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Free 90 Days Trial of Tidal HiFi Plus (New Accounts Only, Payment Method Required) @ Tidal


Cancel after you sign up to stop subscription charges after trial ends.

A$23.99 per month if you wish to continue after free trial.

Similar to previous deal by @JAF: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622217

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  • +10

    Recommend signing up to a family plan (should be the same price during trial I'm pretty sure)
    Also consider jumping on Argentina vpn before sign up, to test it out (then 207 ARS = A$2.87/month for HiFi Family if want to keep)

    • +2

      Been thinking of doing this when my current free trial of Spotify ends soon.

      Will the 90 free days still be eligible via Tidal Argentina?

      Edit: looks like it is 30 free days thru Argentina

      • +4

        Would have to check the promotion for the country and see when this one runs out. It's that cheap though I'm happy to pay.

        You need a different email address to change countries (easily done for Google accounts, just add a "." (period) anywhere in your address - still belongs to you.

        Still happy with the service, and better than most of the alternatives. Google Play Music was great, Youtube Music is very disappointing (average sound quality, Desktop Chrome browser no chromecast button (besides mirroring). Spotify sound quality is pretty junk, perhaps their lossless subscription would be worth it, have just never used it.

        MQA does sound great, if you've got a hardware decoder (I have an iFi Zen Dac, pretty affordable good for preamp), and displays the current sample rate. MQA is at least cd quality or better, typically 88-99 khz. I don't have an issue of listening to these over standard cd quality. Either way better than the other lossy services out there.

        Edit: no gapless playback when Chromecasting from desktop app or chrome browser is disappointing, Google Play music used to be able to do this.

    • +1

      GoTrukey …. goturkiye. ;-)

      • How much turkey?
        for other subs it's more troublesome as you need a turkish mobile etc.

    • Is it worth going the hifi if I'm using bose qc35s?

      • You could get the trial and see, cd quality files is always good and you'd notice it over the standard Spotify quite possibly.

        Most people have the bandwidth, but you can download for offline streaming on the app

  • Almost starting to feel guilty

    • +2

      Apparently they aren't paying some of the artists anyay.
      The UI could use a bit of work but it's pretty good for when you know what you want to listen to.
      The 'go to track radio' function isn't bad though for auto playlists.
      Some of the navigating/now playing is a bit hit and miss/different

    • +8

      If it makes you feel better. The platform falsified the amount of times songs were played to make it seem more popular - and had underpaid other artists as a result.

      They also partnered with meridian to use their proprietary codec for the top tier streaming quality - which is actually lower level than their hifi tier as it's not actually lossless and have been misleading customers since.

      They also offer master quality songs that the artists haven't actually provided in some cases - Neil Young's being a good example. Hence they're changing artist's mastering without permission and labelling them as master quality.

      There's a good analysis of this from audio science review that goes into a lot more depth about meridian's shady practices and makes me question the effect that this has on tidal. I signed up for the trial recently but after reading into all this I don't trust the platform enough to know what music is truly lossless as the artists intended and what's just upsampled lossy content (another controversy)

      • +1

        Agreed with the above. However after using Qobuz and Tidal, I prefer Tidal for their catalog and search to find songs and I still have a just under a year for my Qobuz sub to run.

  • Can you use dummy cc?

    • Check the previous posts, people were using those to test it out

    • +1

      Used this previously and worked


      • Good one. I will give it a shot. I used those the last time and worked like a charm for the 6 months trial

      • +2

        Not working for me, Tidal keeps rejecting the generated cards. I may have it configured incorrectly though.

      • +1

        it's easy to cancel before the date, it does it straight away.
        I'd wait so you can add/remove family members - once you cancel you can't (may be wrong but easier to leave it).

  • They force you to complete a survey before you can cancel. Feels like they hold my credit card for ransom.

    • +6

      How dare they ask for feedback

      • +6

        wasting my 2 minutes that i could spend finding cure for cancer

      • Asking is fine, but here they're literally forcing you to give some kind of feedback.

    • +5

      And did you give the feedback that it wasn't free enough?

    • Use a throwaway card like Revolut offers for example. Also survey is not directly linked with your account, in the last step you can put a silly email address like [email protected] lol

  • +1

    Thanks for posting this. singed up

    • +2

      singed like my toast

  • +1

    Used it when they had the 6 month offer.
    Tbh its not as polished as spotify, with less playlists etc.

    But if you're going purely based on sound quality i guess you wont mind.

  • +2

    Tidal is pretty garbage in terms of the user interface and features. Also the app crashes a lot and lags, and is pretty darn glitchy.

    With Apple Music and Spotify offering their own lossless audio versions, I’d probably just steer away from Tidal.

  • -3

    TIDAL did give some high quality audio for the interim. But now Apple Music has Lossless and Atmos audio, I’ve deleted TIDAL :D

    • +2

      you should probably cancel as apposed to just deleting the app….

  • +2

    I can't understand all the trash-talking of Tidal's UI. I think it's great (on Android); Spotify to me feels like Tidal with a different theme and some features disabled.

  • +2

    Wouldn’t Apple Music be better value now?

    • +1

      Yep - with Apple and spotify (i think) now offering lossless at no additional cost the likes of Tidal and Deezer are done at their standard prices

      • If you have standalone equipment for lossless then I think Qobuz and Tidal are better for now. The only way to get Apple Music Lossless with auto rate changing is via an ipad using a cable hooked up to a AQ Dragonfly then to your HiFi system.

  • +1

    I signed up with an Argentinia VPN and it shows $138 for HiFi plus plan? Is this 138 Pesos? Can’t be USD? Just want to make sure they don’t charge me $138 dollars at the end of the trial :)

    • +2

      yes they are pesos, AR pesos also have a dollar symbol like AU/USA.

      Sounds in line with my bill ~138 pesos

    • which VPN service do you recommend?

    • which VPN service do you recommend?

      • tunnelbear free to AR

  • Anyone know if this can be combined with the 3 Month Tidal Subs from the HJ thing? As in sign up to this free 90 day Trial and extend it using the Tidal from HJ?

  • -3

    Spotify is a superior product

    • +4

      shitty sound quality but agree it's more mainstream and used.
      Not sure how many people pay for premium though

      • Spotify has awesome play lists in comparison to tidal.

        • +1

          no doubt.

        • nothing stopping you using both for different purposes.
          especially if Tidal is free or very cheap

          • @G-rig: I already used my free trial thing

            • @PAOK11: depends if you want it or not, other ways around it if you scroll up

  • Thanks OP, any idea when this promo ends?

  • Kind of pointless now that apple music has Lossless, i was paying for tidal before but cancelled

    • how much apple?
      not pointless if you aren't in the apple ecosystem :D

      • Same price as before, i pay 5.99 (Student pricing ;) )

        • And how are you outputting and listening to full 24 bit 192khz lossless from Apple Music?

        • Is it actually lossless (44.1khz CD quality)?

  • Dos Tidal offer mp3 downloads?

    • As in offline listening? Yeah it does that, you can download playlists to your device and listen via the app without an internet connection.

      • Thanks for your reply InfraRed. I meant actual mp3 files that i can use on my sony digital media player.

        • In that case no, SpotaFree or Freezer is what you're looking for.

  • +1

    Nice one signed up to the family plan via Argentina vpn, will cost roughly 1.50 a month compared to the spotify 17.99 I was paying and 90 days free !

    • Nice work, how did you get $1.50, converts to $1.89 for me (good having international card with no fees). Either way f all ;)

      • Maybe I converted it wrong but cheap as !

        • Great deal either way =D
          I still have a collection of lossless FLAC albums that were meticulously ripped and tagged from back in day good when sick of streaming (not many youngsters would have heard of Foobar these days either lol)

  • Any free VPN service to be able to access Argentina?

  • For people who want to use Alexa like me :(

    TIDAL is only available in the United States on Alexa. That means you need an U.S. account on Amazon. Stay tuned to find out about availability in more countries.


    • Is that to control with voice when casting or playing it on the Alexa device?
      Could still use it for your other setups (phone/car/office?)

      edit bit annoying when titles disappear after a while

      • I planned to tell Alexa device to play it on the device itself.
        I am back to deezer for now (or you can use Apple 4-month free too)

        • Don't think that works with Google either, but voice control works over Bluetooth or Chromecasting. Kind of pointless anyway going for the best sound quality and using a cheap speaker imo, nothing wrong with using a few services. YouTube premium cheap too with VPN

  • The UI still shits me though, now when u hit 'playing from' on the app the highlighted track doesn't appear at all.. ffs. Devs should just leave stuff when it's working.

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