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[Prime, Backorder] Seagate Backup Plus Hub 10 TB External Hard Drive $274.07 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Not the best price but a good deal as per https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B076DGG3QW

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Don't bother if you need it in a hurry, shipping time is a vague 1-2 months (that's dispatch, not delivered). Price is very good though.

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      Last year or year before I bought one (via OzBargain) $250 delivered.

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        It's not last year.

      • Did yours come with Australian plug?

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          Yes it did.

  • can be shuck ?

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      Overall Thoughts
      So far, this unit has been the toughest of the Seagate externals to shuck that I’ve done. That said, I won’t complain too much: so far Seagate has kept all their externals shuckable (both portable and desktop), they remain cheaper than the standalone drives, and I get a free enclosure each time (a $15-30 value!) that I can put an old drive in.

      If I didn’t want to save the enclosure (just the drive), a flat screwdriver and some brute force would have that drive out in a jiffy.

      As for the drive itself, time will tell. It finally finished a SMART pass and will make its way into regular usage soon.


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        thank you, also found it online before have a chance to see your comment. much appreciated for sharing :)

    • Yes, I did. I am using it in my PC.

    • I shucked one last year and got a Barracuda Pro 10TB 7200rpm 3.5" HDD out of it. I use it with my Plex server.

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    I need WD RED

    • +7

      I need my mommy.

      • lol

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    This vs the WD 10TB? Need a reliable one for backup.

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      Can't go wrong with either. Seagate had bad 3TB but otherwise good and WD have been lying to customers..
      Chances are this has a barracuda pro which is a very good helium filled drive.

    • Tough one…you get the occasional ironwolf and otherwise barracuda pro in the 10tb usb hub ones.
      THey are faster drives than the WD 10TB ones and you will notice the slight difference in speed (I certainly did).


      The WD is much much (IMO) quieter.

      I think the warranty is a little easier to manage with the Seagates (since they are not clearly white label drives like in the WD enclosures).

      So I guess it's really a 50:50 call.

    • same price on 10WD ? if it is, do you have a link? thanks

  • Is the drive CMR or SMR?

  • Shows $21.41 Delivery, probably only for Prime members

  • +1

    The two USB 3 ports are pretty handy addition

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    What usb hub is everyone using to connect multiple of these together? Or it is better to shuck all of them and put in a 5-bay enclosure.

  • Not a bad price at all. But I'd like 12 or 14t…

  • Had a Seagate expansion 10TB for $245 in April 2021.
    This Backup Plus 10TB for $274.07 isn't a bad price, given that you got 2 more USB ports and during the Chia mining period.

    Anyway, ordered 1 for backing up my Backup.

    • +1

      Did you get charged? Amazon will only charge when it ships right? So if 1-2 months to dispatch you could cancel order if cheaper elsewhere in meantime?

      • I used my gift card balance…
        And it is gone immediately
        Using Shopback / Cashreward for 2% off then paid for the HDD
        $274 can become sth like $269
        ($300 monthly GC allowance for shopback on amazon)

        *But the order is still marked as "pending", by the way.

        • OK ordered 2, hopefully cc isn't charged until shipped, either way pretty sure Amazon can cancel order before it's shipped.

      • My order on 2/7 just marked shipped and will be arriving on 20/7, very unexpected.

  • Thanks OP. I ordered one. Was waiting for a good price and this is pretty good price with two extra USB ports being a bonus!

  • This a great price in the current climate, expect prices to rise further when Chia Pooling goes live (possibly this month).
    Trying to find affordable 16tb drives to expand my NAS!!

    • Cheapest I've seen lately is $600.

  • No1 Best Seller in Internal Hard Drives

  • Does anything you connect to the USB 3.0 ports effectively pass through to your connected device? Looking to add this to my Pi NAS (OMV) but I'm out of USB ports. If this lets me connect my other storage drives through the ports, it would save me from buying a powered USB hub too..

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      I would say that the front usb ports are only good for low power useage devices such as a flash drive, portable ssd or gaming keyboard and mouse. Unless of course the device has its own external power.

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    Think deal is done, item no longer displayed in 10tb capacity. (even back order)

  • Received one couple of days ago, cost me 350 but it was cheapest at the time of order, manufacturing date shows 05/2021 and it was Barracuda Pro DM0004 inside, overall good drive but a bit clickey when it's idling. Power adapter came with with multiple clip-on plug adapters.

    Another surprising part was 4 days delivery from UK by StarTrack, ordered on Friday and got it on Wednesday next week.

  • How is this as a regular backup drive? No shucking , whatever that is.

    • It's a CMR hard drive inside of the enclosure so it would be fine for backups. No SMR shenanigans.

  • My order on 2/7 just marked shipped and will be arriving on 20/7, very unexpected.

  • Was shipping free with Prime for this?

    • Yes 100%

      • Thanks, usually Amazon offers prime trial to get free shipping but on some reason not this time for me.

  • received mine, hdd sentinel told me got bad sectors after 2 days of surface testing on it… returning