two drivers wear a mask :(

    • I work at Subway and if we get a delivery driver without a mask we refuse to give them the order till they put one on, or we give them one of our disposable masks. Unfortunately once they get in the car who knows what they do! Really sucks.

  • Great deal, thanks! I signed up to DashPass 2 days ago and it was still 2 months trial

  • +1

    Man this is crap. Placed an order an hour ago. The guy waited in the store for 30 minutes for I don't know how many orders. And now he has gone all over Sydney delivering even though I am 5 minutes from the store. He is like 3 suburbs away in the opposite direction…wtf. ozbargained I guess. It's going to arrive cold.

    • +2

      Sorry Bro will be able with your order soon. Flat out atm.

    • +2

      Did you put in a complaint? They should hopefully give you credit. I’ve never had an issue with doordash giving credit. Menulog however is like pulling teeth. I had to fight for a refund on an order that didn’t arrive even though the driver claimed he tried but I didn’t answer the door. Which was a lie.

    • +3

      Food arrived super late and soggy. The subs were left on top of the cold drinks the entire time he was driving around Sydney.

  • +1

    Ordered around 12:30. Had to cancel my order just then because it never arrived, got $10 in credits…

  • -1

    After the free trial, the link says the DashPass subscription fee is $13/week. That's highway robbery when Deliveroo Plus is $15/month. I suspect it's a typo so I tried to tell them through their online chat but the chat consultant was too confused and badly trained to do anything about it.

    • Wow, I did t notice that! I thought that was the monthly price. That’s actually insane considering they charge a service fee and also the DashPash isn’t valid for all restaurants (half the ones in my area don’t have the dashpass logo and charge delivery) At least ubereats pass is valid on every single restaurant.

      • -1

        Its 100% $12.99 a month. It used to be more but they dropped it after Uber was $15. Everything I got (email, in app) says $12.99 a month, where you see a week?

        Must be restaurant dependant. Honestly, in Melb I reckon 80-90% are DashPass in my area. PLus IGA and alco orders make this such a win.

  • +1

    Just ordered and got someone else's sandwhich (:

  • +1

    Chicken Classic
    Italian Herb and Cheese
    All Salads

    Chicken Teriyaki
    Italian Herb and Cheese
    All Salads
    Sweet Onion

    My go-to with this combo :)

    • +5

      Cheddar..pfft. Old English all the way.

      • +1

        tbh I've never had old English at subway (remind me too much of maccas) :)

        I'll get it tomorrow ~

        • remind me too much of maccas

          Uh..that’s the reason why you get old english!

          • +1

            @Pecan: lol ~ then I'd get maccas instead!

            • +1

              @blehgg: Old English is the correct choice, especially toasted with any of the chicken or meatball subs.

              Definitely try it.

  • +3

    Door dash has been amazing for me, all the deals have worked and the dash pass is clutch.

    Customer service is good too

  • In WA, DoorDash isn't showing any subways in and around my area which is bizarre because we have 5.

  • I tried to apply the discount but it keeps saying I need to make sure I have added the required items which I am sure I've done so. Had to pay full price. Talked to the customer service and they credited my account with $15.

  • Mine shows a total of $25.73 without any free delivery. Is this what others have gotten?

    • Do you have DashPass? It should be free delivery with DashPass.

      • Yeah I have DashPass and unsure why it's charging me $4.99 for delivery. Is this happening to anybody else?

      • I tried it again this morning and delivery fee was not charged, strange. Also I noticed that veggie delight is added onto the list of subs.

  • -3

    People still eat this highly processed junk?

    • People still bi**hing about other peoples eating habits?

    • did you type that from KFC wifi?

  • There is a Doordash service fee of 0.74.

    The promotion should be $20.74.

  • +1

    My doordash arrived in an uber eats bag. Both subs were crushed and the bread was stale :(

    • The bag thing is pretty common when the restaurant is on multiple platforms. Sucks about the sub though. What the hell did the driver go to crush it? I’d you complain?

      • +1

        Probably had more orders and stacked them?
        I also dislike that Doordash doesn't let you select the franchise location, unlike Menulog. I have 3 subways within 3-4 kms and they always pick the worst one.

  • So can anyone confirm, is the dashpass free to try?

    • Yes it is, but at the moment they’re only offering 2 weeks free, not 2 months anymore.

  • Anyone know when the deal is expiring?

    • +1

      I've used it twice and it's not showing up for me anymore.

    • Tomorrow (6th)

  • Is it ok to store a sub in the fridge for the next day? Don't think I can finish 2 subs

    • what's another day on top of the months it's probably stored at subway lol If you don't mind the (disgusting) taste go for it.

      • +1

        Fair point lol

  • +1

    How can I redeem this? I click the meal for 2 and select everything I want and get to the checkout and its showing $37.69. I have DashPass.

    • Same ? It shouldn’t expire until tonight ?

      • That's what I thought. When I activated my free DashPass trial only 30 mins ago there was a banner ad showing the ad for the deal. Now, it's gone and nothing at all.

        • Just activated DashPass and the same thing happened to me… guess I have to sort out something else for dinner now..

  • +1

    I can’t seem to find this deal anymore ?

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