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Google Nest Hub (Gen. 1) Charcoal/Chalk/Aqua/Sand $78 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Google Nest Hub - Chalk
Google Nest Hub - Aqua
Google Nest Hub - Sand

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • 1st Gen or 2nd Gen ?

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      1st Gen

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      The new only notable feature in 2nd Gen is sleep tracking, which will become a paid subscription from January (price TBC). Is it worth the extra $$?

      • There are some fantastic sleep tracking apps made by Medical tech companies on google play and apple store already. In fact there is one very good one developed in australia only useable on flagship phones, with actual medical authority approval

        such as…


        More info…


        • Both of those only work with Samsung Galaxy devices. I'm quite happy with the AutoSleep app that I purchased outright 3 years ago but wouldn't mind using the Google SleepSense for control data, as it's using a different approach to track sleep cycles, but not interested enough to pay for a subscription.

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    Would rather buy from OW than Harvey

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      They don't have any 1st gen left.

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    Go to bunnings and ask for a price beat they will beat it and give you the 2nd gen.
    Got my gen 2 for $89 after price beating Kmarts gen 1 sale price.

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      I can't imagine all of us being that lucky

      • The kmart ad didnt mention which gen, and neither does this harvey ad.
        Even the gen 2 box only says gen 2 in very small text.
        Gen 2 has more features but looks fairly identical.

        Its not luck, many people did this in the last ozbargain deal.

    • Did Bunnings not have a Gen 1 and hence offered the discount on Gen 2?

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        I showed up, asked them if they would price beat this (showed them the kmart ad) they said yep, pulled a box off the shelf, (i checked to see if it was gen 2, didnt mention it to them, it was), i bought it for $89.

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      Bunnings don't seem to have nest hubs online at all

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        A lot of their smart home range isn't. Routers included. They're instore though.

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      Bunnings Kent Town in Adelaide nogo price matching. Woman saw in Harvey's website was gen 1 and wouldn't match with their gen2

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        Bunnings is a bust tried another one (south road) and no luck, too smart and saw the different model numbers

      • Same for me. Product code is different. No matchy matchy.

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    Great price, I already have. Patiently waiting for a decent price drop on the Hub Max.

  • Worth it at this price for sure.

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    I think I got this for $19 from eBay a few years ago. I never use it but it looks pretty in the kitchen

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      Why the negs? It was $20, my bad.

      • People hate missing out in deals, so they become petty. Take the down votes with pride.

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  • Any significant features missing compared to gen 2?

    • Sleep tracking and quick gesture. Sleep tracking is free at the moment but it will be subscription base in the future.

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    Not sure if gen 2 or any later model is the same or not, but gen 1 is laggy as hell, almost even from the very beginning….,

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    For those that have it, does it have a Web browser and keyboard yet? Want to be able to look at recipes or search up videos I want to watch on the YouTube app - not all this google recommends/all voice commands stuff

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      You probably need a tablet.

      • Yeahh have the tab S7 but prefer something like this with the simplicity.. Just not to this extent. I've seen updates with the keyboard and a roundabout way for using the Web browser - but sounds like the youtube app is still using autoplay permanently

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      I look up on YouTube on phone and cast to it, if I can't find with/don't want to use voice commands.

  • If only you could make calls other than Google Duo.

    • I think you can if you're with Telstra.

      • Whoops. I meant video calls.

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          This doesn't have a camera so even with Duo you can only use voice, but you can see the other person if they have a camera.

      • Yep, use as my hands free conference phone for Telstra phone calls when WFH

  • Does this work well with ring doorbell or anazon echo better?

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      Limited, the video doesn't stream automatically when someone is ringing. You have to specifically tell google to ask your Ring doorbell to do something like:

      "Turn motion alerts on/off."
      "Turn ring alerts on/off."
      "When was the last time the doorbell rang?"
      "Start recording video."
      "What is the status of the doorbell?"
      "What is the health of the doorbell?"

      • Wanted something that can display front door straight away when someone ring it. Would echo do that then? Thanks

        • You may want to try Nest doorbell

          • @hhlau2: I already have ring doorbell. Just need one display to match. I just thinking since ring is amazon so maybe echo bigger

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    I've had one of these as a digital photo frame in the kitchen for the last year. Wanted to put up some pics of the dog after he died :(

    It works very well for this. The screen brightness adjusts to the surrounding light, so it always blends in to the surroundings. It's never annoyingly bright or dark, doesn't feel too much like a screen at all.
    For this feature alone, it's worth it if you want a digital photo frame. It can be set to show pics from a specific folder in Google photos.

    Can't really comment on the other features, they all seem a little pointless.

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      YouTube videos or podcasts while cooking or cleaning the kitchen. Ambient music when friends are over, and Google photo library.

      Tried a few automation things but I don't have the setup to make the use of it.

    • I use it for home automation, just say "hey google turn off the kitchen light" etc, and also for playing music. You can even cast netflix/kayo/etc to it so you can watch the footy while cooking etc. Also great for setting timers while cooking.

      • You can cast Netflix to it now?

        • Yes you can, exclusive for google nest devices, doesn't work with Lenovo and JBL smart display.

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    Great as a clock or photo frame, and when used as part of a speaker group it displays the current song, album art etc. Also ok for streaming news or kids shows during meals if you have in the kitchen and eat there sometimes, although a little small, hence why I want to upgrade to the Max and retire this to the bedroom.

  • Tempted, but also wondering if there's just too much overlap with my phone? Trying to think of a good use case aside from just being a photo frame on my kitchen desk

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      Digital radio, setting reminders/calender, timer, phone mirroring device, many radio and podcast apps have a stream button so you can put them on these devices. Randomly asking about the whether is nice, and travel times to places to check for traffic etc.

  • Can you cast to these? Would be semi useful as a tiny external monitor.

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      Yes you can.

  • Thank you OP.

    Price matched at Bunnings. Got two. $70.20 each.

    There was one Charcoal left at Bennett’s Green store.

    • Ditto at Parafield SA, $70.2 ver 2. 1 charcoal and 4(?) chalk left. YMMV

    • No luck for me, western Sydney. Tried three stores, they have second generation only in stock

  • https://ibb.co/DrXLtLp
    Nest Hub Gen 2 $78
    Bunnings Vermont South

    • thanks, grab 2 unit today.
      i think last 2-3 unit remaining.