Need Help in Deciding The Menu of The Day for Multiple Days.

Planning to move into a new house as a Tenant.
Hello Everyone, I am planning to move into a room which is rented by a family in NSW, I am not an amazing cook, just trying my hands with different types of Simple recipes, can anyone recommend me with some easy cooking recipes or any items which we can get from Aldi or woollies which will save the day when I won't feel like cooking?
also please Suggest Some Items from woolies/aldi/coles which are healthy and easy to cook.
The house is a Fully furnished one with all the kitchen appliances.


  • Room's going to be a bit crowded, with you plus a family….

    • My bad , I am moving into a room which is rented by a family who lives in a house with 4 bedrooms.

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    If you don't like planning, try browsing the weekly catalogue and see what's on sale. That'll help you save money and maintain some variety.

    • Nice suggestion, will do it mate. Have a good one.

  • Go to HelloFresh or similar website and pick from their weekly menus. Note, some of the items, usually spices, you won't find in a supermarket. is another option.

    • Thanks Bruh.

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    Food when you don't feel like cooking can be frozen meals, canned soup or food, or microwaveable meals. You can also bulk cook, and freeze or refrigerate extra portions. May depend on how much fridge or freezer space you have. Or get takeaway.

    Getting a roast chicken from the supermarket can be the basis for other meals -eg chicken salad, sandwiches or wraps, instant noodles

    If there is a public library, look for some of the cooking/food magazines. Some of them have recipes and meal plans.

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    Browse r/MealPrepSunday and r/EatCheapAndHealthy

    • Cool suggestion, Thanks mate, really appreaciate it.

  • Are you cooking just for you or for the family as well? If cooking for them, ask them what they like.

    • Cooking for myself.

  • Everything with pasta can be easily cook and put in the frozen like spaghetti bolognese ( pasta at the bottom , sauce on the top in a tupperware then you can warm it up in a microwave) and quite cheap too. Soup is also great to cook and freeze…. but you can also freeze fresh veggies and meat …

    • Awesome Mate, Thanks Big time.

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    Free 4 Ingredients Recipes is good for simple recipes.

    Suggest making a meal list for the week based on your schedule which will make grocery shopping easier & allow you to cook when you have the time and heat up leftovers or uber eats, etc at other times.

    • Thank you 😊

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