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Century Ultra Hi Performance Car Battery 55D23LF $149.99 (Was $199.99) and 75D23L $179.99 (Was $239.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Update the 25% discount is on ALL Century Automotive and 4WD batteries.

Sadly I literally just purchased this battery as my Mazda one had failed on me. Would have love to have saved the $50.. Oh wells…. here's to letting you all know in case yours is about to fail as well.

Check to see if it fits your car here: https://www.centurybatteries.com.au/resources/battery-finder

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      • Repco had Supercharge battery discount that ended 30/6.

  • What happened to all the eneloop ozbargainers have been collecting? Just use that for the car battery.

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    If you pay $15 for fitting you get an extra 6 months warranty as well. I've had a few batteries fail around the 2.5-3 year mark so the extra 6 months warranty can prove itself valuable.

    • Wow that’s not long at all! We had a Cerato which had its original battery for nearly 7 years. My Honda Jazz it’s nearly 6 years, the other day it drained (due to getting a viofo installed and parking mode drained the battery :( ). I have been wondering if I should get the battery checked by auto cheap and see if it needs replacing.

      • Yeah I've got a V6 Sorento and it's towards the end of its 4th battery in 8 years. It mainly does shortish city trips and now stays outside so not great conditions for a battery. I've got a Ctek charger which I use once a month or so now; hopefully that will help prolong things.

    • What was it like claiming warranty. Apparently you need to take it to a warranty centre?

  • Does SCA take back old batteries ? Apart from council tip, where else can we dispose older batteries ?

  • Actually have the Ultra 75D23L MF version of this in my lancer for about 4 years now and hasn't missed a beat! I reckon i paid a little more than that but would highly recommend at that price!

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    My Aurion also suffered a dead battery last week and I had to get the 75D23 for 239. Got $60 credited to the loyalty credits this morning.

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    I needed a 55D23L battery just yesterday, and purchased the Exide CMF55D23L Advantage from Costco for the current price of $122.99, I do not think it is on special.
    If you have Costo available, this may be a cheaper option for you.

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    I got the 75D23L price beat when Autobarn had 25% off last week then used Zip pay with Supercheap for extra $35.65 off, wasn’t sure if Zip would work as SC gave me a coupon to buy online

    - $61.74

    $178.25 - $35.65 = $142.60

  • Is supercheap auto good to replace battery with start/stop. Never replaced one myself and hear some resetting is needed after replacement.

    • supercheap auto won't touch it, my car has start/stop, they refused.

      my battery took about 1 month to arrive from supercheap, lucky my old one still alive until replacement arrived. dealer wants to charge $550….

      • $550… wow. NRMA asking for $370, seems like a decent price.

        • mine was a much heavier duty version, retail at batteryworld is about $499, so not too bad from dealer

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    Be sure to donate your old car battery to the ocean
    The eels are running out of charge recently due to the pandemic :(

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    I was in store yesterday and all Century batteries are 25% off.

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    Thanks for the post OP. Bought a different battery but good to know they’re on sale.

    Just one thing - don’t trust the Supercheap battery finder. I need a DIN65LH AGM for my 2016 Benz, and it says it’s the right battery on the Century site, but Supercheap’s system tells me it doesn’t fit - which it clearly does.

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      for most parts I agree - go to manufacturers part finder rather than rely on the dodgy versions SCA, Repco, Sparesbox have, etc.

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    Op update to say all centuries batteries have 25% off

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    I would NEVER buy a battery at full price at SCA, Battery World or Autobarn.

    If you can do the self installation for get someone to install for you for a reasonable cost then buy from
    - Costco if you have membership or
    - Other battery wholesale dealer

    I got a German Bosch 55D23L-S4 for $140 including GST in WA from https://www.goodchild.com.au/

  • Hey people I’m curious how long does your battery last?
    We had a Cerato which had its original battery for nearly 7 years. My Honda Jazz it’s nearly 6 years, the other day it drained (due to getting a viofo installed and parking mode drained the battery).
    We jumped started it and now it’s still working (even though I’m wondering if I should get it checked by auto cheap and then if needed replace it during the sale)
    So how long do your batteries last?

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      How long is a piece of string?

      There's many variables - the battery itself (in terms of spec and quality), the car and your usage habits. If you only do infrequent 5 minute trips then it would not last anywhere near as long as regular >30 minute journeys. A dashcam with parking mode can also cause significant wear if it's parking mode voltage cut-off is too low like a lot of the no-name kits have (seen a few with 11.8V cut-off - way too low!).

      That said, 4-5 years is the average lifespan I've seen mentioned, but wouldn't be surprised with only 2 years. You've done well with 7 years IMO.

      Supercheap/Autobarn or any battery place like Every Battery test your battery health for free to give you some piece of mind.

      • Thanks for your comment! I got the viofo professionally installed he put the parking mode at 12.4 and thinks the kit might be faulty so I’m waiting on replacement.
        Yes I think I have done really well, especially as we do only short trips (my work it’s only 10 minutes away!)

  • FYI if you miss out just call up a local mechanic shop and ask them. The last few times I've needed this exact battery I just walked into my local Jax Tyre & Auto and asked. Their normal price was $150

    • Are you sure you what you got for $150 was the battery with 36 months warranty ?
      I think most local mechanics usually sell the cheaper batteries with 12 or 24 months warranty

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    If you miss out on this "special" Bunnings sell a similar battery with higher CCA for 5 dollars more.


    No rush though, that's the "standard price" at Bunnings.

    Lessons here are never to pay full price for a battery at SCA and even if it is on special to just compare.

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      Thanks for that, blimey a standard battery for my Honda Jazz it’s only $89 that’s bloody cheap.

      • how much would the similar battery at super cheap cost?

        • Currently $120. But that’s with 25% off

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            @fozzie: Wow, makes you wonder how much of a special it really is. Glad I was able to save you a few quid.

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    Just replaced my battery a few days ago. Oh wells

  • Had a quick chat with SCA and they say the closest stores in 20 kms radius cant install this


    I wonder why?

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    FYI Repco batteries are just rebranded Century batteries and can be much cheaper on sale

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    Thanks OP any deals on jumper cables that are comfortable on my nipples for 4-6 hours at a time? Asking for a friend

  • The Century battery finder has done me wrong. I put in my vehicle details, and got recommended the 75D23L, but the battery poles were too big for my car's battery terminals. Off to get a refund/replacement.

    • Always good idea to cross check these things - take a look in your engine bay at what you currently have - make/model - often you can find listings where it shows for a particular brand of battery what other brands/model are the same - ie if you currently have an Exide ABC123 battery, then the relevant Century one is DEF456 for example.

      It's also a good idea to take a photo of it in the car too so you know the location and orientation of the terminals - ie which side has + vs -.

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    thanks OP bought one in-store and fitted by them for $15 more which gives you 6 months warranty in addition to 30 months.

    • Nice one! I ended up buying another battery myself - then returning it the next day but with my orignal receipt. Was a bit sneaky :)

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        ozbargain trick :)

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    FYI, i just replaced my battery at Bond Batteries($235). They supplied AND fitted it $5 cheaper than the sale price at supercheap auto($240).

    The battery was a Q85. More expensive than typical batteries due to stop start system in a 2016 Mazda 6.

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